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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving chairs

Ben Raybourne, Cliché, Mark Appleyard, Cale Nuske
Ben Raybourne at Surf City's Coastal Carnage 2009
Strange and fascinating: Wild, bespectacled and Texan, Ben Raybourn has parted ways with his longtime board sponsor 1031. According to 1031 there was “nothing ugly (that) went down, we are all still friends. Ben is a great skateboarder and even better person. And with that being said, as friends we support him in his decisions and wish him all the best!” At the same time he is also being let go from Landshark wheels. A quitting and a kick off all in one!? Weird right? Could be a first?

Elsewhere, Cale Nuske has gone missing from the Cliché roster. Not going anywhere, Mark Appleyard has either resigned or re-signed a multi-year deal with Globe. Frankly I’m not sure about this one since when you google “Mark Appleyard resign” you get a lot of pages with “Mark Appleyard re-sign”. I know it’s only semantics, but “resign” means “to leave” when “re-sign” means stay… Like I said, strange and fascinating... Whatever ... Is that a stunt so all skate site can talk about Globe?

Finally, The newest rookie of 2011, Tom Asta is now rolling with a clutch of professional signature decks at Mystery. So enthralling, especially since the news is now one week old……

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, March 03, 2011 


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