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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slam Skates: A warehouse for gentleman’s skateboarders

You know Grosso is a gentleman right? I’m not sure he would like to be called a gentleman and I’m sure a lot of people would be upset by calling Grosso a gentleman and would prefer me to call him a shredder, a freight train or whatever hard-core skate moniker available. But gentleman he is. So are Neil Hendrix, Eric Nash, Dave Duncan, Seth of Death and a couple of others.…
Now, imagine you take all those gentlemen skateboarders in a private compound and lock them with TV screen, lounge, free beer, and a couple of ramps of different sizes, width and heights... How cool would that be?

That’s what Seth of Death wants to do…

When I saw that Seth’s posted in Facebook something regarding a private skatepark in Santa Ana, I called to see what it was all about.
2010 Slam results:,  Lizzie Armanto,  Annika Vrklan,  Melissa Spillman,  Mike Owen,  Nic Rivera, Eddie Mighty  Moreno, Jeff Grosso, Armando de la Libertad, The Slam Skateboard warehouse, skateboard news
Slam Skate Warehouse
isTia: Seth, tell me all about that Slam Skate warehouse…

Seth: We are in lease negotiations with a warehouse owner in the City of Santa Ana. Armando De La Libertad aka "Mando" the other co-founder of The Slam and I purchased the mini-ramp that he used to own. The place will feature a vert ramp, mini ramp and mini mini.

The warehouse is approx 5200 square feet. It has two levels. There is a greeting area, small conference room downstairs, a kitchen and a bathroom. Then, upstairs there will be a full bathroom with a shower, 2 offices which will be converted to a VIP lounge for us to kick-back, and whatever, a member supported bar… that will be just for us, to do whatever we want to do. Something for us old gentlemen who skate to have their own kind of club. And a ton of additional room: almost 1600 square feet of office space; it will be perfect for industry events.

We are all in our 40’s and it’s something we always wanted to have, so my own personal view is if I can afford to do it, then others can do it. That’s why I brought two other people to help drop down the cost of the unit. I just want to have a nice place for my kids to be able to kick-back, skate and not to worry about anything else.

What we have decided to do is to ran out the warehouse and open up a member’s club for skateboarders. We’re gonna make it a club house. Right now, we are working the sponsorship details, the Monthly Membership dues that will give you access to the co-op. You will have a key; you come and go as you please. There will be a short interview between Mando, myself and Rick Franz who is also coming in on the project. The interview is just to let people know what is expected and respect about rules: no drugs. You could have a beer while you skate or you could bring your kids you can take them up in the lounge, watch TV or play playstation3. We will have a kids’ friendly room kinda setup and it will just be our clubhouse man. It’s a co-op basically.

The membership dues and interview process is meant to be exclusive because I don’t want to go session with 54 people. We will probably price out a lot of people out that would probably be on board in a minute, but I want to be able to have 5 heads on the ramp, and be able to enjoy ourselves. The prices are baring any kind of corporate underwriting. Say, a skateboard company comes in and they want to be able to have a place for their team to practice and train, they would pay an appreciable amount and they would get quality time for their riders. So we are still exploring all of our options.

2010 Slam results:,  Lizzie Armanto,  Annika Vrklan,  Melissa Spillman,  Mike Owen,  Nic Rivera, Eddie Mighty  Moreno, Jeff Grosso, Armando de la Libertad, The Slam Skateboard warehouse, skateboard news
2010 Slam results:,  Lizzie Armanto,  Annika Vrklan,  Melissa Spillman,  Mike Owen,  Nic Rivera, Eddie Mighty  Moreno, Jeff Grosso, Armando de la Libertad, The Slam Skateboard warehouse, skateboard news
The Slam was an all-day festival that took place last summer at Volcom skate park of Costa mesa and focused on skateboarding, music,
and environmental stewardship. The Slam raised $5,000 for educational scholarships to support victims of domestic violence.
More info. available at
The price will be more than a Vans membership, but Vans is Vans and this is the Slam Skates clubhouse, basically. There will be an intelligent card lock system and if you try to skate when you are not allowed, the doors are not gonna open for you. There will be a security control, I have cameras so we can make sure that if anybody’s shit is stolen, we have it on camera.

We plan to start May 1st, so we have to build this quite quick. We are allowed in there one week prior to the start of the lease, Once it’s open, we have to do some kind of construction. We have to pull a column and built a roof trust because the columns right now are every 25 feet and so I have designed a roof truss system that will hold up the roof and clear up the way for the vert ramp.

If you are interested in being a key holder, email Seth of Death at…

About the promoters of The Slam:

Seth Elson: AKA Seth Of Death: long time skater and park rider, Seth took care of The Slam contest last year at Volcom. Click on Seth’s link to read his interview with isTia

Rick Franz: On top of being one of the promoter of The Slam, Rick is also a Board Member on the OC Skateboarding League, Marketing for Toxic Boardshop in Fountain Valley, and his son is Colby Franz, a long time park rider, Team Member with Black Flys and Ex Drinks (which recently signed Andy MacDonald on the skate team, Colby and Andy Mac on the same team, how sick is that).

Armando De La Libertad: Armando De La Libertad was volunteer of the year for the state of California in 2006 or 07. Armando was awarded $30,000 by the Levi Strauss family and in turn, he and his wife started a scholarship funds with that money. He is a humanitarian, he works at non-profits. He is now the Senior VP for community development for Wells Fargo Orange County. So I got that crazy idea to put on an event because of my access to ramps and different sponsors and I knew of Armando’s work in non-profit and Greg's involvement and position within the O.C.D.E. and I said: “we should put an event together”. So I said to Armando, “let’s raise money for your charity, I think it’s worthy cause”. It’s got its life of its own, right from the beginning. (From Seth Elson’s interview)

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, March 26, 2011 


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