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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dirty Laundry

Brian Patch at Venice. Who’s most dirty: the business of injustice or the media?
Dirty Laundry

People should get a life and not take care of other’s business. Including myself. But, the news hit the blogosphere and it’s gonna be reported by everybody. And I’m most shameful to be in the Dirty Laundry business.

Again, maybe all the miscreants, the moneychangers, the lawyers, the judges, the fathers and merchants should be banished from the Temple.

It reminds me of the Don Henley song:
I make my living off the evening news,
Just give me something, something I can use,
People love it when you loose,
They love Dirty Laundry…

That’s an unwanted series of events: May 21 is the day the world will stop spinning and the Armageddon will overcome us and Brian Patch has been asked to turn himself in on May 23. If he make through the May 21 chaos (both with the new world order and the battle of the Pros at Pro-Tec), he'll serve 60 days in jail and 10 years formal probation at the Theo Lacy Facility, a jail complex across the street from The Vans skateboard park The Block at Orange.

I wish I did not have to report that news, because now I’m the one that’s dirty…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 


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