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Monday, February 7, 2011

Vert Attack #5 at Bryggeriet Skatepark

Vert Attack  5, Bryggeriet Skatepark, Jake Andersson,  Rune Glifberg, Alex Perelson, Jussi Korhone, Neal Hendrix, Sam Beckett,  Steve Caballero, Nicky Guerrero, Christian Hosoi, Anders Tellen, Jeff Hedges, Sean Goff,  Mathew Carlise, Simon Karlsson, Mats Hatlem, Nick Hanson,  Thom Theiste
Sam Bosworth at Vert Attack #5. Photo Martin Palsson
John Magnusson and his crew organized this week-end the Vert Attach #5 at Bryggeriet skatepark, in Malmö, a little town in Sweden. All mixed together gathered new jacks, seasoned pros and several masters to entertain the local crowd. There was also a live webcast that streamed on the Internet.

Jake Andersson from the UK won the pro/am division while Steve Caballero unleashed a spectacular barrage of tricks to take home top honors among the masters.

Go to Bryggeriet Skatepark or to to to see more pictures or results.

Skateboarding Malaysia also has a coverage of the event because Arina Rahman, a local rider from Triangle Team was invited to the event but couldn't make it due to travelling sponsorship problem.

Vert Attack 5 Results:

1. Jake Andersson UK
2. Rune Glifberg DK
3. Alex Perelson USA
4. Jussi Korhonen FIN
5. Neal Hendrix USA
6. Sam Beckett UK

Masters1. Steve Caballero USA
2. Nicky Guerrero DK
3. Christian Hosoi USA
4. Anders Tellen GER
5. Jeff Hedges USA
6. Sean Goff UK

Juniors1. Mathew Carlise UK
2. Simon Karlsson SWE
3. Mats Hatlem NOR
4. Nick Hanson UK
5. Thom Theiste GER

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