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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeff Grosso.

Jeff Grosso at Bondi Beach 2011. Yeah, that was just before the shrimps... Photo Max O'Rourke.
Jeff Grosso (real name Jeffrey Blain Grosso) was born April 28th 1968 and started skateboarding at the age of 8. To start with, Grosso was on the Vari-flex Skateboards team (with Allen Losi, Eddie Elguera, Eric Grisham, the Hersh Brothers, Lance Mountain and John Lucero). His second sponsor was Santa Cruz. He quickly quit Santa Cruz to skate for Powell, but Powell was too “pansy ass”, in his own words, so, he turned pro for Schmitt Stix, then went back to Santa Cruz again, but then got kicked off . That’s when Lucero started Black Label and Jeff rode for John Lucero's Black Label Skateboards, the “finest skateboard company in the business”. He was featured on the 2006 movie Rising Son (with Hosoi) on the 2005 “Who Cares - The Duane Peters Story” on the 2001 “Label Kills”.
Jeff Grosso at Culver City. If you look at both pix, you'll see the same tatoos, same tee-shirt,
same pads, same short, same helmet... Even the same Grosso... Strange right?
However, several thousand miles and at least a 18h flight trip separate both bowls...
Photo unknown.
He was only pro for four years, from 1986 to 1990 and then street skating took it all away. Grosso went from fame to drugs, to hell, to rehab, to floor covering and eventually to be able to regain his title of one of the top pool riders of all time. At the Protec Pool Party 2010, Jeff Grosso became the king of the board slide when he covered about 75% of the round side of the Combi pool. That slide was not only the longest, but also the more powerful and the more perfect of all. Grosso is a freight train on a skateboard and If you have skated the Combi, you know that even a 10 block slide is sick, so when he reached the two third of the pool (28 blocks slide) at the Blocks For Bucks contest of the Protec Pool Party, everyone went wild. Jeff pocketed $2000 for this slide which was worth every penny. He participated to a lot of contest since the Protec Pool Party and Vans even sent him to the Bowl-A-Rama at Sydney, but he got sick and finished at the hospital after eating something strange…

2010-2011 are actually Jeff’s biggest years ever: at 43 years old, he is living his mid-life crisis better than most and is possibly skating better than he ever has in life. On top of his PPP win, Vans launched the Jeff Grosso legends Pack series. This skate shoe grouping consists of the Era Pro along with the Sk8-Mid Vert Pro and the Sk8-Hi Vert Pro that include a removable impact PU sockliner, duracap toe bumper and upper reinforcement and a folded edge detail on the back ankle area of the mid and hi-tops for added comfort. Then, he got a brand new design board with Anti-Hero, even if he once said: “I’d ride some fat old guy relic. I ride a skateboard. I ride a pony. I'll ride you if the price is right!”.
But the biggest news of the year for Grosso is when “Off The” gave him a show called “Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding”. Chris Nieratkos said that Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding "might be the best show on the internet ever (assuming you love skateboarding)”. I would not doubt of this and take advantage of the video above to really see what’s going on with him…

Happy Birthday Jeff Grosso.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, April 28, 2011 


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