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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Ellen Oneal

A survey in 2002 estimated that only 26 percent of skateboarders are female.

In the early years of the sport, few female skaters gained widespread visibility; Peggy Oki, Ellen O'Neal, and Ellen Berryman were a few who achieved fame in the 1970's. The skateboarding boom in the 1990's, coupled with an overall advancement in women's sports, produced more female skaters than in previous decades. Skaters such as Elissa Steamer and Cara-Beth Burnside elevated women's skateboarding to a new level. This trend continued into the new millennium with Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres, and Lyn-z Adams Hawkins. Presently, skateboarding competitions for women can be seen at all major skateboarding events, such as the X-games, the Gravity Games, and the Slam City Jam.

Today is Ellen O'Neal's birthday, so isTia decided to dedicate her this post.
The following interview of Ellen O'Neal is coming from:
Favorite type of skateboarding? Street, Park, Longboarding, Slalom, Freestyle, I like it all!
What year did you begin skating? 1975
Where do you live? San Diego
Age: not telling
Sex: Female
Occupation? Director of Operations and Recruiting
My top three skateboarding influences: Ed Nadalin, Steve Cathey, Laura Thornhill
What was your first skateboard? 2x4 with roller skate wheels - up graded to a Bahane with Chicago Trucks and Cadillac wheels in 76, After getting picked up by G & S , Fibreflex deck with Bennett trucks and Road Rider 4's
Sponsors. 1976- 1980 G & S. Vans. Kryptonic Wheels 1977. Hang Ten apparel 1977-1979
Do you use safety gear when you skate? Sometimes

Ellen O'Neal results:

World Skateboard Championships. California Free Former also used to sponsor skateboarding competitions, including the California Free Former World Skateboard Championships held at the Long Beach Sports Arena. (Original and reenacted footage from the Free Former World Skateboard Championships was prominently featured in the feature film "Lords of Dogtown.")

The California Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championships were held at the Long Beach Arena in California. In The first competition in the summer of 1976 was the largest skateboard competition ever held up until that time. It's significant cash prizes changed skateboarding history and created a professional tier in the sport.

1976 Results / Women’s Freestyle:
1-Ellen Berryman,
2-Laura Thornhill,
3-Ellen O’Neal

Sept 4-5, 1977 Results
Women’s Freestyle:
1-Ellen Berryman,
2-Ellen O’Neal,
3-Laura Thornhill

Happy Birthday Ellen O'Neal

Both pictures are coming from the web. Author unknown (but probably Jim Goodrich and/or Jim Cassimus).

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