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Friday, June 24, 2011

Marseille Orange Freestyle Skateboard Bowl Cup Qualifiers

The Orange Cup at Marseille
Marseille Orange Freestyle Skateboard Bowl Cup Qualifiers
The Friday qualifiers are done! We have news from the Orange Cup and WCS. Saturday is the top 24 battling it out to make the 12 cut for Sunday! Make sure and tune into the live web cast of the Orange Freestyle Cup from Marseille.

Also log on isTia to get a full coverage of the event with interview and background information:
- Interview with Nolan Munroe
- Interview with Steven Pineiro
- Interview with Medi Salah
- Interview with with Mex Verohanitra
- History of the Le Prado Bowl

Dave Duncan (WCS), Don Bostick (WCS) at Marseille for the Orange Cup.
Photo WCS
Qualifying results, Marseille;
1. Milton Martinez
2. Juilen Benoliel
3. Gulliaume Mocquin
4. Nolan Munroe
5. Ivan Rivado
6. Steven Pineiro
7. Stephan Boussac
8. Alex Sorgente
9. Sandro Dias
10. Ben Johnson

Milton Martinez is from Argentina and was the winner of the X Games Asia Street comp.

These times for Live Webcast are CEST. You'll have to adjust for your specific time zone.
Times may be subject to change, so keep a tight watch...
SATURDAY 25TH JUNE- Live Stream of Skate World Cup Final
- At 14:00
- At 19:00 Best trick
SUNDAY 26TH JUNE- Live Stream of Skate World Cup Finals
- At 14.00
- At 20.00-21.00- Awards Ceremony


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, June 24, 2011 


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