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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The annals of skateboarding

Jereme Rogers, Jereme Rogers interview,  Selfish, Rihanna, Jenkem
There’s a seminal 'pun intended' interview of Jereme Rogers on

In case you’ve been out grinding too much this past month, Jereme is a previous skateboarder turned “feel the bank” ('pun intended') addict…

Jenkem’s version of “feel the bank” is artist, visionary and entrepreneur, what’s your call? The guy had sex in “1000 beaches” 'pun intended' (of course, that’s the balls-park figure), started in Japan when he was 14 years old, has a deck 'pun intended' bigger than yours, enjoys it deeply, 'pun intended' smurfs like Michael Jackson, collects hate mail in YouTube, don’t really measure the size of his condoms, wanna be the best artist as a hole, says that Rihanna deserves to be on his gal’ list 'pun intended' and just wanna be felt (spiritually though…). Obviously either the guy is a total genius or he is totally insane, which is definitely bangin’ anyway. Whether it’s a clever plot from Jenkem and Selfish or just good timing, is open to discussion. At the same time, maybe skateboarding should retire jerks like that once and for all.

And we thought we had seen it all with Rocco. But the dudes at Jenkem are the closest thing to Big Brother which was one of the irreverent magazines ever.…

I’m not sure what all this has to do with skateboarding but the devil is in the details.

This interview will definitely go down in the annals of skateboarding 'pun intended'.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, March 08, 2011 


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