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Thursday, December 9, 2010

King of the Groms at Skatelab this weekend

I Skate, Therefore I Am -Home- Yes! isTia skateboard blog talks about skateboarders, skaters, vert, ramp, skateparks, pool, backyard pools, kidney pool, pink motel, supreme skateboard, copying, skateboarding photography, skate rock, concrete disciples, daily skate news, Vans, Venice skatepark, skate spots  and skateboard news. There are plenty of other skate websites that publish skateboard news faster than me, and better than me (Transworld, The Berrics, Thrasher, Slap magazine, skatedaily, crailtap, juice magazine, skate and annoy,…), so I won’t just give the skate news, I’ll also tell you what I think about it even if I’m wrong. Then you can conform and think like me too and impress your friends with your profound knowledge of the skateboarding industry. LOLThe 9th Annual King of the Groms - 12 & Under Only Skateboard Contest Series.

5 Qualifiers around the country and 1 Championship Event at the 3rd Lair Skatepark.

Regional Kings crowned at each qualifier stop and the National Champion King of the Groms crowned at the 3rd Lair SkatePark on the weekend of February 18th - 20th, 2011

and new for 2010 -
Introducing the 1st Annual: 'King of the Ams'
(13 - 15 years old only)at the Simi Valley Skatelab - December 10-12, 2010

I skate therefore I am: skateboard pools, pipes, parks, bowls and vert, daily skateboarding news...
posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 


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