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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bam Margera on Ryan Dunn's Death

Bam Margera On Ryan Dunn's Death: 'It Shouldn't Have Been Him'

Bam Margera. Photo Unknown.
Bam Margera isn't afraid to share his grief with the world and there was no way of hiding Bam Margera's sadness in an exclusive and emotional interview that The Jackass star did with E! News related to Ryan Dunn's fatal car accident.

"It was pretty much the worst news I've ever heard in my life," Margera said. He also reminisced about his friendship with Dunn and the last words they spoke to each other... "Stopping for a beer, be there when I can."

In a searingly honest and emotional new interview, the "Jackass" star opens up about last week's drunk driving death of his friend Ryan Dunn -- and how superstars, including Brad Pitt, have reached out.

“I think it's rad that, you know, people I talk to rarely, you know, can take the time to text me," Margera told E! News of condolence wishes from Pitt, 47, and others. (Pitt played himself in a 2002 "Jackass" sketch.)

"He was my best f---ing friend in the world. It's been five days now and I can't stop crying, man," Margera said of Dunn, who was just 34 when he crashed his Porsche in rural Pennsylvania last Monday, instantly killing himself and passenger Zachary Hartwell.

Dunn's blood-alcohol level was a staggering .196, and he was driving over 140 miles an hour.

"I just don't think it should've been him," added Margera, who was in Arizona when his brother gave him the heartbreaking news over the phone.

Eerily, Margera and Dunn were involved in a non-fatal crash in the same area years ago, he says. "He flipped me in a car eight times at the same exact spot in 1996. Thank God I had my seat belt on, because Chris Raab put one on me, but my brother didn't have one on. He flew 40 feet. Thank God he's alive. But like, Dunn was always a maniac at driving."

Watch Bam Margera's interview

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 


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