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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Steve Caballero can do all those things in Christ who strengthens him

Steve Caballero, Ultimate Boarder, Team Revolt, Revolt In Style, LCSP
I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13. Cab at the Vans Combi.
Photo MRZ
People are talking a lot about the Ultimate Boarder those days. That’s normal, after the snowboarding at Mammoth last week-end and the surf (ending today); the skate session will be this coming week-end at Cardiff By The Sea, California in the Seaside Reef parking lot.

And this year, same as last year, a lot of legends are participating in the Ultimate Boarder contest. Take Cab. His career has already spanned 3 decades and his style and tricks are watched, scrutinized and replicated by anybody that’s trying to be somebody in skateboarding. There are few people in this world that can say, “That trick was named after me”, and Cab has a couple of them. At 47 years old, Cab still skates at least 2-3 times a week and about two hours each time, mostly at LCSP in San Jose. But he adds that “when I’m on the road or at a contest, sometimes I can get more days in …”

Besides being one of the best skateboarders on the planet Steve caballero is also an amazing artist: Cab has currently a show going on at a gallery named Cukui in Japantown in San Jose, Ca. It’s a boutique with monthly art shows. “I don’t get to do too many solo art shows as I’m super busy with family and my skateboarding career as well, so when I do get them, they are far and few between.”

Ultimately, Steve has mostly worked on canvas with acrylics, but he says that “I have also been messing with Ink and brush work on thick card stock for illustrations that may be used for t-shirt or deck graphics in the skate industry. I’m also into Hotrods and Kustom cars, so I dabble with 1-shot enamel paint in my art work sometimes, but the stuff is very toxic and smelly too.”

Cab's work is inspired by childhood memories of superheroes and monster movies, his Japanese heritage, skateboarding, the hot Rodding Kustom Kulture, motocross. He adds that: “Other artists I admire inspire me as well like Dirty Donnie, Dave Burke, Damian Fulton, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodrigues and David Lozeau.”
And on top of that busy life, Cab is now part of the Ultimate Boarder. “I think it’s a great event put on by Tim Hoover and his crew” he says. “I’ve been in two events so far in the new Team challenge he has included and it’s been an awesome time.” Yes, Steve Caballero is riding the Ultimate Boarder for Team Revolt this year and the magazine has crafted a nice interview with him.
Go read the rest of the interview at Revolt In Style.

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