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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Duane Peter’s Fund Auction with Rebate

Duane Peters and a massive wound on his leg due to staff infection during the Mike Vallely Glory Bound tour
Hot legs, you can scream and shout! I'm talking to you!
Benefit for Duane Peters. Last year, at the age of 49, while skating with Mike V on the Glory Bound Tour, Duane Peters fall in Colorado just when the tour came to an end. The slam on his left knee resulted in an infection so bad that the doctor wanted to amputate the leg at the knee. He ended up with a major chunk of flesh taken out of his leg and finally got out of the hospital with his two legs, but had to keep a Wound Vac on his lesion to keep it sterile. On September 7th, he wrote on his Twitter page: “I'm at the doctors making sure all the tubing into my leg is in right-it seems to be shrinkwrapping the beefjerky but gotta make sure”.

After many Prayers, Miracles and several hundred thousand dollars in billing, his leg has finally healing up great and he is back ripping at a park or pool near you! To pay for the mounting bills, Action Realized already set up a Benefit Last December 17th with a special set of decks (one red and one green) auctioned via

This time, and through Thursday, June 2nd, Rebate, the coalition of skateboarders “dedicated to providing members of the skateboarding family support in times of crisis” is currently running an auction to raise money to help Duane Peters pay off some medical bills related to that bad staff infection.

All proceeds from the many collectible skate goods will help him pay some of the medical bills he incurred while saving his leg from amputation last year. To help him with the auction, his friends and supporters have donated these fine goods and rare collectibles to help out.
Items being auctioned include a Signed Peralta Skateboard Deck, Signed Mike McGill Skateboard Deck (both including an Animal Chin DVD), three original drawings by Mark Gonzales, and many, many other great signed skate items.
Duane Peters, benefit, Auction, Rebate, Action Realized
Click on Rebate's web site and bid. The auction ends June 2, 2011 so get on it today! Do your part, and BID!

Many thanks to the following companies and individuals for their contributions: Syndrome, Element, Dwindle, Almost, Deluxe, Mark Gonzales, Pocket Pistols, Silver Trucks, Skate One, Powell Peralta, NHS, Indy, OJ, Vans, Flip, Nixon, Tony Hawk Foundation, Zero, Ultimate Skateboard Distribution, éS, Plan B, Sean Mortimer, Cliché, Blvd. Skateboards, and George Powell.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, May 31, 2011 


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