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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skateboarding park to be fenced in Imperial Beach

Imperial Skate Park. Photo Marc Delellis
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Less than three months after it opened, last November 11, Imperial Beach officials are considering spending about $150,000 in redevelopment money to build an 8-foot fence around the new 7,600-square-foot Imperial Beach Skate Park.

Since then, nearby residents on Fifth Street have been raising concerns about noise, trash, use of the park after hours and people smoking marijuana in the vicinity.

Mary Anne Schoultz, who lives across the street from the park, said she’s had to move her living space to the back of her house because of the noise.

I think it’s a great idea to have a skate park,” she said. “I’m fully in support of a fence and I thank you very much for coming up with that plan. I’m just wondering why there are so many kids there during school hours.”

Rico Arce, 19, has been skateboarding for 10 years. He clears a seven-step at Imperial Beach's new skate park,
located at 425 Imperial Beach Blvd.
City Manager Gary Brown said at a Wednesday night City Council session that a fence is just the first step in getting a handle on the situation. The Imperial Beach Skate Park was built for $343,000, mostly with redevelopment funds. Grants and private donors also contributed.

Not having a fence was a mistake. It’s not fun admitting you’ve made a mistake,” Mayor Jim Janney said. He noted that a North County city has been forced to close their skate park several times after persistent problems. “We’ll do that here too, if people don’t want to follow the rules,” Janney said.

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Marc Delellis: It's definitely worth it if your in the area. It's pretty small so you want to go while the kiddies are in school. There is a little street section with a 4 foot quarter and a three foot brick quarter as well, a hubba down a five or six stair, two metal L'd benches and a baby flat bar. There is also a knee high pole jam and they are all set up with a good flow around the bowl for all the tech dudes out there. The bowl is pretty fun, It think it is mostly 3 foot walls with two 5 foot quarter pipes and an open face cradle which gets up to about 6 feet. Really good flow and super smooth cement and some manly coping so it's easy to keep your speed and lock into some grinds. Be careful it's a new park so the cops will roll through and harass you about pads from time to time. - Marc Delellis

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, January 27, 2011 


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