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Monday, April 18, 2011

25 Best Skate Video Parts of the '90s

The 25 Best Skate Video Parts of the 90’s
Skateboarders have always had a nostalgic streak. Before it was on YouTube, it was on tape and we called it videos. At that time, internet was useless: most people were not even connected and for those who could afford paying high premium (with AOL…) it would take 20mn just to download one picture, so people still used old VHS tapes because theye were very convenient. Of course, you can’t be Animal Chin but that’s not the only video available from the 90’s… So, Lucas Wisenthal, a skateboard nerd from Montreal, started a nostalgic trip for a web magazine called Complex and compiled the 25 best video skate video parts of the 90s. For some, that means a fondness for the 1980s and the videos that documented the vert-skating demigods of the day. But those who grew up in the ‘90s reminisce about the time when street skating had just taken center stage.
Grittier and way more DIY, the videos of the era recorded what skating was like when clothes were baggy, iconic spots still stood, and music rights were an afterthought. Much has changed since then but off all the flash and flavors of skateboarding and its associated media today, all of it was inspired by the following individuals.

25: Kris Markovich / Video: Fight Fire with Fire (1994) / Company: Prime
24: Ronnie Creager / Video: Super Conductor, Super Collider (1993) / company: Foundation
23: Ricy Oyola / Video: Underacheivers (Eastern Exposure 3) (1996) / Company: Dan Wolfe
22: Danny Way / Video: The Unquestionable Video (1992) / Company: Plan B
21: Biran Lotti / Vieo: Now 'n' Later (1991) / Company: Planet Earth

To mark the new release of Real Skateboards' newest video, Since Day One, Complex is looking back at the 25 Best Skate Video Parts of the '90s.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, April 18, 2011 


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