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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miller and Miller

Zach Miller, Chris Miller, YMCA Encinitas, Ultimate Boarder
Zach Miller is following dad's footsteps. Photo KC Alfred
Zach Miller is the son of Chris Miller, who retired 17 years ago when Zach was only 4. Chris Miller is now the chief creative director for AlliSports, a joint venture between NBC sports, which sponsors the Dew Tour, and MTV. AlliSports is big time into action sports broadcasts of events, digital media and on-site graphics and marketing, among many other things.

Zach has been following Chris’ footsteps: he turned pro one year ago and competed last week-end at Mammoth Mountain in the Ultimate Boarder Championship, a boarding triathlon and another event where he can earn points. After the snowboarding competition, the event moves next week-end to Seaside Reef in Cardiff for surfing and skateboarding competition.

And, like his father, Zach also works as a graphic designer for AlliSports . When it’s time for an event, he gets the go-ahead to compete.
Zach Miller, who lives in Del Mar, is a regular feature in the WCS contests. He finished ninth at last Bowl-A-Rama (In Bondi Beach), earning $2,000. Kinda modest but it helps him in the World Cup of Skateboarding points system, which can lead to an invite from the X Games or the four Dew Tour events, the big-money competitions.

Sponsors like Billabong, Element Skateboards, Converse, Nixon (a watch and accessories company), Bones (skateboard wheels) and Thunder (skateboard trucks) supply him with equipment, and some of them pay his way to events.

There is an in depth article about Zach Miller in the San Diego Union by Boyce Garrison and pictures from KC Alfred, a San Diego based photographer specializing in sports and portraiture.


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