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Friday, August 27, 2010

Street skateboarding is going big league.

Rob Dyrdek, the street skater turned MTV star, is launching his Street League Skateboarding on Saturday at Arena in Glendale, Ariz., the first of three contests that will pay a total of $1.2-million in prize money.

The winner at each stop earns $150,000, the biggest prize in skateboarding.

“That's a great opportunity to shoot for,” said Paul Rodriguez, one of the world's top 24 skateboarders who've signed on. “It would be nice to come across that once or twice.”

Other top skaters competing will be Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston, Torey Pudwill, Eric Koston and Mike Mo Capaldi.

“For me, personally, I've always felt like it was even bigger than this,” Dyrdek said in a phone interview. “I love skateboarding so much and know how special it is, and I know how incredibly gifted these elite guys are. It's just a matter of putting it in the proper package for the rest of world to become engaged and follow along. It's just the beginning of the true emergence of street skateboarding into the mainstream.”

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, August 27, 2010 


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