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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The FOSSJ 6 is at Crolles Skatepark

Resolutions of 2011:

Skaters of the world, unite! Let’s get rid once for all of all the merchants of the temple, the small steps for man (and big for humanity), the rid my lips lip-service. Let’s throw with the bath waters whose who thinks that either you are with us or against us and those who promised change but bring austerity and morosity. Anyway, the more things change the more they stay the same!

One thing stays the course, the FOSSJ that continues year after year to offer all skateboard veterans in their thirties, fifties and sixties, embittered, mythomaniacs, fat, bald, toothless, jaded, and obsessed, depressed, idealistic, cynical, commercial, wankers, arthritis, cirrhosis, posers, complexed, streeteurs, poolers , verters, sliders, carvers, slalomer, and other high jumpers to come meet the weekend of July 2-3 at the skatepark in Crolles.

The prize money this year is totally undisclosed, same for the rules that will be disclosed only after the contest results, depending on who will win or who will drink most beer and eat more camembert. As usual, the contest promises the typical mess: banked slalom, Sausage, Juice Magazine, challenges morons, etc..

Last year, the event was covered by Sebastien Carayol (From SkateBoarder magazine) and “Thrasher“ n° 31, Octobre-Novembre 2010, pages 24-25 a proof, if need be, that the FOSSJ is an international event as big as the X-Games and the Pro-Tec.

Jerome Chevallier Stalefish Crolles skatepark 2009.
PH. Fred Ferand
The FOSSJ is at Crolles this year, the beautiful skatepark by the mountain. The main sponsor being “Le pâté Hénaff“, “The perfect companion for a picnic for your annual gourmet weekend!”; bring some with you along with bread and Beaujolais. And don’t forget to bring more for the buddies who ain’t here…

Just for fun, here are the results from last year:

1er : Kiki,
2ème : Joël Boisgontier
3ème : Olivier
4ème : Claude Queyrel
5ème : Thierry Dupin
6ème : Jean-Luc Normand
7ème : Jim Lalondrelle
8ème : Willy
BadProf FSGrind Over Death Box
Photo Fred Ferand
9ème : OSFM
10ème : Fred Ferand
11ème : Jean Terrisse
12ème : Cigarman
13ème : Nico Jacques
14ème : P. Bernard, 18, 94 sec
15ème : Michel, 19, 30 sec
16ème : Homer, 21, 34 sec

At the end be there or be square (pool).


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 


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