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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston, Sean Malto: winners at Maloof...

Chris Cole: “This is unreal, to win one Maloof Money Cup is a dream, to win three Maloof Money Cups is just insane.”

Nyjah Huston didn't fall in his final run
on Sunday and landed 16 tricks.
Soon at the Street League...

This year, because of their obligations to Street League, Paul Rodriguez and Ryan Sheckler were not competing in the OC Maloof Money Cup, so the general feeling among the crowd here in Orange County was that it was Cole's contest to win or lose and he was definitely the favorite to win the big money all weekend long.

That doesn't mean that there were no serious contenders aiming for the top check and giving Cole a hard sweat for his money. On the contrary, the finals were stacked with heavy hitters including Ryan Decenzo, David Gonzalez, Torey Pudwill, Sean Malto, Nyjah Huston, and Bastien Salabanzi, all of whom had a shot at winning the Cup.

That was the last chance for Chris Cole to win his last Maloof Money Cup in front of a packed crowd of more than 9,000 excited skateboarding fans before joining the Rob Dyrdek Street League, which has an exclusivity rule after 2010.

The Maloof Money Cup, presented by Vans, is the world’s premiere showcase for amateur and professional skateboarding. In 2010, MMC expanded to Queens, New York, building a world-class skatepark that was donated to the community after the contest. MMC Orange County awarded nearly $450,000 in cash and prizes in four professional U.S. championship competitions: the VOLCOM Street Pro, Women’s Pro Street, Carl’s Jr. Pro Vert Championships and the World Industries Amateur Championships.
Chris Cole

And the winner is...

And Chris Cole did it again. Just two months after taking first place and $100,000 at the Maloof Money Cup in New York City, Cole won first place and another $100,000 at the Maloof Money Cup in Orange County. Add that to his win at the 2009 Maloof Money Cup Orange County and Cole has taken $300,000 and three first place prizes from the Maloof brothers in just over a year's time!

“This was absolutely the most intense skateboarding contest I’ve ever seen,” said MMC Creator Joe Maloof. “These guys came out to win and it was just unreal to watch them put everything they have out there on the course. Nyjah was incredible and came so close to taking first, but there was just no stopping Chris Cole. He is so amazing to watch and once again he proved that he’s one of the best skateboarders in the world.”

Skater designed...

The street course for this year's Maloof Money Cup skateboarding championships has been inspired by several Southern California beach skate spots, it replicates obstacles found on the Santa Monica Pier and at other locations, including Venice Beach and Huntington Beach. The 12,000-square-foot street course was designed by pro skater Geoff Rowley and Joe Ciaglia of California Skateparks.

"I wouldn't say it was fun," Cole said of watching Huston's
perfect run. "It was really nerve-racking to watch him do it,
but in the long run, I'm really happy that
I was there to witness it."
Maloof Money Cup
The lucky winners
Sunday also featured the Women’s Pro Street Finals where Brazilian Leticia Bufoni proved that she did not fly in vain for a long trip from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Costa Mesa: it was worth it. Through a translator, Leticia said that her ability to compete well in all three sections of the street course led to the Cup championship.

The 17-year-old won $25,000 in the Cup girls' skateboard street contest. She slid the back of her skateboard down a rail to finish first and take a two-point edge on second-place finisher Alexis Sablone.

Marisa Del Santo, last year’s MMC Champion, took third place.

Some photos courtesy of Maloof Money Cup.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, August 10, 2010 


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