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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The SOTY 2010 is Leo Romero!

Leo Romero was born November 28, 1986, in Fontana, (also known as Fontucky) California, U.S.
Leo Romero is second generation Mexican-American. Orale Vato! When Leo first started skating, it was around 1997 with his friends, "the Death Junkies". His early influences included Jamie Thomas and Andrew Reynolds, which perhaps explains Leo's tendency to skate large obstaces and handrails. He lived at the Emerica Mansion II with Heath Kirchart, Kevin "Spanky" Long, and Bryan Herman. He recently bought his very own home with well known DJ M3MO(Guillermo Aguilar) in Long Beach, California.

In 2009 Leo left Baker after he got on a fist fight with his boss (Andrew Reynolds) switching to Toy Machine.

Leo Romero is currently sponsored by Toy Machine, about which he says "its 100% Skateboarding" Toy Machine and Emerica have teamed up to offer a Leo Romero signature shoe line.

And now, Leo Romero is SOTY of the year, watch above the video showing Jake Phelps delivering the badass news to a stocked Leo Romero. To see more of Leo Romero, go to the Emerica Web-Site

leo romero Pictures, Images and Photos
Leo Romero, Photo Unknown
Here is an excerpt of Leo Romero's Interview:

What inspired you to start grinding up rails?
Leo Romero
: Bikers sort of inspired me.

Bikers? What bikers?
Leo Romero
: BMX bikers.

Who was the BMXer you saw grind up a rail?
Leo Romero
: Some biker in this Etnies BMX video just skating up rails. That was the first time I had ever saw it other than a two stair or something. I think that was the first time I saw it done.

What's the biggest rail you have grinded up?
Leo Romero
: El Toro!

Sweet! Did [Toy Machine Filmer] Kevin Barnett film you grinding up El Toro?
Leo Romero
: No. I went by myself to do it for myself one random day.

How are you managing your time with two video deadlines? "Brainwash" [The Toy Machine promo] and "Stay Gold?"
Leo Romero
: There is not much managing, I just go skate and try to get as much stuff as I can for both videos. Just go out and try to get stuff; it's all you can do really.

How long have you been riding the same board shape?
Leo Romero
: I think I have been riding the same shape for close to six or seven years now. The original was a Pharmacy shop board.

Has the shape changed at all?
Leo Romero: Yeah, it's changed a little. I didn't change anything about my shape really. It just changed from being copied so much so it's a little different from being copied so many times over the years.

How did the switch from Baker to Toy Machine come about?
Leo Romero
: Me and Andrew Reynolds got in a fist fight.

Who won?
Leo Romero
: Andrew did that's why I left.

Are you still homies with the Baker guys?
Leo Romero
: Yeah, of course.

Even Andrew?
Leo Romero
: Yeah, I can't hold no grudges.

To read more of the interview, go to ESPN-Website

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