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Friday, March 18, 2011

Munichs Hirschgarten skatepark

Skateboard in Germany. BMW, Autobahns and white concrete...

Chris Eggers is living in Ettlingen, Germany. That’s quite far from Irvine California but we share the same passion: vert skateboarding for the adrenaline and blogging for fun; so he is kinda my brah. We exchanged a couple of emails on tips but we are both overwhelmed sometimes and if he does not plan to come to California, I don’t plan to go to Germany either so chances are we will never meet. That’s unimportant really. I was amazed by a post he has on his website showing the brand new Munich skatepark. That thing is a bomb! I’m jealous. As I understand, Ettlingen is about 2 hours far away from Munich,
Georg Kube
about the time you need to go from Venice skatepark to Vans at the block…

But over there they have the nice BMW and the autobahns are not limited at 65 saves life, so it’s a pleasure to drive, right?

Anyway, here is the report from Chris Eggers and if you want to see all the pix and the full report go to

Sunday 12/09/2010 I was picked up by Georg and Georg (Rampenrudi) at 6.55 in the morning for a special trip: Munich Hirschgarten Skatepark. At 7.45 Dieter Fronius and Stefan Piepke joined us on the road 2 minutes behind schedule. We proceeded to Munich and after 2,50 hours we stood in front of Germanys newest and probably best skatepark. If you look for street elements here go to the Feierwerk Streetplaza or the city, if you look for curbs with a trannie that goes to vert at your knees, go fingerboarding.

This park was designed for the transition lover and it is good. In a town that offers everything from a Streetplaza to a clover pool with tiles and poolcoping and even more soon this park has all the rights of existence. It will push skateboarding in Germany further, that's for sure.

Read more at:

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, March 18, 2011 


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