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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The born again pool

The news of the week is the re-opening of the combi bowl at Vans skate park at the Block in Orange (Ca). Modeled after Upland, one of the best (rad?) skatepark in the world that was destroyed some 30 years ago (damned! are we so old?), the combi bowl was not aging well. Even if the Vans replica was better than the original, the patine of time left a sweet-sour sensation to the riders and after all possible flow-lines have been overused, some days the bowls was left desperately lonesome and forlorn like the familiar ghost towns of the Golden State after the rush.

After 11 years of history, the bowls is known worldwide and is the Mecca of any vert rider, like a fetish pool and not only because of the Protec contest but because the size and shape of the bowls and the name of the riders that dared to drop in it are mythical. It is well know in skateboard history that if you built it, they will come. They built it once and they came from everywhere, they built it twice, only God knows where they will come from to ride this… thing…

A lot of things have changed from the ersatz: the concrete will be smoother but less slippery, the tiles will be different, the channel has disappeared, the curve has been redesigned and therefore the whole experience will be different.

The people at Concrete Disciples monitored the changes from day one. They were there all the time; they took pictures, surveyed the progress, help support the venture, were there during the first blood and talked to the main men during the remodeling: Steve Van Doren, Jeff Grosso and Lance Mountain. Go read Lance and Jeff’s interview at the Concrete Disciples' website. It’s well written, give ample information on how, why, when and for any vert rider, it’s worth a sac of gold. Thanks guys!!!

All Pictures by MRZ/Concrete Disciples

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, April 08, 2010 

Blogger Cindy Whitehead said...

I do miss the original Combi pool in upland - and no we are NOT old - those were the days... (-:

April 11, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

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