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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steven Piñeiro and a broken wrist at Bondi

Embassy, Steven Piñeiro, Bowl-A-Rama, Bondi Beach
Steven Pineiro at Bondi Beach. Last Oct 23, 2010, Steven Pineiro, landed the First 720 in a World Cup Professional
Bowl Competition at Rock The Cradle In Houston. Photo Max O'Rourke for isTia
Yesterday, while attempting doing a 7 foot 540, Steven Piñeiro, from Jacksonville, Fla broke his wrist in the Bondi Pool and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now Steven's doing fine.

Steven was ripping at the bowl all day yesterday and in the words of Lee Leal the manager of the team Embassy: “Steven's a tuff guy. I have the sequence of him attempting the 7 foot 540. We're I come from, it's SKATE TUFF OR GO HOME!! Yea, we're in the Land down Under, but it's all good! Steven was RIPPING1 I just wish the doc would get on w/ this thing, so we can get back to the beach!!!!”
Embassy, Steven Piñeiro, Bowl-A-Rama, Bondi Beach
Steven Pineiro, just minutes after breaking his wrist.
Photo Dean Tirkot
Steven Piñeiro is thirteen year old and has only been skating for 3 years after seeing people skating at a beach in Florida. He will be in 8th grade in the fall. He's got 540 variations, and has skated bowl contests in Oregon. He rides for Embassy skateboards.

Too bad he broke his wrist just before the contest, so he is out and can’t even skate for the rest of his stay in Australia…

isTia wishes Steven all the luck and a speedy recovery. See you at Vans Protec Pool Party next month and Keep-on rippin' kid!!!

More pictures of Steven Piñeiro at Bowl-A-Rama, Bondi after the page break.
WTF! How the hell do you call this trick? Photo dean Tirkot.
Steve Caballero wrote: "wow... heard about Steven last night, sorry to hear about his injury:( Hope he heals up quick
and bounces back soon! He's in my prayers for a healthy recovery and hope he's not in too much pain.
Blessings and thanks for being there to take care of him:) cheers, Cab". Photo Max O’Rourke.
Steven Piñeiro broke his wrist yesterday in the Bondi bowl while attempting doing a 7 foot 540. Good luck Steven.
Photo Max O'Rourke for isTia.
Steven rippin' in the Bondi Bowl. Photo Dean Tirkot. 

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, February 17, 2011 

Anonymous juan pineiro said...

i love you brother your a tuff dude.

May 19, 2011 at 7:14 PM  

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