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Friday, January 21, 2011

New Maloof High Ollie contest

New Maloof High Ollie contest open to Amateurs to award $10K and a trip to Las Vegas
2011 will be a season of high entertainment. The WCS has announced a couple of days ago its calendar with every week-end until the end of March filled with a vert contest. Now, it is the Board Retailers Association that is excited to announce the new skate contest put on by Magic, Maloof and
What it is: 15 skate shops will run a contest on location throughout the month of January to see who can do the highest ollie. One winner from each of those shops will be entered to compete against pro skateboarders at the semi-finals at Magic in Las Vegas on February 14th. They will also run a viral High Ollie contest through The contestant with the highest verifiable ollie will take one spot in the semi finals. Semi-finals will consist of the 16 skaters and a group of pro skaters. Top 4 from the semi-finals will go on to the finals at the Palms Resort and Casino on the 15th. Grand prize is $10,000!
Details: If you cannot make it to one of the shops High Ollie Challenges then you can submit your own video through In order to qualify, the height of the ollie must be verifiable in the video and must be one complete segment, non-edited. The contestant with the highest verifiable ollie will be chosen as the winner. Winner will receive roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas and a 2 night stay at the Palms Resort and Casino, February 14th - 16th 2011. If the winner is under 21 they will receive one additional airfare for a guardian.
1st place - $10,000
2nd place - $2,500
3rd place - $1,500
4th place - $1,000


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, January 21, 2011 


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