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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Double Pre Pro-Tec Interviews for Chris Miller

Chris Miller watching Lester Kasai at Pro-Tec Pool Party 2010
Chris Miller has been the king of the Pro-Tec pool party for 6 years now. He won the stuff 5 years in a row and the sixth year left Cab be king for a year. Who’ s gonna win the infamous party this year? Results in 4 days. In the light of the contest, both Blue Tile and Already been Done managed to get a Miller Time with the Christ himself. Both interviews are different but enlightening. ABD laments that vert is dead whereas the skateparks are popping up all over the US like mushroom after the rain, in spite of a tremendous drop in the number of skaters nationwide. But vert is not bowl and bowl is not pool. A specialist like Chris knows best. Vert is the specialty of the back-and-forther-trick-specialists (no offense –those guys are amazing), bowl and pool are the specialty of the liners and stylers. According to Chris, “especially in a big pool or bowl, the feeling of speed, inertia, g-forces and flying along or above the lip is pretty exceptional. It’s about riding the terrain versus manipulating your board or laboring to accomplish something “hard.” And if vert is “dormant” bowl and pool have both enjoyed a ”bit of a vert revival recently. A small but thriving scene of amazing kids has been coming up. Guys like Pedro Barros and Alex Perelson are the start of this wave and there’s a ton right behind them.” Hold on… Pedro and Alex are different beasts In But both are different.

So why is vert-bowl-ramp not so popular? Chris Miller answers that “The first (reason) is that it’s hard and requires years of commitment before you can really get good and the second is that there’s just not that many vert ramps around so it’s not very accessible. Also, in general, people seem to do what they see others are doing because they are seeking validation. So I guess whatever the magazines show the most of, people want to do or wear or buy. “ Halleluiah That answer is so wonderful that it deserve no more comments. And to make things better, Miller adds: “The cool thing about (vert) is that it’s pure. The people who are skating vert are doing it because they love it, not because of what someone else thinks.”

Other topics include the rock star status of the 80’s vert guys, Upland as an industry of flesh and blood (Broken elbow, broken wrists, split chin, broken nose, slipped disk, endless hippers, multiple concussions, chipped teeth );the Badlands locals including the Alba brothers, the ramps as a substitute for pools, Mega Ramp craze and its a 40 mph knee slide, the survival of the skateboarding industry, the true reasons for skating (why do you skate? For fun? For money? Or to get a reality show on MTV?) and a bunch of other stuff.

If you want to read the full Chris Miller interviews, log on Already Been Done and Blue Tile Obsession.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 


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