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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Master Of Disasters

Duane Peters in New Jersey during the Mike Vallely Glory Bound Skatepark tour
Duane Peters in New Jersey during the Glory Bound Tour.
July 2010. Photo unknown.
For the post "Of brainless and penniless skateboarders…" that I posted a couple of days ago on my blog, I worked with Steve Potwin and used one of his pictures of Duane Peters in the San Jose skatepark. To me, the Master Of Disasters embodies more than anyone the new survey showing that more and more old schoolers are back into skateboarding and pool riding. So I decided that Duane Peter’s pic would just do fine to illustrate the survey and the text. After the blog was posted, we continued chatting off-the-record with Steve, exchanging information. Little did I know that the last information Steve gave me would sent a glacial shock through my spine and the pictures I saw would shock me for the rest of the day. Duane just went through one of the more horrible experience of his chaotic life…

Duane Peters is an old school professional skateboarding’s pioneers and singer for legendary punk act the U.S. Bombs. Born in Newport Beach Cal, DP has lived fast all his life. In 78 he broke his elbow and got a staff infection that almost cost him his arm. That disaster was not big enough to get rid of him: after that, he invented some major skate tricks, as the "acid drop", the "layback grind", the "Indy air", the "Sweeper", the "backside layback grind revert", the "fakie hang-up" (a.k.a. "Disaster"), the "invert revert", the "fakie thruster", and the "loop of death", a full 360-degree rotation in a specially designed loop. He also, along with Neil Blender, helped to evolve the footplant into the more dynamic fastplant.

At the same time, he was also involved with multiple music projects, ultimately recording more than 20 albums.

In 2007, his 20-year-old son Chess Peters was driving a Toyota Corolla on Bolsa Chica Road in Westminster Cal. As Chelsea approached Loyola Ave, a 78-year-old driver of a Mercury sedan turned left into the intersection, striking Peters’ car. The Toyota veered off the road and collided with a light pole. Chelsea Peters was pronounced dead at the scene.

Afterward, Peters fell into a deep depression and stopped skating. But, he says, during this time, he felt his son’s presence telling him to get back on a board.

Duane Peters and a massive wound on his leg due to staff infection during the Mike Vallely Glory Bound tour
Chess Memorial deck.
At age 49, Duane Peters recently participated at the Protec Pool Party at Vans, but then fall in Colorado while skating for the the Mike Vallely Glory Bound tour just when it came to an end. His knee was shattered and a bad staff infection invaded it. Duane arrived anonymously at the hospital, just saying to the nurses that he was only a shoe salesman, but when the doctor came in he just asked DP: “Hey, are you the Master Of Disaster? Fuck!"

The slam on his left knee resulted in an infection so bad that the doctor wanted to amputate the leg at the knee. Then, before the surgery, the doctor asked Peters to sign a form allowing him only to amputate his foot; at least the leg was saved. Peters made one last appeal to the surgeon. “It’s too late in the game for me to start learning to skate with a prosthetic. I guarantee I’ll just get a peg leg and go back to drinking—and I’m going to die a pirate.” He ended up with a major chunk of flesh taken out of his leg. Kinda gross actually…

Duane Peters and a massive wound on his leg due to staff infection during the Mike Vallely Glory Bound tour
Hot legs, you can scream and shout! I'm talking to you!
 He finally got out of the hospital, but had to keep a Wound Vac on his lesion to keep it sterile. On September 7th, he wrote on his Twitter page: “I'm at the doctors making sure all the tubing into my leg is in right-it seems to be shrinkwrapping the beefjerky but gotta make sure”.

After many Prayers, Miracles and several hundred thousand dollars in billing, his leg is finally healing up great and he will be back ripping at a park or pool near you soon!

For now, though, he’s still only slowly recovering from the operation: on October 16 he wrote on twitter “ 2 weeks off all the meds & can only have about an hour sleep a night .watching clash sleep 6 hrs already. Oxys- fentinal patch, morf drip-sweat”.

Thank God, Peters still has two legs to stand on.

And of course, he needs the money to pay for the doctors and the hospital, so, an auction has been set up on E-Bay to pay the bills. You too can be "Like a Drunk Sailor" and own a piece of Skateboard History and the honor and pride that comes with helping one of Skateboarding's Great to get back on his feet again and Keep the Dream Alive!

Up for auction is an original Acrylic on Canvas by DUANE PETERS, titled "THE RAMONES WERE MURDERED".

Measures 22" X 28" - Acrylic on Canvas PayPal only - All Sales Final

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