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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bucky Lasek not competing at Pro-Tec Pool Party

Bucky Lasek, Pedro Barros, Pro-Tec Pool Party 2011, Protec, Omar Hassan,  Rune Glifberg
Bucky Lasek shows the fracture in his
malleolus bone.
Bucky Lasek has been competing for 26 yrs now but on the next Pro-Tec Pool Party, he will be seated in the bleachers… A couple of days ago, he suffered an injury while filming for a commercial at Heaven. "I was filming this GoPro commercial up in my bowl," Lasek told ESPN. "And I had cameras all over me so when I felt I was fumbling and tried to save the cameras, landed kind of low and put my foot down and just snapped it." The 38-year-old Pro ended up with a broken ankle due to the accident. According to the medical reports, Bucky Lasek has ended-up fracturing a bone just outside his ankle known as the lateral malleolus bone. It seems it would take only about four to six weeks for Lasek to recover and return to the high level skateboarding.

Bucky Lasek was the winner of both the 2010 and 2009 Pool Party events and this year was supposed to bring a fierce battle between Omar Hassan Rune Glifberg and especially Pedro Barros. He recently told Ozzie, from Blue Tile Obsession “I'm pushing 40 and competing against 16yr olds” evidently referring to Pedro Barros without naming him. Pedro Barros is the new whizz kid of bowl riding. It is only his third year at Pro-Tec Pool Party and he is competing against giant skaters with 10 to 20 year bowl riding experience.

Yeah isTia bets all on Pedro, (again) but when asked by Chris Nieratko about who’s gonna win the Pro-Tec this year, this is what he had to say “My wish is Rune. I'd like to see Rune take it because that's the kind of style of skating I love to watch but Pedro Barros is definitely a threat. Bob Burnquist also if he puts it together”. He added to the ESPN “contributor” that: “There's a few other guys too like Nolan Monroe, Josh Rodriguez and Mike Owen, Andy MacDonald.” 
Bucky Lasek during Pro-Tec 2010.
Humm… Does that mean that those 3 guys will most likely not be in the podium???

Since last year, when Vans resurfaced the bowl, the contest level has been raised several notches. The pool is much faster with less concrete irregularities. “Now you need tricks, lines, to be powerful, consistent, and have the legs to make full pulls.” He said in the same interview. “There’s still the last few minutes of our contest that is open jam style for the gladiator style finish. It's by far the gnarliest and most fun contest ever.”

Bucky Lasek is also one of the big winners of the X Games Vert series with four gold medals at present and 13 X Games medals overall. Lasek’s participation in the 17th X Games depends entirely on his recovery from the ankle injury. If his recovery goes as expected, he should be back on board soon and have in plenty of time to compete in X Games 17 scheduled at the end of July.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, May 16, 2011 


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