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Monday, June 27, 2011

Marseille Orange Skateboarding Cup: wrap up, pictures and comments

Jason Parkes was born in San Diego, California but lives in Stuttgart, Germany where he is sponsored by Kiste Skateshop.
He started skateboarding at 7. His major sponsor is Hoax Mfg. Photo Pat Lozano
The Orange bowl skateboarding contest at Marseille is a wrap. Thing were highly heated in Massillia, the “Cite Phocéenne”, and not only because of the scorching sun. isTia was covering the event all week-end with Patrick Lozano. He just sent us tons of pictures and this report.

By judging the content of the report, it seems he is as surprised as we have been for the past year to see the evolution of young guns in bowl. Everytime we see them they are getting higher aerials and improve in technicity. Once again, the future looks very bright for bowl skateboarding.

Thanks Patrick.
Paul Atkins. Paul comes from Coventry and has been skating over 30 yrs. Always skated vert ramps and bowls and still
 competes in UK vert comps nowdays alongside his son Joe. He and Joe go to California once a year to skate all their
 amazing parks. Photo Pat Lozano
Orange Freestyle Cup wrap-up by Patrick Lozano

The Orange Skateboarding Freestyle cup proved to be a sick an awesome week-end! Again Marseille was the place to be if you are a skateboard aficionado. This year, the Orange Freestyle Cup this has kept its promises. The Marseille organizers of this Worlcup bowl skateboarding stage provided a great time to both skateboarders and spectators alike. Even Don Bostick (the president of the WCS) found that there was a great level of energy and a very good level of skaters at Marseille. We did not need to prove it, but here in Marseille we have a great experience in skateboarding and this
Dave Duncan without his mike. Photo Pat Lozano
international cup showed that the Marseille skatepark of Le Prado was an unavoidable stop for any international skatepark contest. Just see for yourself: five of the twelve finalists were from Marseille. Those “young” guns eliminated the most experienced skaters of the Pro tour like Pedro Dias, Johnson, Grymblat, Giraud, who were stunned by the blazing sun. Most surprising was to see all those skaters under 17 who provided a great skateboarding level, with various tricks, enoooormous transfers, and a beautiful style. They were never tired of skating and landed sick tricks one after another like series of 540 on the big wall. The best trick contest was won by Argentina's Milton
Steven Pineiro. Photo Pat Lozano
Martinez (#1 WCS Rome Bowl Inferno, #1 Asian X-Games) who has demonstrated his aggressiveness and his mastery of skating by making breathtaking transfers on big wall to bowls, in 50-50 and flip. Martinez won the big pile of euro that Dave Duncan was exhibiting in front of everybody. As for the Masters, a dozen pros were there, including Sean Goff, Lester Kasai, Paul Atkins, Ben Schroeder, Sasha Steinhorst, Dave Duncan, and the winner Jason Parkes. This issue was hotly contested, because of the difficulty for the judges to see, during the jam sessions, all the tricks that the riders could land.

At the end, it was another young gun who detached from the crowd with his fluid style, his mastery of tricks, his consistency, his wide variety of tricks, the young American Nolan Munroe.

Patrick Lozano

Julien Benoliel, recent winner of the mystic cup in Prague, shows he is a
gifted local in Marseille's bowl during the Orange Freestyle Skateboarding Cup...
The juges were stoked and offered him the 4th place! Photo Pat Lozano
 Final results Super Final and Pros.

1. Nolan Munroe (Read Nolan's Interview on isTia)
2. Milton Martinez
3. Alex Sorgente (Read Alex's Interview on isTia)
4. Julien Benoliel
5. Steven Pineiro (Read Steven's Interview on isTia)
6. Jarne Vergruggen
7. Guliaume Mocquin
8. Jason Singler
9. Ivan Rivado
10. Stephan Boussac
11. Vincent Matheron
12. Mehdi Salah (Read Mehdi's Interview on isTia)

All text and pictures by Patrick Lozano. No picture or part can be reproduced without prior consent from isTia and/or Patrick Lozano

Enjoy the pix, more pix will be posted later this afternoon, come back soon.
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See much more pictures after the break
Mehdi Salah. Photo Patrick Lozano
Stephane Andre. Photo Patrick Lozano
The skaters. Photo Patrick Lozano.
The Orange Skateboard Cup judges. Photo Patrick Lozano
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Nolan Munroe. Photo Patrick Lozano

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, June 27, 2011 

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome skating Alex Sorgente, the only to try and land a backside 540 on the big wall

June 29, 2011 at 2:40 PM  

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