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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pierre-Luc Gagnon wins the Maloof Money Cup

Pierre Luc Gagnon
  1. Pierre Luc Gagnon a.k.a. PLG, beat out Bob Burnquist and Andy MacDonald, Saturday with flawless final run in the Pro Vert Championships, winning his second Maloof Money Cup and the $75,000 prize that goes with it. Gagnon, 30 from Carlsbad, placed second last year at the Maloof Money Cup and last weekend picked up gold at the X Games and stood in front of cameras with X Games gold around his neck for best trick and vert skateboarding.

Toward the end of Saturday's vert competition, it was clear that PLG would be the winner especially when Double D muttered "this is pretty much a victory lap" as Gagnon began his last turn.

"I feel great," Gagnon said. "I had such a great year with this and the back-to-back gold three-peat at the X Games. It means the world to me, I've been working a lot for this and I had a plan. I was seeing the way Andy, Bucky and Bob were skating, and they definitely put a lot of pressure on me. This year has been amazing."

Pierre Luc Gagnon, between runs...
Later, Gagnon said his first three runs gave him the scores that helped him take chances in the three last runs.

Brazilian Sandro Dias also amazed the crowd Saturday when he landed the first-ever 900 (two and-a-half spins) on the Mini Mega ramp.

1. Pierre Luc Gagnon 358.92
2. Bob Burnquist 355.75
3. Andy Macdonald 345.50
4. Bucky Lasek 342.42
5. Sandro Dias 338.92
6. Adam Taylor 334.00
7. Rob Lorifice 334.08
8. Pedro Barros 320.67
9. Elliot Sloan 291.50

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