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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World Cup Skateboarding announces a 5 year vert event

World Cup Skateboarding and Bowl-A-rama announce a 5 year vert event
We are very excited with BOWL-A-RAMA’sTM growth and development. It is now considered
one of skateboardings’ greatest events. Signing this deal ensures that BOWL-A-RAMATM
will remain one of our priorities and the premiere event for the region and Bowl riding
Don Bostick – Director WCS. Bondi Beach. Australia.
The sport of skateboarding has seen many changes over the years. Starting out as a way for surfers to keep in shape when there were no waves, it wasn’t long before skateboarding developed its own identity. From steel wheels to urethane wheels, loose ball bearings to modern sealed bearings, flat pieces of oak to laminated concaved kicked tail and kicked noses, wheelies to heel flips, from the streets to skateparks, local contest to World Cup events, Skateboarding has stood the test of 50 years of change and is here to stay.

Bowl skating was the first real “modern” skateboard professional competition and it is what elevated skating from its 1960’s gymnastics routines to what we all know and love today; the most dynamic and core of all action sports. There is good reason why bowl skating became so popular; it’s got freeform elements of surfing, the raw energy of pogo’ing at a punk gig and most of all it’s about one of the most enjoyable things to do on the planet!

World Cup Skateboarding and & Bowl-A-Rama have signed a five year deal...

Bowl-A-rama. Bondi Beach, Australia
Add World Cup of Skateboarding (WCS) and Frontside Events are very proud to announce a new 5-year relationship starting in 2012 for the expansion of the BOWL-A-RAMATM series. This comes after an already successful 7-year term between skateboarding’s official global body and Australasia’s premiere skateboarding competition in both Bondi and Wellington.
Wellington Bowl in New Zealand
Wellington Bowl in New Zealand...
“We are stoked to have signed this agreement with WCS and look forward to exciting developments over the coming years for skaters, spectators and the industry alike.” – Chad Ford, Director Frontside Events (Producer of BOWL-A- RAMATM)

BOWL-A-RAMATM is all about showcasing the best elements of Bowl skating – a hybrid of vert and street skating. It gives professional riders a unique platform to express their passion and skills as they fight it out for WCS points and ultimately, a WCS title.

This new partnership ensures that BOWL-A-RAMATM continues to be the official Australasian leg in the World Cup of Skateboarding tour. It also provides the opportunity of continued growth and development of both BOWL- A-RAMATM Bondi and BOWL-A-RAMATM Wellington.

WCS has granted Frontside Events an extension of the BOWL-A-RAMATM series to other cities. Both WCS and Frontside Events are committed to building the only truly international “bowl” skate comp tour.

Frontside Events are currently vetting proposals from many territories throughout the southern hemisphere and Asian region to roll out other BOWL-A-RAMATM stops, as part of its proprietary tour.

The fans not only get to see the best pro riders fight it out for WCS points but also enjoy a week long festival of cultural events.

 Caballero at Bondi Beach for Bowl-A-Rama
Caballero at Bondi Beach

World Cup Skateboarding is a result of the once thriving National Skateboard Association in the United States. Focusing on the professional skateboarder, WCS has grown the pro tour since 1994 from 3 events to over 20 events a year which have included such countries as the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Dubai, Mexico and Brazil.

In 2000, WCS started maintaining a World Ranking System for Street and Vert. That same year with the advent of many concrete skateparks being built around the country, the Concrete Challenge series kicked off in Colorado. The 2 event series paved the way for an International Bowl Series and World Ranking a few years later in 2004 with competitions in France, Austria and several states in America. In 2006, the Bondi Bowl a Rama in Australia was added as well as the New Zealand Bowl a Rama 2 years later.

For 2010 Bowl Skating is live and growing at an amazing rate as skateparks are being built on a daily basis around the world.

Jeff-Philips-Lay-Back-Nov-1990 Marseille Bowl
Jeff Philips. The Bowl at Marseilles, France, was built in 1991 and was the model for changing
the controversial skate laws in the USA. Photo No-Way (R.I.P) circa 1991.
WCS International Bowl Series 2011- Featuring Pro and Masters
February 12 Wellington Bowl a Rama – New Zealand - $30,000
February 19 Vans Bondi Bowl a Rama Bondi– Australia - $60,000
May 20 & 21 Pro Tec Pool Party – Orange, CA- USA - $102,250
June 23 – 26 Orange Freestyle Cup (Bowl) – Marseille, France - 10,000 Euros
July 2 & 3 Rome World Cup (Bowl event) - Rome, Italy
July 8 – 10 Mystic Sk8 Cup, (Bowl event) – Praque, Czech
July 28 – 31 Republic X Games – (Super Park event) - Los Angeles, CA - USA - $94,000
August 19 – 21 Ultra Bowl, Malmo, Sweden - $30,000
Dec. TBA Hawaii

Sergie Ventura at Bowl-A-rama in Houston
Sergie Ventura in the Houston Bowl...
WCS National Bowl Series 2011 – Featuring Pro, Masters, Amateur and Girls
January TBA - Amateur Combi Pool Classic, Orange, CA
March 19 - Florida Bowl Riders #1 – New Smyrna Beach Skatepark, FL
March 20 - Florida Bowl Riders #2– Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, FL
August 26 – 28 - Sector Nine Oregon Trifecta – Bowl Series
August TBA - Chili Bowl, SF, CA
September TBA - Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl, San Jose, CA
October TBA - Rock the Cradle, Houston, TX
November TBA - Girls Combi Pool Classic, Orange, CA


BOWL-A-RAMATM is the biggest concrete event in the Southern Hemisphere. Based on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach and Wellington’s Waitangi Park, the event brings the biggest riders in the history of skate to Australasia as well as introduces a week of unbeatable festivities celebrating the culture of skateboarding.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, November 23, 2010 

Blogger poolgrinds4life said...

Hey, just checkin if the Oregon Trifecta is August 5 - 7 or Aug 26 - 28? WCS webpage posted 5 - 7.


Shane Bell

July 21, 2011 at 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shane, the post was from November 2010 and the dates have changed... It seems Oregon will be Bifecta (not Trifecta) and dates are August 15-16... Thanks for the catch...

July 21, 2011 at 2:32 PM  

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