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Monday, December 14, 2009

The girls of Skateboarding.

From Cindy Whitehead Blog page.

From age 17 to 22, Cindy was a professional skateboarder during the golden era of pool riding and second skate explosion. She and a couple of other female skateboarders paved the way for modern skateboarding. Without them, skateboarding and especially pool riding would not be the same. Their testimony is gold, their voices are eternal.

Visit Cindy Whitehead Blog page Here.

"I was contacted by Patty Fung a month or so ago to share my story with her for an audio version of Women's Skateboarding she was creating. Here is the final version with some great stories from women skateboarders through the years and the girls who are coming up. I love that Patty thought about preserving the history and the memories of women in skateboarding. It really is a fantastic project so make sure you take a listen."
-Cindy Whitehead.

"As part of my community studies social documentation course at the University of California, Santa Cruz, we were asked to select a medium and to produce a short documentary on a subject of our choice. The subject I choose was women’s skateboarding with a goal of highlighting not only the barriers that continue to exist today, but the rich narrative of women who have been riding since the rise of the sport as well as the recent growth of female skate communities that empower and encourage girls of all ages and abilities to ride with confidence. What you will listen to here is not only an assignment for a course, but a project for the community of women skateboarders all over the world who have ridden and those that continue to push the limits of skateboarding with passion."
-Patricia Fung

Be sure to listen to the audio here.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, December 14, 2009 


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