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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A pool of rats...

Lance Mountain at Vans Skatepark 2010
If you start counting the skate legends, you’ll never stop. With his blog BlueTileObsession recently transferred to the Concrete Disciple website, Ozzie Ausband narrates the everyday life of Southern California’s Pool rats. Like their surfer brethren, this pool of rats feeds on perfect concrete pools and its endless search although all they find is foul water, despair and desolation in an ocean of foreclosures. It is probably the best read on the internet and definitely worth a 1000 clicks (every day – that is). Ozzie knows skateboard and his legend buddies with more than insider vision because he is himself part of the vision. He recently interviewed another legend: Lance Mountain. Pro skater turned skate businessman turned pool reshaper turned pro skater again (in his late 40’s), Lance is one of those few loaded with a wealth of insightful knowledge, resourcefulness and first-hand experience. The combination of Ozzie’s writing and the anecdotes related by Lance are turning this interview into a must read. We are definitely very fortunate to have people like Ozzie and Lance to remind us that skateboard was not invented 6 months ago by The Street League, but that the Street League should be ever after thankful for others to have paved the way and to keep on doing it. The release of the interview coincides with the news (from board track) that officially, 2% of all skateboarders are over 45 years old. We already knew it, but it definitely feels better to be acknowledged by our peers. Between the Street League, Ozzie and Lance, we all agree that skateboard has left its infancy and is definitely part of our culture.

Now, go read the interview before you go skating again!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, October 13, 2010 


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