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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Battle of the giants: X Games 2010

Although rampant rumors had that Montreal might have become the new X Games home in 2010, L.A. successfully bid to extend their contract with the X Games beyond 2009. So, it's that time of the year, once again for spills, chills, and spectacular feats of daring as X Games 16 gears up in downtown Los Angeles from July 29 to August 1, 2010. Every year since 1995, athletes from around the world gathered at the X Games to show off their latest moves and tricks as they compete for medals and prize money in such sports as skateboarding, rally car racing, motocross and BMX. And the feast is approaching faster than you think. With the best athletes in the world converging on downtown Los Angeles at the end of July, some topics of interest have already emerged. In its 16th edition, the mother of all extreme sports mega events returns with a few changes, in particular, the venues where each discipline will be held and a change in the participants.

Curren Caples may still be a young gun but he's a major threat to the rest of the competitors.

Is Curren Caples the next giant?

While Dyrdek's Street League (read here) is kicking off later in the summer, widespread speculation on just who will be competing in X Games Skateboard Street. Barring a game changer, it seems that Paul Rodriguez won't be in Los Angeles to defend his 2009 gold medal win. Same thing for skaters such as Greg Lutzka, Nick Dompierre, Luan Oliveira and Ryan Scheckler. So, withoutl Chris Cole and Ryan Sheckler battling it out this year, will some new blood emerge to dominate the street course and the vert? (ESPN has promised a larger, more complex and extensive Skateboard Park, which will likely favor up and coming riders such as Pedro Barros and Curren Caples.

In Big Air, the battle always seems to come down to Danny Way, Jake Brown and Bob Burnquist. Jake had his triumphant redemption last summer, but just after X Games 15, Bob released the most technically advanced Big Air-centric video part to date -- Flip's September 2009 video "Extremely Sorry" -- showing just what he is capable of. Danny Way has been keeping mum about his growing skate compound out in Hawaii but some new mega moves from Way would hardly be surprising.

Another significant change is the return of the L.A. Coliseum as the stage for Skateboard Big Air and Big Air Rail Jam; the Nokia Theatre will be the site for Vert (Mens, Womens, Ams, Best Trick) and the L.A. Live Event Deck will house the Street course (Mens, Womens) and the Park (Adaptative, Mens, Legends). So far, it seems that L.A. remains the hot ticket of the Summer X Games for the near future and perhaps indefinitely. However, farewell to Carson’s Home Depot Center (and the hassle of commuting to-and-from downtown); no skateboarding events will be held inside the Staples Center.

2009 X Games 15 Winners

Day 1
Women's Skateboard Vert Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
Women's Skateboard Street Marisa Dal Santo
Skateboard Big Air Jake Brown

Day 2
Skateboard Vert Jam Sam Bosworth
Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam Danny Way

Day 3
Men's Skateboard Street Paul Rodriguez
Men's Moto X Super X Josh Hansen
Men's Skateboard Vert Pierre Luc Gagnon

Day 4
Skateboard Park Legends Rune Glifberg

Check out below the names of the 93 skaters invited for the 2010 X Games (evidently, the list is subject to change). Spotlights (and higher chances of medaling) on Alex Perelson, Adam Taylor, Rob Lorifice and Bucky Lasek contending in three disciplines, while Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Andy Macdonald will be competing in four.

Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins / USA / Vert (Women)
Abisha Alshebaiki / TBD / Street (Women)
Brian Anderson / TBD / Street
Mark Appleyard / CAN / Street
Lacey Baker / USA / Street (Women)
Pedro Barros / BRA / Big Air, Park
Chad Bartie / AUS / Park
Marcelo Bastos / BRA / Vert
Allysha Bergado / USA / Vert (Women)
Sam Bosworth / GBR / Vert (Ams)
Evelien Bouilliart / BEL / Street (Women)
Justin Brock / USA / Street
Jake Brown / AUS / Big Air, Big Air Rail Jam
Mitchie Brusco (Alt) / TBD / Vert (Ams)
Leticia Bufoni / BRA / Street (Women)
Bob Burnquist / BRA / Big Air, Big Air Rail Jam, Vert , Vert Best Trick
Cara-Beth Burnside / USA / Vert (Women)
Steve Caballero / USA / Park Legends
Curren Caples / USA / Park
Amy Caron / USA / Street (Women)
Lance Childers (Alt) / TBD / Vert (Ams)
Jon Comer / USA / Park Adaptive
Marisa Del Santo / USA / Street (Women)
Dalton Dern / USA / Vert (Ams)
Sandro Dias / BRA / Vert
Tony Trujillo / USA / Park
Lincoln Ueda / BRA / Big Air
Nora Vasconcellos / USA / Vert (Women)
Danny Way / USA / Big Air, Big Air
Rail Jam Lea Taylor (Alt) / USA / Vert (Women)
Evan Strong / USA / Park Adaptive
Adam Taylor / USA / Big Air, Big Air Rail Jam, Vert
Nick Dompierre / USA / Street
Corey Duffel / USA / Street
Jake Duncombe / AUS / Park
Adam Dyet / USA / Street
Aaron Fotheringham / USA / Park Adaptive
Pierre Luc Gagnon / CAN / Big Air, Big Air Rail Jam, Vert, Vert Best Trick
Rune Glifberg / DEN / Park
David Gravette / USA / Park
Jeff Grosso / USA / Park Legends
Oskar Gydell / SWE / Vert (Ams)
Omar Hassan / USA / Park
Ben Hatchell / USA / Park
Christian Hosoi / USA / Park Legends
Nyjah Houston / USA / Street
Candy Jacobs (Alt) / NTH / Street (Women)
Stefan Janoski / USA / Street
Karen Jones / BRA / Vert (Women)
Mimi Knoop / USA / Vert (Women)
Clay Kreiner / USA / Vert (Ams)
Bucky Lasek / USA / Park , Vert , Vert Best Trick
Johnny Layton / USA / Park
Lorena Lima / TBD / Street (Women)
Oscar Loreto / USA / Park Adaptive
Rob Lorfice / USA / Vert , Big Air, Big Air Rail Jam
Greg Lutzka / USA / Street
Julie Lynn / USA / Vert (Women)
Andy Macdonald / USA / Big Air, Big Air Rail Jam (alt), Park , Vert
Danny Mayer / USA / Vert
Vanessa Torres / USA / Street (Women)
Mike McGill / USA / Park Legends Colin McKay / CAN / Vert
Best Trick Chris Miller / USA / Park Legends
Lance Mountain / USA / Park Legends
Matt Mumford / AUS / Park
Luan Oliveira / BRA / Street Alex Olson /
USA / Park , Street
Chaz Ortiz / USA / Street Italo Penarrubia / BRA / Vert (Ams)
Edgard Pereira / BRA / Big Air
Alex Perelson / USA / Park , Vert , Vert Best
Trick Murilo Peres / TBD / Vert (Ams)
Duane Peters / USA / Park Legends
Steven Pineiro / USA / Vert (Ams)
Gaby Ponce / USA / Vert (Women)
Jordan Price / USA / Vert (Ams)
Peter Ramondetta / USA / Street
Roldolfo Ramos / BRA / Street
John Rattray / GBT / Park
Mike Rodgers / USA / Park Adaptive
Leo Romero / USA / Street
Alexis Sablone / USA / Street (Women)
Omar Salazar / TBD / Street
Tommy Sandoval / USA / Street
Keegan Sauder / CAN / Park
Ben Schroeder / USA /Park Legends
Johnathan Schwan / AUS / Vert (Ams)
Ryan Sheckler / USA / Park , Street
Carlos Niggli Silva / TBD / Vert (Ams)
Elliot Sloan (Alt) / USA / Big Air
Steve Steadham / USA / Park Legends
Elissa Steamer / USA / Street (Women)

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