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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw!

Happy seventh Birthday Asher Bradshaw!
Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw
Asher Bradshaw , not a long time ago for us,
a long time ago for him….
Whether or not he dropped in the pool the day this
picture was taken has now became totally irrelevant.
Photo Tom Bradshaw
It’s amazing how things can be different every year. Last fall (2009), I was regularly skating 3 nights a week at Belvedere. Suddenly, I decided to switch from Belvedere to Vans and after 6 months, I broke my wrist in the combi and (doctor’s order) it all came to a standstill…

Those night sessions at Belvedere probably were the best of my skateboarding life. Well, except for the parking lot that was always full (a pain, really). Everything at Belvedere is so typical, warmhearted and welcoming… Fully nested in the heart of East L.A., the park cries Latino Territory at full blast. The drawing of The Lady Of Guadalupe that guards the entrance of the park is lit, always, by religious candles and guarded, always, by ‘manos and comadres that pray so the rest of us don’t have to and can go skate unharmed… Outside of the park are hundreds of soccer moms, sat on their folding chairs or mingling with the food trucks and cart vendors that sell unhealthy greasy food (a hot dog wrapped in a slice bacon maintained by tooth picks, and fried in greasy oil -wacala), while some other stay traditional with the tortas, quesadillas and your classic Mexican tacos with a real glass bottled coke (only made in Mexico). You should see the expression of the Mexican soccer moms when they see us with our pads and helmets and strange boards, looking at us like we are coming from another world, like we are the bad guys of the park, ready to jump on them and torture them with our strange vocabulary…
Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw
Asher Bradshaw, now seven years old...
Belvedere’s pools and bowls are not so big (well, the big pool is almost as deep as the combi), it is not too crowded (at least the bowls and pool), it is extremely well lighted, there’s plenty of good vibes and you can meet there a lot of talented skaters. At that time, there was one talent in particular that really draw my attention. A little guy that was skating at his own pace, fully equipped with oversized pads and helmet dutifully surveyed by his father: Asher Bradshaw.

Actually one of the reasons why Tom (Asher’s father) was bringing him at Belvedere was because Venice skatepark was not open yet and the other reason why they kept on coming after the opening is because the park is lit until very late at night.

But, Tom never taught lil' Asher to skate because in his words: “I learn from people who skate … “ . Take that dad!
Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw
Asher Bradshaw has been part of Venice skateparks’ opening, 14 months ago.
He has already written many pages of Venice book of memories and
many more are on the way. Photo Ray Rae.
Belvedere is also the place where Asher did his first drop: right on the edge of the big pool! But the Ashers’ were and are definitely part of Venice’s fabric. Since the opening the Asher’s, both dad and son have become the heart and soul of Venice skatepark. People like Matt Fisher, Ray Rae Goldman and scores of others photographers have taken hundreds of pictures of the little grom and posted them on their Facebook pages, to the amazement of the others. How can a little guy so tiny and frail can ollie that high in the air with so much ease is a mystery to pro skaters, dilettante skaters and non-skaters alike.

So, now, how do you do to interview a 6 year old whiz kid? How do you start? Do you just ask the questions and let the answers blow your mind? Basically, yes…

Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw
Asher was once dubbed ThrAsher… Does that name still fit his skateboarding style? Photo Ray Rae.

Like Brothers from the same park:
Kiko Francisco, Eric "Froggy" Anderson,
and Asher Bradshaw. Ph RR
Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw
What would Venice skatepark be without Asher Bradshaw?
Photo Ray Rae.
When I reread the interview that we did in March 2010 I am amazed by so much simplicity and genuineness. At six year old, your world is not wrong nor right, it is what it is. At six years old, people don’t do things with an afterthought but do things because there are just in the mood to do it.
I remember asking him who were his idols and why, and the answers were like, duh, “I like Hosoi, because he is a Christian and loves God”, “I like Danny Way because he took a picture of me”. Can you be more authentic than that? At the time, his reputation was mounting on the internet and when I asked him he if knew that he was already well known and how many people knew him, he answered, oh, yeah, people know me, “like 10, 12, maybe 13”. To really assess how many people know Asher now, it takes a big number (like, you know, this kind of number with a one and a lot of zeros behind) and you multiply that big number by 13…. 

God, I wish I could be six year old again and be like Asher and believe that the world is a magnificent and simplest place to live, where skateboarding is king and reading and mathematics is just a hobby.

You never go back in time so that will never happen. In the meantime, Asher is going from six year old to seven on Nov 6th.

Happy seventh birthday Asher Bradshaw!

Happy Birthday Asher Bradshaw

Pictures by Tom Bradshaw and Ray Rae. Used by pernission. To see more pictures of Ray Rae or Asher Bradshaw, visit You can even order you own prints of Asher from Ray Rae's website and have them mail it to your home in a couple of days.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, November 03, 2010 

Blogger Cindy Whitehead said...

I met Asher and his dad at The All Girl Skate Jam/warped Tour in Carson this summer. What a great kid - he and his dad remind me a bit of Christian Hosoi & his dad Ivan back when Christian was a little grom skating Marina. Happy Birthday Asher!!

November 3, 2010 at 6:03 PM  
Blogger K3 said...

Love this article and I'm loving this blog, you have a lot of great content that pulls your reader in. Asher is amazing and that interview just makes me smile. True that you can never go back to being 6 or 7 years old in those innocent times, I have tried! :) ha! But the closest I can get is when I step on my skateboard at 36 years old, I feel like I am transported to about 12 years old and I love every bit of it! :)


November 9, 2010 at 6:59 AM  

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