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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adios, Carlsbad Gap...

The Carlsbad Gap is one of the most famous skateboard spots in the world and home to one of skateboarding’s most legendary gaps. It is located in Carlsbad, California at Carlsbad High School. It is a slopping area of grass, roughly equivalent in size to the flight of eleven steps that lie beside it. When the skater lands after a trick down the gap, the ground the skater lands on goes uphill, increasing the difficulty of rolling away from a trick. To a skater, if a landing would be downhill, one would have to worry about slipping out. If it were uphill (as the Carlsbad gap is), one would have to worry about a full force body slam into the pavement. The difficulty of this gap is what makes it legendary. Many famous professional skateboarders have skated the gap over the years, and as a result it has appeared in countless skateboard videos and photos in magazines over the years. Do a never been done trick down this gap can make you a known name by the time you land the trick and make big bucks.
The rest of the school has an 11 stair, two 9 stairs, 7 stair with ledge, 3 stair with cool ledge, 6 stair, 3000 building gap, many skate able ledges.

That spot will be demolished soon, but before that, the `The Carlsbad Gap” was the scene Saturday April 3rd of one last big contest and one last video shoot before its demolition.

Transworld film crew was at the school Saturday to record the final skateboard rides over the 11-step, concrete stairway before it is demolished as part of a $86 million school renovation. “The film crew got permission to shoot before the destruction,” said police Lt. Matt Magro. He said 1,000 spectators were expected. Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, 31, a native of Carlsbad and current resident, featured the stairs in a 2000 video game he produced, “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.”

Nick Merlino took top honors and $2,500 with an outright assault on the gap and the rail. Moose threw down multiple bangers including a never-been-done nollie frontside flip ($1,000). Nick Fiorini took third with a nollie flip down the gap and a 360 flip over the rail ($500). Best trick went to Silent Mike with a double flip over the rail ($1,000). Honorable mentions go to Anthony Williams’ frontside pop shove-it, Dakota Servold’s rail tricks and Josh Kasper with an ollie impossible. Lindsey Robertson skated it just for the love and Trevor McClung almost nailed a switch big flip!
The school on Lancer Way has been under renovation since last year.

A new football stadium, locker room and concession stand was completed last month. Plans call for 11 new buildings for classrooms, food services, performing arts and other uses.

The 3-year project is expected to be completed next year.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, April 08, 2010 


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