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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Benefit for Jesse Martinez at the Good Hurt Night Club

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For over 20 years, Jesse Martinez has been working his ass off and leading the materialization of a skate park in Venice Beach. He truly is the godfather of the park that opened 15 months ago. Venice skatepark is one the greatest skatepark in the world. Its location close to the beach and close to the mythical Dogtown scene of the 80’s makes it the perfect place for skateboarding.

When Venice Beach was renovated between 1999 and 2001, the City added a lovely "new skatedance area for skaters of all ages" and a couple of super-basic park features. If you're interested, the (now old) spot has one curved "bench"; complete with coping and transition, as well as a couple of ledges and some various 3- and 4-stairs.
Even though the small skate park was really crowded it was basically a not-so-good street scene. So, Dogtowners like Geri Lewis, Jesse Martinez and other members of Venice Surf and Skateboard Association (VSA) said that the “skatedance” was not enough and demanded a real skate park in honor of the worldwide reputation of Dogtown and helped the city by forcing its design.

At that time, the area of the beach that was to become the skate park had been “white-holed” in the original refurbishment plan, due to the fact that it was a contaminated oil site and needed a resolution of how to remediate that contamination. Little do people know that the skate park on the beach was essentially a mitigation measure to treat subsurface contamination at the former Danson Oil site. As such, the brand new skate park that now serves the epicenter of skating culture that is Venice Beach was a creative solution to cure an oil well site. In fact, the great irony is that were it not for that oil site on the beach and the need to cap it, the policies of the Coastal Commission probably would not have allowed the skate park to be located in its prominent location on the beach. But it wasn’t easy: the initial meeting between the Dogtowners and the City took place in March '01 and it “just” took 9 years of intense tergiversations to finish the new city’s beach-side Venice skate park.

At the end of December 2008, construction began on the new 17,000 sq ft skate park with a price tag of $3.5 million. Built nearby the The Pit, on the beach, at the end of Windward, the design credits go to RRM Design Group (San Luis Obispo, CA) in collaboration with Zack Wormhoudt, Inc. (Santa Cruz, CA); while California Skateparks, Inc. (of Upland, CA) is the building contractor.

Construction was expected to take about ten months after persistent efforts from the skateboarding community, with the decisive and continuous involvement of local Jesse Martinez and the Venice Surf & Skate Association (VSA) and And on a sunny Saturday October 2nd, almost one year after the first dig, the $3.5 million in-ground concrete park full of bowls, ramps, rails, platforms, and steps and a bowl that mimics Dogtown's world of empty swimming pools and urban landscape where Jay Adams and Tony Alva invented pool riding finally opened.
Venice Skate Park one of the rare days there was nobody in the big pool.

Jesse Martinez has dedicated his life the past year to maintenance and security of the park since its opening. Just before the first anniversary of the skatepark’s opening Jesse was jumped and severely beaten while in service at the park resulting in swelling of the brain and a stack of hospital bills.

A benefit at the Good Hurt Night Club in West Los Angeles will take place on December 17th to assist Jesse. This important benefit is an opportunity for the community to give back to someone who has given so much to us freely. Everyone’s donations and attendance at this event will be a chance to help make a difference.

You can make donations to Jesse Martinez via Paypal to

You can read more about Venice Skatepark on ISkateThereforeIAm.
Read the interview of Jesse Martinez on Juice Website
News originally broke on and Terry Craft at Juice Magazine
Jesse Martinez of the VSA. Photo Ray Rae. If you want to see more pictures of the Venice SkatePark, visit RayRaePix website...

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