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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girls Combi Pool Classic at Vans: the practice

This post is about the practice only, click here to find the results of the Combi Pool Party at Vans.

Steve Steadham: "Where did I start the slide?"
Have you seen that movie where the character always refers to life as a box of chocolates? Yes, life is always like that, you never know what you’re gonna get. So, has this anything to do with skateboarding? Kindof… And, no, it’s not a bogus ad for the brand. Guess what? With the Women’s Protec Pool Party coming out at Vans in a couple of days (mark your calendars, it’s on November 20), I decided to get my kicks and go down to Vans at the block yesterday’s night to see some real action… Not a big feat anyway, since I moved 10mn away from the park a couple of weeks ago… Art first sight, there’s a lot of action on this side of the fence. That’s the side where people bring in their folding chairs, sandwiches, blankets and hot coffee and delightfully watch the skaters shredding the pool on the other side… Through the fence are going trucks, bearings, boards (actually boards go below the fence), water, kisses and a lot of other delicacies that can be exchanged. This side of the fence is nice, but I quickly discover that the action in on the other side of the fence, inside the pit and not on the curb.
Lizzie Amanto: the winner of the Vans Combi Pool Classic
Lizzie Amanto: One possible winner for the Vans Combi Pool Classic
On the other side, though, something is missing… That might be that boom-box spitting hard and punk rock. What else? Certainly not Steve Steadham’s grinds, jumping from the deck inside the pit at full speed, like a freight train and trying to duplicate the 28 block Rail slide that Jeff Grosso did during the last Protec Pool Party. “Hey, man” Steve is asking me, “on what block did I start the slide?” I stand up, walk a couple of feet and show him the block. But he seems kindof disappointed…

OK, I know the lines are different: Grosso slides counter wise and Steadham slides clockwise. Grosso leaps from the square bowl and Steadham dives into the round bowl…

What else is missing? Certainly not Lester Kasai’s exploding aerials over the coping of the square pool, pushing at 4G and defying gravity like a newborn rocket…

And then, there was Allysha Bergado and Lizzie Armanto. Allysha once granted isTia an interview and we know she has the potential to be in the top three.
Tonight, Lizzie Armanto was the best of all the girls. She was not only pulling airs like no other girls, way above the coping, but she was also doing amazing tricks all with a lot of ease. She is consistent in all her runs and she has a lot of style. Personally, I prefer fewer tricks with more style than more tricks with no style but Lizzie has it both ways. It seems like Lizzie is not grinding over the coping but flowing over it almost like a caress... If there are two girls that need to be in the top three, then, Lizzie Armanto and Allysha Bergado are my best choices.
So, what else is missing?

Not much man! Everything is here, that delightful sound of the truck grinding the coping, the appealing clatter of the wheels on the tiles… That was a nice evening full of action and speed, like a real tea party should be.

Very nice girls, indeed and BTW, thanks for the ‘taco de ojo”…

How I wish I could already be on Saturday November 20 to see more… action…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, November 18, 2010 


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