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Friday, February 11, 2011

Alex Sorgente Interview: winner of the Vans Am Pool Party

Alex Sorgente Interview: winner of the Vans Am Pool Party
... Therefore, Alex Sorgente is a pro skateboarder... Photo Xavier Lannes
I Skate, Therefore I Am -Home- Yes! isTia skateboard blog talks about skateboarders, skaters, vert, ramp, skateparks, pool, backyard pools, kidney pool, pink motel, supreme skateboard, copying, skateboarding photography, skate rock, concrete disciples, daily skate news, Vans, Venice skatepark, skate spots  and skateboard news. There are plenty of other skate websites that publish skateboard news faster than me, and better than me (Transworld, The Berrics, Thrasher, Slap magazine, skatedaily, crailtap, juice magazine, skate and annoy,…), so I won’t just give the skate news, I’ll also tell you what I think about it even if I’m wrong. Then you can conform and think like me too and impress your friends with your profound knowledge of the skateboarding industry. LOL
Within the fine art of Rhetorical Analysis, a syllogism is a form of deductive reasoning consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion.

It was used in the antics Greece by philosophers like Aristotle to bring about their reasoning and it is something that sounds like this:
1. All pro skateboarders have their own website.
2. Alex Sorgente has his own website.
3. Therefore, Alex Sorgente is a pro skateboarder...

Another one could be:
1. Pro skateboarders win the Protec Pool Party.
2. Alex Sorgente won the Protec Pool Party.
3. Therefore, Alex Sorgente is a pro skateboarder.

Anyway you look at it; this syllogism yields the same result: Alex Sorgente is a pro skateboarder. Of course, as Einstein would say, timing is only relative and because of the curvature of the universe, it really does not matter if Alex is pro now or in the future. And when you talk about curvature, Alex is a pro... Because he mainly skates trannies... Thus, time and space are becoming irrelevant… Are you following this little essay at the verge of science and sanity? I hope you are not retired (don’t mean retarded) because like Jay Adams used to say: “You don’t stop skateboarding because you grow old, you get old because you stop skateboarding”. Yeah, like Einstein said, what Jay meant was that time is irrelevant and like Korzybski said, that the map is not the territory. Nothing matters. Is that clear enough?

It might be the first time that you read in the same sentence the names of Alfred Korzybski, Jay Adams, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Alex Sorgente and skateboarding and that's why isTia has decided that because the future is now, it was time to ask Alex to answer a few questions. That's the least we could do after he won the Vans Am Protec pool Party.

Alex Sorgente at Grind For Life 2010. Photo Tim Ebaugh.
isTia: What’s your name, Alex or Alessandro?
Alex Sorgente:

isTia: What name do you want to use?
Alex Sorgente
: Alex

isTia: Birthday:
Alex Sorgente:
Nov 26, 1997

isTia: Hometown:
Alex Sorgente:
Lake Worth, FL

isTia: Reside:
Alex Sorgente:
Lake Worth, FL

isTia: When did you Started Skating:
Alex Sorgente:
6 years old (7 years ago)

isTia: Sponsors:
Alex Sorgente:
Globe, Blind, Grind for Life, 187, Khiro, Type-S, Real Earth Products, Wildberry Incense, Ollie Pop…

isTia: How were you introduced to skateboarding and what got you started?
Alex Sorgente:
I got a skateboard for Christmas when I was 6 and I went to YMCA, met Mike Rogers and I’ve liked it ever since.

isTia: Do you remember what your first setup was?
Alex Sorgente:
It was a Kryptonite board with an oval face on it. It is hanging on the wall in my room.

Alex Sorgente at Vans. Photo Brandon Wong.
isTia: Were there any early influences on your skating? Mike Rogers, Benji Galloway and Giorgio Zattoni.

isTia: How are your parents feeling about you being at such a high level in skateboarding?
Alex Sorgente:
They are very proud of me and help me with skating.

isTia: Are your parents supportive?
Alex Sorgente:
Yes they are very supportive they pay for most of my expenses and take me to events all around the world and they take me to practice and my mom made a website for me.

isTia: Do they skate?
Alex Sorgente:
A little bit but my dad likes dirt biking and my mom likes jet skiing and my sister likes gymnastics and diving.

isTia: What is the best and worst thing about your hometown?
Alex Sorgente:
The best thing is that there are nice beaches and the worst thing is not very many skate parks with vert ramps or nice big bowls.

isTia: If you would have to change town, where would you like to live?
Alex Sorgente:
Encinitas California or Bologna Italy.

isTia: Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Alex Sorgente:
I do some dirt biking and I do races and I surf sometimes and hang out with friends.

isTia: Have you ever been injured while skateboarding?
Alex Sorgente:
Yes I cut my chin open to my jaw bone and a few sprained ankles and a lot of bruises everywhere.

isTia: Who are your biggest competitors?
Alex Sorgente:
All of the people in the contests I do.

Alex Sorgente at Vans. Photo Brando Wong.
isTia: Who are your favorite old school skaters?
Alex Sorgente:
Christian Hosoi, Mark Lake, Mike Rogers, Tony Hawk, and Steve Caballero.

isTia: Do you prefer street or vert?
Alex Sorgente:

isTia: What’s your favorite trick?
Alex Sorgente:
Either a 540 or invert or Millerflip or a Kickflip/Healflip indy. In street I like to do lip slides febble grinds and grinding ledges.

isTia: What trick are you trying/ training to do?
Alex Sorgente:
A variel flip indy and a board variel.

isTia: When was the first time you did a 540?
Alex Sorgente:
Last month in Encintas Californa.

isTia: What’s the most difficult trick you have done?
Alex Sorgente:
A 540!

isTia: When did you start training for the Amateur Combi Pool?
Alex Sorgente:
When I got in Californa the week before the contest.

isTia: How often do you skate at Vans?
Alex Sorgente: Once or Twice every month in Orlando, in California, never.

isTia: What’s the best skatepark closest to where you live?
Alex Sorgente:
Abacoa skatepark in Jupiter.

isTia: At which skatepark do you go most often?
Alex Sorgente:
Abacoa or Brian Picallo skatepark.

Alex Sorgente. Clash at Clairmont IV (2010)
isTia: Do you wear pads and helmets in a pool/skatepark/bowl?
Alex Sorgente: Yes I do when I am required in a park to wear the pads, but in pools and vert I wear pads and helmet.

isTia: Have you skated backyard empty pools?
Alex Sorgente:
I skated one at a Old Days Inn hotel but there was water in the deep end so I could barely skate it and it was 2 years ago and it was just me and my dad and I skated my friends house in Italy in the mountains, he has a sick pool in the woods behind his house. Not many empty pools in Florida, it’s always hot in FL but sometimes they become available just for a few days.

Alex Sorgente at Cocoa Beach
isTia: How do you like Milano’s bastard bowl?
Alex Sorgente:
It is a very fun bowl but it is challenging because of the trannies, I saw a guy break his arm there.

isTia: How do you like Bucky’s pool?
Alex Sorgente:
Bucky’s bowl is the sickest biggest and funniest bowl I have ever skated, Mike Rogers got me hooked up to skate there.

isTia: Isn’t it too big? Too small already?
Alex Sorgente:
It’s perfect, it’s so smooth and the coping is perfect and the tranny is perfect.
Alex Sorgente with Mr. Hollywood Summit himself. 2010 Pool Gig, Florida.
isTia: How often do you go to Bucky’s pool?
Alex Sorgente:
Whenever I can.

isTia: What is the most difficult pool you ever skated?
Alex Sorgente:
There is this sick flow course bowl that the smallest wall is 8ft, it’s in Bologna Italy it’s called Elbo skatepark, with a full pipe that you can skate over it or under it and transfer to it from the deep end.

isTia: Do you prefer concrete or wood?
Alex Sorgente:

isTia: How do you like Tony hawk’s ramp?
Alex Sorgente:
It’s the best vert ramp I’ve ever skated

isTia: When was the first time you dropped ?
Alexorgent at Vans Pro Pool Party. Photo X. Lannes
Alex Sorgente: I was either 6 or 7 and it was at the YMCA in Palm beach and I was a little scared and I was with my dad or mom I don’t really remember.

isTia: What’s your favorite skatepark?
Alex Sorgente:
Elbo Skatepark in Italy or Washington street in San Diego

isTia: What’s your dream skatepark?
Alex Sorgente:
All of those skateparks in Oregon, I have never been to Oregon but those parks look sick.

isTia: Describe how you would built the skatepark of your dreams
Alex Sorgente: I would just build the Elbo skatepark but with better concrete because it’s very rough but I would add a nice backyard type pool next to the big park.

isTia: What skate videos do you like?
Alex Sorgente:
Cheese and crackers, Feed the need and All of the Globe united by fate videos, and the classic Animal Chin.

isTia: What is your typical day like?
Alex Sorgente:
School, skate, chill, sleep.
isTia: Where do you like to skate?
Alex Sorgente: I like to skate everything, I could sesh just about any spot.
isTia: Are there skaters that are so impressive that you just stop and watch them?
Alex Sorgente:

isTia: What kind of music do you listen to?
Alex Sorgente:
I listen to anything from Rock to Rap to techno music and all of those old 80’s bands like Motley Crue and AC/DC.

isTia: Who do you like to skate with?
Alex Sorgente:
My friends or with pros.
Alex Sorgente
isTia: How many songs do you have on your IPad?
Alex Sorgente:
About 500 songs.

isTia: What’s the most played on your IPad?
Alex Sorgente:
I only want you by Eagles of Death metal and songs by Lil Wayne and Fly like a G6.

isTia: What magazines do you read?
Alex Sorgente:
I read Transworld motocross and the Skateboardmag and Thrasher magazine.

isTia: How long do you spend skating every day?
Alex Sorgente:
I don’t skate everyday, but when I do, I skate 1-5 hours a day depending on the day and who I am with.

isTia: How often do you train in vert/bowl/park?
Alex Sorgente:
Every chance I get to skate a park but I usually just skate by myself in my backyard.

isTia: How often do you train in street?
Alex Sorgente:
Whenever my local friends come over we skate street, my local friends only skate street.

Alex Sorgente on the podium at Vans Protec Pool Party
isTia: How long do you spend on the internet every day?
Alex Sorgente:
5-30 min a day but most of the time none.

isTia: How long do you spend watching TV every day?
Alex Sorgente:
Usually a few minutes before school and in the evening.

isTia: How long do you spend gaming every day?
Alex Sorgente:
When the weathers not nice or I’m hurt or I’m chillin’, I don’t play everyday

isTia: What’s your favorite game?
Alex Sorgente:
Either skate 2 or Reflex

isTia: What is something most people don't know about you?
Alex Sorgente:
I am also a decent dirt bike racer and I get very good grades in school without much effort.

Alex Sorgente at Vans Am Protec Pool Party
isTia: So far, what have been some of the highlights of your skateboarding?
Alex Sorgente:
Winning the Vans Am Pool Party and traveling in Europe and winning the Quiksilver Bowlriders twice in Sweden.

isTia: What do you have planned for this year?
Alex Sorgente:
Gatorade Free Flow Tour Vert, Tampa Am Vert, Pro tec Pool Party and hopefully Europe.

isTia: How many Facebook friends did you add after the Vans contest?
Alex Sorgente:
I don’t know but I get requests almost every day lately.

isTia: How is Grind For Life important for you?
Alex Sorgente:
Grind for Life helps me get into places like Bucky’s or Tony’s and it’s very awesome that I’m on a team where we do a lot of skating but we also help people with cancer and it’s very inspiring to know that Mike Rogers, a one eyed skater, and a 2 time cancer survivor.

isTia: Who made your website?
Alex Sorgente:
My mom made my website. I had it for about three years, we started the website to keep all of my info about contests and sponsors and videos and pics.

isTia: What was your first contest?
Alex Sorgente:
Grind for Life at the YMCA in Palm Beach I was 6, I did the 9 and under class and I got 6th place.

The Blog's picture software asked if I wanted to “Add a legend”. I though that was a good idea and just followed
the instructions. Alex Sorgento at the X games 2010.
Alex Sorgente. Guiness World Record
isTia: Can you tell us about the 15 frontside boneless for the Guinness World Records book at the GWR Live! Skate Park during X Games 16 in Los Angeles, California on July 30, 2010.
Alex Sorgente:
I was skating the GWR miniramp at the X Games and the World record people came and asked everyone to do as many axle stalls in 30 seconds so I did that and I won, and then I asked if I could as many boneless in 30 seconds because I thought that boneless are more of a trick than a axle stall, so they opened the challenge and I set that record too.

isTia: How did you feel when you won the 1st Place -Best Trick competition in the WARHEADS Skatepark "X Games 16 in Los Angeles, CA.
Alex Sorgente:
It was pretty awesome there was a pretty big crowd and they were cheering for me really loudly and I had to use the board they gave me that I never tried and I never tried the coarse before and the best part was that I won box seats for the motocross freestyle finals inside the Staples center, my dad was happy awesome seats, full bar and food.

isTia: You have won a lot of contest, what was the most important contest for you?
Alex Sorgente:
The vans Am Pool Party contest and the Quiksilver Bowlriders Am contests.

isTia: How many countries have you visited?
Alex Sorgente:
Pretty much all of Europe!

isTia: In how many countries have you skated?
Alex Sorgente:
USA, Puerto Rico, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden.

isTia: What’s your favorite contest worldwide?
Alex Sorgente:
The Quiksilver Bowlriders cup in Sweden, it’s big and the whole city comes to the event and they love it.

isTia: It seems you have a contest every week-end or so, How do you do it?
Alex Sorgente:
Lately I have been having a contest every weekend but now I get a little break for a couple weeks my mom or dad always takes me and my mom pays for the trip.

isTia: In what grade are you?
Alex Sorgente:

isTia: Do you have time to study with all those skateboard trips everywhere?
Alex Sorgente:
Yes I do very well in school.

isTia: What do you want to do in the future?
Alex Sorgente: Become a professional athlete and be able to do what I love.

isTia: Shout outs?
Alex Sorgente:
Mike Rogers, Mom and Dad, A BIG thanks to all my sponsors Globe, Blind, The 187 killer pads , Grind For Life, Type-S Urethane wheels, Khiro Skateboard Products, Real Earth Products, Wildberry Incense, Ollie Pop -- they are great !!, Giorgio Zattoni, Dagger, Sasha, Bucky Lasek , and all my friends!

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