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Monday, March 14, 2011

The skateboard in the hat

Rocco, SMA, 101, World Industries, Girl Skateboards, Andy Jenkins, Skateboarder, Raiders of the Archives
Andy Jenkins and the Cat in The Hat design for Jason Lee...
When you’re young and you get the skateboard magazines in the mail every month, you just stare blankly at all the pages, especially the ads and the board designs. Then you go to your local skate shop and you watch in amazement at the wall of boards neatly aligned showing off an avalanche of colors, design and creativity. And you think: those pro really deserve to be pro: not only they rip and thrash on 4 wheels but they also rip and thrash on canvas and represent the skateboarding culture as a whole. Then, you grow older and thanks to Ms Cathy at school, you learn your ABC and you actually start reading the content of the magazines (not just looking at the pix like a stoopid dumbass) and you realize that only a handful of pros are true skateboard artists. What a shocker! The rest of them have their boards designed by a professional designer in a cubicle. Of course, if I would been offered to choose, I would rather trade my daily job to ‘cubicle skateboard designer’ .

Rocco, SMA, 101, World Industries, Girl Skateboards, Andy Jenkins, Skateboarder, Raiders of the Archives
Gabriel Rodriguez Graphic
One of these cubicle guys is Andy Jenkins who started his passion by making “a skateboard out of a solid piece of maple in high school, in 1978 or 1979.”

Andy recalls that “ I took the trucks and wheels off a plastic Makaha my mom had bought me years before at Sears or someplace, mounted them on the maple, then painted a graphic on the top of the thing.” Andy Jenkins has worked with Rocco, SMA, 101, World Industries, and he is now the Art Director at Girl Skateboards.

Andy Jenkins is the guy behind the “Cat In the Hat/Grinch Blind Jason Lee decks”, the “Gabriel Rodriguez Grenade deck” and many others.

And he is also the main feature of the first episode of SkateBoarder’s new web feature, “Raiders of the Archives”, where they go and dig through the archives of professional skaters, artist, companies, and photographers to find those rare skate treasures that have been buried or collecting dust and haven’t been seen in years.

So kudos for SkateBoarder Magazine (actually that's the second time in a month from isTia) for bringing this up and let us share a moment with Andy Jenkins, a guy who has been in the skate industry for more than 20 years and has created some of skateboarding’s most iconic graphics.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, March 14, 2011 


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