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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Benefit for Duane Peters

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Duane Peters Benefit Boards, DLX/Real, Skateboard News,, Lance Mountain, Glory Bound Tour, Mike Vallely
Duane Peters at Copenhagen on
December 7th
Duane Peters, the Master of Disaster is currently on tour in Europe. The Motherland (Ahaha UK?), the Netherlands, the German Land, The Danish Land and whatever Foreign Land that’s on the other side of the Atlantic! He has been everywhere playing loud and punk! The next gig is actually tonight at Montpellier (Liberty Fries-Land) at Tout-A-Fond Secret Place… Montpellier is not the capital of Vermont but the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of Froggy-Land.

This tour is actually some kind of miracle since Duane Peters was about to lose his leg only a couple of month ago while he was on a skateboarding tour with Mike Vallely (who just announced that he's back with The Bones Brigade) for the Glory Bound Tour. WTF: that tour must have been something since Mike V. has also a broken arm! No wonder: those guys are natural born shredders dropping U.S. bombs on whatever gets on their way. Duane really paid in blood his addiction to skateboard: with a leg like that, and should start singing his own version of the old Lennon-McCartney Song: “With a "leg" like that, you know you should be glad”. . To read more about what happened to D.P. and to see some gross pictures of the leg, log on to TheMasterOfDisasters.html

Yeah, he’s fine for now, but the finances are not what they used to be so the big shots at DLX / REAL Skateboards are now issuing 2 new benefit boards with all of the proceeds going to help D.P. pay off his medical expenses. Both deck artworks were compassionately offered by Lance Mountain. The 50 red decks are a limited edition hand-signed by Duane. These special red decks will go for $100 and only available at The green decks will be available in regular quantity, unsigned and at a regular deck price and will be available worldwide at finer skateshops and at all auctions at Both decks will be available December 17th.

Picture below from
Duane Peters Benefit Boards, DLX/Real, Skateboard News,, Lance Mountain, Glory Bound Tour, Mike Vallely

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 


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