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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The 50 Greatest Skate Shoes

The 50 best skate shoes of all time
Shoe#13. Vision Street Wear Hi-Top. This shoe trended hard in the late ’80's
and you couldn't go wrong with it. It was a thin hi-top that featured
suede material and an ollie pad. Not to mention that most photos you saw of
Mark Gonzalez skating in the 80's were in this shoe,
I'm sure that didn't hurt sales or its popularity either.
The 50 Greatest Skate Shoes of all time?
Brian Jones is the Public Relations kingpin for Altamont, Emerica and éS so you can state that he knows more than the common skater about skate shoes. A true Californian dude, he was seeded and cultivated in La Mirada, CA where he first picked up a shred stick in 1986. He recently did an article for Complex Magazine on the 50 Greatest Skate Shoes of All Time. In the introduction, he says that: “When I was given this task, I thought to myself, “Shit, this isn’t going to be that difficult, I have been around the block for a bit with skateboarding!” Pssssfffffff….ya right, how do you do justice to a list of the 50 Greatest? Everyone has their own style and preference, so It was hard as hell! Not only that, but there were about 6 shoes I really wanted to put into this list and had to replace them because it was impossible to find an image for them online. I also wanted to go into super deep depth on each one, but was limited on time and at that point it would have turned into a book rather than an article. Enjoy the read, love or hate, but it’s there a done.”

Too bad the web-site is plagued with appalling Gillette Fusion ads everywhere and lots of apps that slow the reading and downloading of the pages and the 50 pictures. The page reloads all the ads and all the apps every time you hit next, so it’s taking a good 15mn to go from shoe # 50 to shoe #1… But Brian’s work is so awesome, that it is only a small nuisance and a small price to pay.
To learn more about Airwalk, one of the most iconic skate shoes of all times, click: Welcome to skateboarder's hell or to Jim Fitzpatrick interview.
There is also an interesting post at: Rise of old schoolborn-again skater that traces the history of Vision and Airwalk shoes and its demise...


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, March 09, 2011 


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