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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Bruce Logan

Skateboarding has many icons and living legends who have made their marks on the progression of skateboarding. Past generations paved the way for future generations and it is always was time to celebrate our heroes with some kind of award. Well, for a couple of years ago, a survey was open on a website (at by the IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) and we were all supposed to give our opinion. I did and I hope you did it too. For those who did not know, a list of the best skaters from the past 4 decades (60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s) was posted on the site and anyone could log-in and vote for someone from the list. The idea behind the survey was to elect the skater who has been most influential throughout each decade: people who have invented, shaped, improved skateboarding and lead the movement with their resilience, talent, passion and respect is due for their contribution. Bruce Logan won one of those awards.

Bruce Logan began skateboarding in the 50s on a board he built from a two by four and roller skates. He became a member of the prestigious Makaha Skateboard team one day that he was skating at Redondo Breakwater, during the finals of the Laguna Swimwear Masters. The famous Makaha team pulled up in a Chevrolet Nomad station wagon, and they all started skating. Jimmy Ganzer, the Makaha manager, came up and asked if he wanted to be on the team. Makaha was founded by Venice Beach lifeguard Larry Stevenson in 1968. Larry took the look and style of surfing to make the first modern day skateboard with all pro components. He called it "SURF SKATE." A company like Makaha had a lot to offer: travel, demos, department store appearances, TV and commercials and fame. He then became one of the first professional skateboarders.

Larry Stvenson put together the first skateboard exhibition team in 1963 with Bruce Logan, Woody Woodward, Danny Bearer, Scott Archer, Gregg Carroll, John Fries, Joey Saenz, George Trafton jr, and Squeek Blank. The second generation Makaha team of Ty Page, Bruce Logan, Rusty Henderson, Mike Purpus and Torger Johnson was put together to promote the invention that changed skateboarding forever...the kicktail and double kicktail board.

Thanks to Logan Earth Ski, Bruce Logan is originally credited for making skateboarding an international spectator sport, by traveling around the world in the early seventies, putting on exhibitions, performing amazing tricks that he created competing in international competitions, winning dozens of world champion titles, including the first trophy ever given for Skateboarding world champion. One of the last titles he won was against a cocky new comer by the name of Tony Hawks the third winner of the IASC survey.

Bruce Logan is truly the first example of skater legends turned successful entrepreneurs. After the Makaha fame, in 1973, he switched from skate stardom status to business entrepreneur by manufacturing skateboards with his brother Brad Logan, out of their garage on Cambridge Ave in Cardiff. Logan Earth Ski was born and was soon to be one of the world’s biggest skateboard companies through the 70s. Bruce’s name on a skateboard sold more skateboards than anyone’s. His name was synonymous with success, fame and lots of money: the Bruce Logan skateboards were the best seller at the time, with millions of units sold.

Bruce Logan
 Bruce’s quick rise to fame and wealth brought with it a constant exposure to parties and cocaine, to which he eventually lost his good fortune, as did so many others in the 1970's and 1980's professional skate and surf community (Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi...). The 1975-76 World Champion Bruce Logan went from being the highest paid and most famous skateboarder in the world in the mid 70’s to a homeless street junkie. By the mid 80s Bruce’s life would be lost in 30 years of mornings after and homeless desperation.

After becoming no more than a bad rumor, Bruce rose again, clean and sober, displaying a new attitude. The lost years were as hard on him as he was on himself, and now he never hesitates in firing warning shots to those planning on following in his footsteps along with a steadying hand. Bruce has definitely made a comeback, with the backing of the skateboarding community who recognizes and respects the contributions that he made to what is now a multi million dollar industry that might not exist today if it wasn't for him. He is currently sponsoring 3 skateboard models that are being manufactured and distributed for Logan Earth Ski by Gravity Skateboards of San Marcos Ca.

To that date, Bruce stills skate and is even sponsored by Gravity.
A movie has been released in 2008, crafted in part about Bruce's rise and fall due to the cocaine: D.O.P.E (Death or Prison Eventually).
Today Bruce Logan is clean and sober (as Jay Adams and Christian Hosoi are) and attempting to reestablish his skateboarding business, Logan Earth Ski, which was once one of the largest in the world.
DOB: June 13, 1951
HOME TOWN: Hermosa Beach CA
INFLUENCES: Torger Johnson, Woody Woodworth & The Hilton Brothers
FAVORITE TRICK: The Highspeed, 40mph Nose Wheelie.
FAVORITE SPOTS: Escondido Reservoir, Del Mar Skate Ranch, Paul Revere, Bellagio, Palisades High & The LA Toilet Bowl

Happy Birthday Bruce Logan

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, June 13, 2011 


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