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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bondi Bow-A-Rama Results: Caballero and Pedro Barros

We decided not to wait 'til next summer to post these sick pix of the Bondi Beach bowl. Yeah, the weather is awesome and it’s a bowl close to the beach!
The Vans Bowl-A-Rama stage. Photo Max O'Rourke for isTia
Pedro Barros. Photo Max O'Rourke

The 7th Bondi Bowl-A-Rama happened again this Saturday February 19. Rune Glifberg. Photo Max O'Rourke

Life is like the battle between the yin and the yang, I Skate, Therefore I Am -Home- Yes! isTia skateboard blog talks about skateboarders, skaters, vert, ramp, skateparks, pool, backyard pools, kidney pool, pink motel, supreme skateboard, copying, skateboarding photography, skate rock, concrete disciples, daily skate news, Vans, Venice skatepark, skate spots  and skateboard news. There are plenty of other skate websites that publish skateboard news faster than me, and better than me (Transworld, The Berrics, Thrasher, Slap magazine, skatedaily, crailtap, juice magazine, skate and annoy,…), so I won’t just give the skate news, I’ll also tell you what I think about it even if I’m wrong. Then you can conform and think like me too and impress your friends with your profound knowledge of the skateboarding industry.
the black and the white and the good against the evil. With seasons, that’s the same trick, while it is winter here, it is most surely summer elsewhere... And that elsewhere is indisputably close to Bondi, the legendary beach close to Sydney, Australia: we are freezing our bones here and they are roasting their swiss bearings with temperatures over 90 degrees there. Yeah, I know we are going to upset some of you with pictures of warm beaches in the middle of our winter. Wow, those skinny girls in bikini watching our Masters and fantasizing… It’s kinda unfair, but what prevented you to go?
Lester Kasai. Photo Max O'Rourke.
So, stop complaining and start to act, do something, call Travelocity, or stay here, take your board and go skate between two icy puddles … Or just stay put at isTia and enjoy the results and pix of the seventh Bondi Bowl-A-Rama contest.

Believe me; it has been getting hotter every year down under at Bondi Beach as the Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011 contest was unfolding today. After all the pros and the masters gathered last week at Waitangi Park in Wellington, New Zealand they descended this week to Sydney to compete for the biggest prize purse ($60,000) in the Bowl-A-rama history at one of the world’s finest skateparks on the beach: the iconic Bondi Bowl.
"Steve Caballero, thank you for ripping. What a good heat. watching the interview now. Stoked on everyone.
Pat Black NorCal represent! Salba ripping, Sergie did some mega-airs. awesome riding in the 1st two heats as well.
Mik, Goff, Lester, Nicky, Sash, LEE RALPH! Can't wait for the finals later". Jeff Hedges. Cab, Photo Dean Tirkot.
It was a week-long festival and after the repainting of the pool in deep blue, the practice sesh were sick but marred by two incidents. First the new bowl was tagged and had to be repainted, -again (the night before the contest)- and more seriously, Grosso got some sort of pneumonia and had to stay at the hospital and Steven Pineiro fell while attempting to do a 540 and had to be driven to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken wrist although no surgery was necessary. A bummer anyway!

Max O’Rourke, our dedicated photographer Down Under gave up a precious day of his life
to meet the Masters and point his cameras and fish eye in the right direction and
at the right angle.
Chad Ford’s dreams of the park and then of an international contest lead up to the 7th year of the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama. Yes, what started 7 years ago as a small contest is now the Southern Hemisphere's biggest bowl skateboarding competition so far, with bigger bleachers, bigger riders, bigger purse and better skate.
Sponsored by Oakley, SDS, Protec and a heap more and, the Bondi sky was hampered by a few clouds, which facilitated the life of the skaters and the photographers alike. Too much sun is a killer. Kinda like the Wellington Bowl-A-Rama 7 days before where the contest was shrouded in cloud and gray… In the mind of the 6,000 spectators, even if it was not shiny it was awesome anyway. But in the evening, the sun appeared and was eventually blasting with the pool bottom that could be very hot. This year, the major sponsor of the Vans Bowl-A-Rama was … Vans! With, of course the legendary Steve Van Doren, serving his famous burgers and dogs while others were ripping, commenting or taking pictures. “Vans has been a sponsor of BOWL-A-RAMA since it started in 2004” Commented Jenn Kong, Vans Senior Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, ”And we are really excited to have the opportunity to be a part of a Bondi tradition and help to elevate skateboarding and the global recognition for Vans BOWL-A-RAMA."

So, what has changed between the 6th and the 7th? Not the sick line-up of top pro skaters and Masters (Bucky Lasek, Omar Hassan, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Bob Burnquist, Rune Glifberg, Pat Ngoho, Otavio Neto, Jackson Pilz, Lee Ralph, Juergen Horrwarth, Renton Miller, Mick Mulhall, Corbin Harris and scores of others) that demonstrated the oldest, newest and toughest tricks in pool skateboarding. Maybe what has changed was that, for the first time ever, an Australian skate contest was broadcast live online (on Fuel TV and Vans website) and via television, enabling both Australian and International fans to experience the excitement and atmosphere regardless of their physical location.
- It was hot down under at Bondi Beach as the Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011 contest was going on.
A proof that vert skateboarding is gaining ground both at local and international level. The broadcast also included a range of live interviews with infamous skaters like Bucky Lasek, Steve Caballero and last year’s teenage runaway triumph Pedro Barros. “The jumbo screen was one of many major site improvements implemented this year.” Commented Chad Ford, Director of BOWL-A-RAMA™.
This Saturday, everybody had in mind the challenger, 15 year old Pedro Barros who made sensation last year by winning the contest and by also winning the Wellington contest last week. Pedro is using every each of the bowl skating at 100 miles an hour tearing the coping apart and smashing like a Master!
Bucky Lasek. Photo Max O'Rourke.
Niki Guerrero, from Copenhagen, did a lot of backsides. Renton Millar doing smith grinds switch frontside invert, Pedro Barros had it on locks, he was doing 540, backside tail shuvit. Mick Mulhall, Local Bondi Legend and the only Australian left in the finals was charging in the bowl. The guy skates for fun and it shows. Never seen Mick kills like this. Lester Kasai crushed it. Sergie Ventura, on his 5th year at Bondi, doing stalefish to fast plant. Pat Ngoho sick with a board slide on the tight corner, Pat Ngoho is always in the top ten at any contest. Bob was on fire though like never before. Bucky was doing a lot of 540’s and had the best single line of the whole damn deal.
BOWL-A-RAMA™ has never been bigger, The event has been steadily growing
each year, which is a catalyst of the amount of industry support we are receiving.
The week of umbrella events leading up to the comp on Saturday really gives all
fans and families a chance to get involved in a really inviting culture.”
Chad Ford, Director of BOWL-A-RAMA™.
Same with Gliffberg I would hate to be a judge right now it's all the best f-ing skateboarding on the planet. But, at the end, Cab was very consistent throughout all his runs. Steve Caballero had the lines and the tricks and eventually, he won the stuff. Congrats Steve Caballero 1st in the Masters Division, making it 4 years in a row!
That was a fucking ripping contest, great coverage and insane skating, I wish it could be already next year.

The Bowl-A-Rama Results:

1. Steve Caballero
2. Mik Mulhall
3. Lester Kasai
4. Nicky Guerrero
5. Sergie Ventura
6. Pat Ngoho. Congrats lads

1. Pedro Barros
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Bucky Lasek
4. Bob Bunquist
5. Renton Millar
6. Nathan Beck
Une belle brochette de vainqueurs
There's much more pictures of Van Bowl-A-Rama after the jump!!!

Pedro Barros during the Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011. Photo Bowl-A-Rama
Pedro Barros At Vans Bowl-A-Rama

Pedro Barros at Vans Bowl-A-rama.
Photo Max O'Rourke

Sky Siljeg, Nathan-Beck, Zach Miller. Photo Max O'Rourke

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