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Monday, December 7, 2009

The SOTY is out!

This is a good year for professional skateboarder Chris Cole: he just won the most coveted 2009 “Skater of the Year” award (a.k.a., SOTY), presented by Thrasher Magazine.

Chris Cole (born March 10, 1982 in Statesville, North Carolina), lives in San Marcos, California with his wife and their son Wyatt. He and his wife are currently expecting a daughter. He says "I started skating when I was about 8 or 9, right at the decline in skateboarding, right when everybody quit. I was once a kid who skated out in front of my house on a curb for two years - alone. I never skated anywhere else." Chris Cole was a skate rat though and through, and became pro though sponsor-me videos, instead of competitions. Chris Cole still gets nervous at competitions and doesn't like them, but does incredibly well even so.

Chris has appeared in the video games Skate and Skate 2. He was able to 360 Flip the stairs of Wallenberg High School in San Francisco. Those stairs are known to be six feet high but most notably seventeen feet long as it is four over sized steps. Other tricks performed by Cole include, a backside 270 to frontside noseblunt on the now skate-stopped Beverly Hills High School 9 stair rail. He also tuck-knee grabbed down the Hollywood High 16 stair, switch frontside flipped, tre flipped and Backside 180 Kickflipped the Love Gap, as well as having 360 flipped the pit big 4 in Australia (the Rincon 4). He won Tampa Pro best trick in 2004, the Gravity Games street gold in 2005, the eS Game of Skate in 2007. He took gold in X Games street in 2006 and 2007. His team won Thrasher Magazine's King of the Road contest three times in a row, he won the gold medal at the X Games twice, as well as other contests including Back to the Berg, the Dew Tour Cup overall series and the Maloof Money Cup all in 2009 ($100k). He received the title 'Skater Of The Year' from Transworld Skateboarding and Thrasher Magazine in 2005 and again in 2009. He came first place in Battle At The Berrics 2. He now lives in Pennsylvania. Formerly on the G-Spot Skate and Snow team, he is now co-owner of Reign Skate Shop.

Companies currently sponsoring him include Zero, Fallen, Thunder, Spitfire, and Reign. He generally cites Christian Hosoi, Pepe Martinez, Jeremy Wray, Frankie Hill, Marc Johnson, Drake Jones, Pat Duffy, Eric Koston, Kareem Campbell, Daewon, Rodney Mullen, Reynolds, Mike Carroll, Lavar, Creager, AVE,J, Gilbert Crockett, Appleyard, Muska, James Hardy, Hotwax, Tom Asta, T-Guns, Garrett Hill, Nick Dompierre, Guy Mariano, John Cardiel, Johnny Romano, PJ Ladd as his influences in skate.

This is only the second time ever that he the coveted trophy is won twice by the same skater. Now, he is on a par with the only other skater that has ever won the SOTY prize twice, Danny Way (1991, 2004).

Congratulations Chris Cole!
All pictures from Facebook.

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