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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Skate Therefore I Am is now on

I Skate Therefore I Am is now on

I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malmo 2013: Vert Attack #7 Live Broadcast

Webcast SkateMalmo Vert Attack
Webcast Vert Attack

VA7 news 5 "Come give it some love" from Bryggeriet Skatepark

Webcast SkateMalmo
Webcast Vert Attack

Only a few days left now for Malmo 2013, BVert Attack #7. Here’s the final news show from Malmo before we go live with a webcast on Friday the 15th. You can watch the webcast right here on isTia.Tv.

Here’s the schedule for the weekend. Take notes!

Vert Attack 7 program

Thursday 14th
Practice 14.00- 23.00

Friday 15th
11.00 Skatepark opens
11.00-13.00 Registration and practice
13.00-14.30 Juniors quali=ication
14.30-18.00 Pro/Am quali=ication
18.00-20.00 Masters quali=ication
21.00 Skatepark closes
21.30 Park Inn, Vernissage + VertQuiz
24.00 Park inn bar closes
(22.00-01.00 Hängbar, Live: Wolfsblood + Holy)

11.00 Skatepark opens
11.00-13.00 Practice
13.00-13.30 Junior Final
14.00-15.30 Master Semi=inal
16.00-17.30 Pro/Am Semi=inal
18.00-18.30 Master Final
18.30-19.00 Pro/Am Final
19.00 Prizegiving
20.00 Skatepark closes
22.00 Afterparty Slagthuset
Bad Drugs, Odyssey, Djs, New Creature video, 60 kr before 23

Sunday 17th
Skatepark closed

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2013: inductees

2013 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductees:
Woody Woodward, Tom Sims, Alan "Ollie" Gelfand, Rodney Mullen, Christian Hosoi, Wendy Bearer Bull, Laura Thornhill Caswell

2013 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award Recipients:
Warren Bolster, NHS - Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, Bob Denike, Tim Piumarta, Jeff Kendall and Devo

The results are in for 2013′s Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductees and Icons. These influential and legendary skaters and founders of skateboarding will be inducted at the 4th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony on May 9th, 2013 at the Sheraton park Hotell in Anaheim, CA. Tickets are on sale right now. All proceeds benefit the not-for-profit efforts of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and the Go Skateboarding Foundation’s Just One Board initiative.

2013 Inductees
- 1960s – Woody Woodward
- 1970s – Era One – Tom Sims
- 1970s – Era Two – Alan “Ollie” Gelfand
- 1980s – Era One – Rodney Mullen
- 1980s – Era Two – Christian Hosoi
- 1960s – Female – Wendy Bearer Bull
- 1970s – Female – Laura Thornhill Caswell

2013 Icon Awards
- Warren Bolster
- NHS Richard Novak (Founder), Jay Shuirman (Founder), Bob Denike (1987), Tim Piumarta (1977), Jeff Kendall (1984)
- Devo (Music)

IASC’s charitable arm, the Go Skateboarding Foundation, partners with the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame to honor the skateboarders, industry pioneers and icons that have left an indelible imprint on the history of skateboarding and our culture.

4th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame May 9, 2013
Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim, CA
Early bird discounts available until March 19th. Get your tickets now, they will sell out!

The International Skateboarding Hall of Fame honors by enshrinement those individuals possessing exceptional skateboarding careers, as well as those whose body of work has affected positive development in the skateboarding industry. The Museum, featuring over 5 decades of memorabilia including over 5,000 vintage skateboards, offers free admission and is open 7 days a week. School and community group tours are available by appointment.

In addition, the ISHOF offers safety demonstrations, has developed a mobile display showcasing the history of skateboarding, and offers clinics teaching skateboarding skills and safety. The mobile display has been featured in the US and in Europe in over 8 cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Milan, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, and Barcelona. Visit the ISHOF at Skatelab in Simi Valley, California.

4226 Valley Fair Street
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Google Map
(805) 578-9928

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Skate Girl Tribe contest March 23rd

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Monday, March 11, 2013

CCS will close all its stores and focus on the on-line business

Foot Locker reported today that it will be closing the 22 CCS brick-and-mortar store locations due to under performance, making the CCS division of its business digital only, according to a conference call led by Lauren Peter, executive VP and chief financial officer, who added that the company hopes to re-tool its strategy for the core skate market by focusing on the online business.

TransWorld Business was able to learn more from a spokesperson from Foot Locker’s Investor Relations Group, who says that CCS’s online business will continue as it has in the past, and that the company will offer as many associates as possible the opportunity to transition to other positions within the Foot Locker umbrella.

“ was an online-only business when we acquired it in 2008,” the spokesperson says. “We tested the viability of operating CCS stores, but the stores did not pass our return hurdles. As a result we are returning to the digital-only model.”

Foot Locker was not able to disclose specific numbers on CCS’s earnings for 2012 and Q4, and also was not able to outline the specifics of the company’s new capital expenditure plan in regards to CCS. In addition to the 22 CCS locations that will be shuttered, Foot Locker also plans to close another 88 stores, bringing the total of closed stores to 110 locations across the Foot Locker brand, mostly throughout U.S. divisions. “Part of our strategy to improve overall productivity measures involves closing underperforming stores,” the spokesperson added.

Foot Locker’s net income of $104 million, or $0.68 per share, for the 14 weeks ended February 2, 2013, included an after-tax charge of $7 million, or $0.05 per share, for the impairment of certain tangible and intangible assets related to the company’s CCS division. According to the conference call, part of the impairment expenditures come from exiting leases and severances, and the charge will be reflected at about a penny per share in the fourth quarter, according to Peter.

I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Bones Brigade Secret bowl sesh at Vans

How Curren Caples Won Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013

Bones Brigade Secret Session

Was it a dream? Or did the Bones Brigade skate the Vans Park in Orange Saturday for the Tony Hawk Foundation?? A group of 20 skaters/fans had paid to skate and hangout with the Bones Brigade and special guests, Hosoi and Miller and with the proceeds going to the Tony Hawk Foundation. What a night! Left to right, Christian Hosoi, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Chris Miller, Mike McGill and Lance Mountain. It really happened, and here's the video of Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, and Tommy Guerrero. Plus Christian Hosoi, and Chris Miller.

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Curren Caples Won Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013

How Curren Caples Won Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013
How Curren Caples Won Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013
How Curren Caples Won Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013

Following a hiatus for a couple of years, the Damn Am’s west coast event returned this weekend to Costa Mesa, CA. Volcom hosted the three days of action at its new skate compound configured with street inspired bits surrounded by transitions.
Emerging from a field of young skaters from all over the map, the all terrain young gun Curren Caples took home the victory today. His best friend Louie Lopez followed up in second. Congrats!
Follow the Damn Am site for more info, complete results and a wrap up of footage showing all finals runs and the Red Bull Best Trick results.
Final Results
1. Curren Caples
2. Louie Lopez
3. Adriano Lachovski
4. Ethan Loy
5. Axel Crysberghs
6. Chase Webb
7. Trevor Colden
8. Anthony Anaya
9. Jereme Knibbs
10. Brodie Penrod
11. Javan Campello
12. Dashawn Jordan

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fred Ferand & Neil Hendrix Photo Exhibition at Vert Attack 2013 #7

Neil Hendrix and Fred Ferand Photo Exhibition for Vert Attack 2013
There are a lot of skate photographers out there…

Let me rephrase.

There are not a lot of good skate photographers out there. So, when you find a good one, you follow him wherever he publishes his pictures…

For isTia, I can’t take all the pictures. I can’t be everywhere. And sometimes, even though I am in a contest and take 1,000 pictures, I look at my friend’s pictures and I borrow some for the blog, because, let’s face it, they are better than mine… I’m not gonna start to make a list of the current skate photographers that I like. I regularly publish their pix on isTia. You guys know who you are and thank you so much for your help. And if you are a regular reader of isTia, you know who they are…

I have known Fred Ferand for a couple of years now. He is a regular contributor for isTia. Not enough though. But every time I cover something in Europe, he is my source of inspiration. Last summer, Fred came to the US for one month and we spent one week together. We went skating the major skateparks around Los Angeles: Culver City, Venice, The Cove, Vans, etc… Under the scorching California sun (yes, it was hot that day at Culver City), I discovered that not only Fred is a good photographer, but he is a damn good bowlrider too. I shouldn’t have been surprised, if you want to shoot good skate pictures, you have to skate, period.

But, the reason of this special is not to talk about Fred and Xavier's skate trips to the skate parks, rather, about a photo exhibition that Fred Ferand and Neil Hendrix have organized during Vert Attack 7 at Malmo next week. The opening of this show will be held on the 14th of March at the Park Inn Hotel, so if you are around Malmo next week, don’t miss the exhibition.

Fred and Natas Kaupas in France
Photo Thierry Mondamert
isTia.Tv: When did you start taking skate pictures? Fred Ferand: I've always taken pictures, my pop was a serious photographer, so when I started skateboarding it was only natural I took cameras along...

isTia.Tv: What do you prefer to shoot? Fred Ferand:  I like to combine skateboarding and photography, so since I love to carve in bowls and pools it's good to take a break and snap some pics... But really what I prefer to shoot is my buddies, there's nothing like having a friend stoked on a picture you took...
I'm kind of shy so I don't like to ask someone for a portrait shoot, but a friend of mine is pushing me to do a book using my archives... Rémy (that's his name) told me I would need portraits to be mixed with the actions shots... so I'm trying to please him, and I admit it's a nice feeling to get someone to pose for 10 seconds in front of your lens, it's a matter of trust...

isTia.Tv: What are the pictures you are most proud of? Fred Ferand: I'm proud of all the sessions I've shot with my friend's at home, we call ourselves the BBB (black bowl battalion) and there's a lot of great memories and friendship in those pictures. My friend Julien owns Transfert skateshop in Bordeaux ( he is really the motivator of a great bunch of riders, Gauthier, Melvin, Loic, Bert, Max, Peyo and Paulie (which you interviewed last year...Pauliana Laffabrier) I'm lucky to be around great kids at almost fifty year's old !

isTia.Tv: In which magazines have you published your pictures? Fred Ferand: I had a bunch of publications, in skateboarding in most of the French mags over the years, my favorite being SOMA, I like their snappish tone, I like confusion magazine a lot too, I think highly about Jonathan Hay and his dedication is great! ...I've published in mags in England, Sweden, Germany, Spain even one in Japan...  I also published some pictures in architecture's magazines and I had one exhibit at the architecture museum in Paris and finally I've published music pics, the last ones are portraits I've shot of French songwriter
Mr Fred Ferand boasting the infamous "Fuck The Blaireaux" TShirt.
Photo Yohan Kim
who is pretty famous in France.
I have a lot of mails asking me for pictures for websites it's kind of hard to please everyone... I'm really happy to contribute to your website, you're such a great guy, Xavier. I admire your dedication too, and I was admiring your skateboarding skills watching photos in the French mags in the 70's ...

isTia.Tv: How came the idea to realize a photo exhibit during Vert Attack? Fred Ferand:  I saw David Östlund's exhibition there last year and I was really excited. I think it's the best place to show skateboarding pictures because people there really care about skateboarding, it's such a great atmosphere in Malmö, I wish you can go next year !

isTia.Tv: How was Neal Hendrix contacted? Fred Ferand:  He is a regular contestant at the Vert Attack and a great photographer, John Magnusson must have ask him, he always have the best ideas, have you check all the advertisements and the teasers he his making to keep people impatient ...?

isTia.Tv: What is the theme of the exhibit? Fred Ferand:  Neal Hendrix will show photos from his trips, I've seen portraits from Morocco which were really good, my mom has been living there for a long time I now it's hard to get people to pose for you... check out his Facebook
My photos will be skateboarding pics from different places in Europe and one from the USA from this summer...

isTia.Tv: Have you covered all the vert attack contests? Fred Ferand:  No, this will be my fourth time in Malmö, I've also attended the first Ultra Bowl contest when it was in july...
My buddy the Bad Professor took me to Stockholm in 2009 along with Claude and Chris from Marseille, we had such a great time, I discovered the Swedish mentality which is way different that the one in France
Fred Ferand and Jim Goodrich at Washington street summer 2012. Photo Lilly Ferand
and I was really hooked...

isTia.Tv: What’s your favorite contest to cover? Fred Ferand:  The Monster Master mastership in Munster were really great, it was the place were legends were made and I was able to sneak my way to the platform to shoot pictures for a French fanzine "fuck the blaireaux" which never knew I was asking for a pass on his name... I apologized to him twenty years later.. At the same time there was Le Grand Bornand contest in the French alps, it was a crazy time while it lasted... I loved the "back to old school" contest organized in Antwerp in Belgium...  It's a team pain skatepark, enough said, the Antwerp locals are soooooo nice, I really feel like home there... I was able to see Mark Partain doing some of the best lines I've ever seen in a pool, I will never forget that... and I'm always glad when Sash Steinhorst is around, is such great company... But I'm having a lot of fun shooting contests whether it's the local kid's contest or the vert attack 7.. As long as I'm surrounded by passionate people, I get a kick out of it...

isTia.Tv:  On a regular sesh, how many pictures do you take? Fred Ferand: When digital came along, I entered in a shooting craze... I quickly realized I was shooting better pictures when I had my film cameras with 3 36 poses for three days... I also realized that I would have to have several Terra's hard disks to keep my archives and it would cost me too much money... So now I'm trying to stick with a 36 poses kinda habit...

isTia.Tv: During a contest, how many pix do you take? Fred Ferand: I shoot way too much, in fact I don't like missing anything, I used to don't even go to the bar or to the
Fred Ferand with Sergie Legrandbo, a long time ago. Photo Dussans
bathroom because I would miss the big trick... That' my goal for 2013... Being less stressed and enjoy the bar more...

isTia.Tv: How was your transition from film to digital? Fred Ferand: It took me some time, like all old geezers I guess. I reckon now it's really so much easier to have your results in a heartbeat... I was really helped by my friends on the french skateboard forum, I was taking less skate pictures in the late 90's because the transitions were hard to find and I was not enjoying shooting kids ollieing over stairs... then on I've found a big crew of enthusiast and they refueled my tank... I switched to digital and I can't thank them enough...

isTia.Tv: Is digital better than film? Fred Ferand: Let me put it that way, when I have to do a photo that matters, I will choose film.

Fred Ferand & Xavier Lannes, Vans Combi pool. Summer 2012
isTia.Tv: What equipment do you use? Fred Ferand:  I have a canon 1DmkIII digital, I used mostly a fisheye, a 50mm and a 70-200 for my skate photos for film I have a hasselblad 503 cx with a 80mm, my friend David Manaud let me use his hasselblad fisheye for a long time... I loved it... I also shoot a lot of polaroid with a land 100 automatic, a sx70 and I have a mjuII, a yashica half frame, a horizon for 180° photos, an old twin lens .. My wife will tell me when it's too much....

At the bowl of Marseille. Photo Christophe Corso
isTia.Tv: Now that cameras are so cheap and cheap programs to edit pictures are easily available, everybody think they can be a skate photographer by publishing their pictures on Facebook… Is that the end of the the skate photographer? Fred Ferand: I think it's the other way around, more and more people are interested in photography and are asking questions and trying to get better ... the kid are trying and the learning curve is really fast with the digital, I'm really glad for it... the only concern is the overcrowded platforms and the people shooting extending the arm in front of you... that bothers me... but you can't expect to be around well behaved peeps all the time... another downtime is people willing to give photos for free... the magazines are nothing without photography, of course good text is important, but the buyer will always check the photos fist not the text... I know it's hard with the economy and stuff, but the guys who are giving their stuff for free are giving bad habits to the mags and it's really hard to get paid for a job now...
Fred Ferand and Dave Duncan Marseille Orange contest. Photo Dominique Savelli
isTia.Tv: Who do you consider excellent skate photographers and why? Fred Ferand:  Oh there's so many... Glen E Friedman, Mofo, Grant Brittain, MRZ, Jim Goodrich in the US (to mention a few) in France David Manaud, Pascal SCALP Gombert, Eric Antoine, Nicolas Malinowski and Jeff Barusseau and other that strikes my mind are David Östlund, Helge Tscharn, Alexei Lapin.. I'm forgetting a lot and I'm sorry because I spend a lot of time browsing the inter web to get some motivation...

Fred Ferand at Vans Combi Pool. Photo X. Lannes
isTia.Tv: People say that wherever you go, it starts raining… What’s the story about that? Fred Ferand: Tt's almost always true, you remember last summer when it rained in Venice... ? I was there....
I used to always have the El Gato pro model... and since I was always bringing rain with me they started calling me El Gato Negro... and I've done the El Gato Negro voodoo magic quite some time... one night in Paris I brought a huge storm with me, the session ended 5 minutes after my arrival and the dj tents went off with
Fred Ferand in action. Photo Pauliana Laffabrier 
the wind... another time for the french old school skate jam, it started raining as I set foot outside the car to the dismay of 50 riders from the whole country who knew the curse... I could go on and on, but I guess you got the point... anyway, I always have a raincoat in my bag... ;) and that's why I always want to go to Peter Dietsches 's factory bowl in Dusseldorf... great place and always dry ... ;)

isTia.Tv: What would be your advice to somebody who wants to start taking skate picture? Fred Ferand: What I did was study the pictures I loved... Trying to understand the light,
Mark Partain in Antwerp (Belgium) Photo Fred Ferand
the framing, the timing...
I think it would be good to start with someone you really know very well, then it's easier to get to know what the rider is going to do...  and of course practice practice practice...

isTia.Tv: Something else? Fred Ferand: I want to thank Lily, my wife and Sam, my son for being so cooperative and enthusiasts.. Thank you for asking me your questions, I hope to see you in europe soon sometime...

Pictures by Fred Ferand, Yohan Kim, Thierry Mondamert, Dominique Savelli, Lilly Ferand, Pauliana Laffabrier, Christophe Corso, Dussans ...
Thanks to all the skate photographers who regularly let me use their pictures in my blog: Ray Rae, Jim Goodrich, Dan Sparagna, Julian Bleecker, Chris Zsarnay, Nate McDonald, Helge Tscharn and all the others…

All pictures used with permission.

Additional reading:
- Interview with Jeff Hedges malmo 2012 (all pictures by Fred Ferand)
- Coverage of Vert Attack 2012 - Photo and text by Fred ferand
- Interview with Pauliana Laffabrier

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Vert Attack Malmö 2013 at Bryggeriet, 7th edition

European Midvert Championships
Vert Attack Malmö 2013 at Bryggeriet, 7th edition

Vert Attack 2013, the 7th edition of the European Midvert Championships will be going down once again at Bryggeriet in Malmö. It seems that this time, Spring is late since the Attack is taking place later than usual on March 15th and 16th of 2013.

A lot of skaters already said they will make the trip to Sweden to participate at the contest: Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Brad McClain, Jeff Hedges, Tom Boyle, Giorgio Zattoni, Neal Hendrix, Lincoln Ueda, Andy Scott and much more.

There will be a live webcast during the Vert Attack contest on isTia.Tv, so, make sure to mark this date in your skate schedule if you want to witness live one of the best Vert contests in the world.

Thursday through Sunday (March 14-17th) the skatepark will have altered opening hours. On Saturday there are special entrance fees. And the skate park will look and work a bit differently, from the beginning of the Vert Attack week and a few days afterwards.

Friday and Saturday, the park opens at 11 a.m. and closes around 8 p.m. On Thursday night, the park is open until 11 p.m. for everyone! Come and join the pre-session!
Sunday (March 17th) the skatepark is closed.

On Friday, usual entrance fees apply (60 SEK for regular members and other visitors).
On Saturday, the entrance fee is 120 SEK. “Skate members” (with annual membership of 300 SEK) pay 60 SEK, for all ages, membership types, etc.

Both bowls and large parts of the main street course will be open to everyone!
Stands for the audience take up part of the street course, from the beginning of the Vert Attack week.
During the event, the smaller street course will no be skateable.

Tuesday through Saturday a lot will happen in and around Bryggeriet. Come and join the circus!

Hope to see you around!

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Sunday Sesh at St Kilda Skatepark

Sunday Sesh in Australia
St Kilda Skatepark
St Kilda Skatepark
Renton Millar is one of the guys behind the St Kilda skatepark. The decision to built a skatepark at St Kilda had been r=taken a long time ago, but construction never started prompting Renton Millar to sya that “World War II started and finished in six years, but (a decision on where to build the skate park) has been going on for more than 12 years.”
Eventually, the skate parkl is here, and that was worth it. Take a look at the video on the left...

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I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
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Skate Quote of the Day