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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Max Verohanitra Interview isTia

Max Verohanitra might become one of the savior of vert in France.
Beware, a revolution is under way... Pic from Facebook.
The Orange Cup at Marseille
Toussaint Louverture R.I.P. (1803) was the leader of the Haitian Revolution. His military genius and political acumen led to the establishment of the independent black state of Haiti, transforming an entire society of slaves into a free, self-governing people with the benefaction of the French government. The success of the Haitian Revolution shook the institution of slavery throughout the New World and after Haiti; slavery was abolished in most countries including, after some time, the United States.

No, our hero from today is not from Haiti, although he bears the same name as the savior of the country. He is coming from Madagascar, a place that is not only populated with Alex, Gloria, and Melman or carnivorous fossas but also with skateboarders. And like the hero of the aforementioned movie, Toussaint decided one day to leave his paradise, to take a big boat and to venture in the big city. He landed in Marseille where he found refuge close to the Bowl du Prado. The same bowl where the Orange Skateboarding Cup will be held on June 23rd to 26th…

When isTia decided to interview Toussaint that was not pure chance. That Bob Marley lover is one of the best French (or maybe Malagasy –malgache in French) vert rider of like, right now… Take a look at the colorful pictures below. Yes, I know, there is a huge difference between the pristine bowls and skate parks of the west coast and the colored European bowls. Some can call this free speech in full effect. Accordingly, it is a tradition to tag the Prado bowl before (and even after) the contest. That tradition is not done after midnight, when everybody is sleeping, but at 12 noon before a parterre of officials, including the sheriff and the mayor who seem to enjoy the disturbing spectacle. Yes, in Marseille, reggae, rai, graffiti and skateboarding are on a par under the banner of liberty, equality and fraternity…

The French are well known for their revolution, maybe a new one is under way…
Max Verohanitra does not smoke, does nor drink. His only drug: Le Prado bowl forever! Photo Unknown
Max Verohanitra Interview IsTia

isTia: Why did you change your name from Toussaint to Max?
Max Verohanitra: My real name is Toussaint. I changed my name because Max is easier to remember during the contests…

isTia: Did your named you Toussaint name after "Toussaint Louverture"?
Max Verohanitra: No, but my parents gave me that name because I was born on November 1st. (Note of the translation: in the French Calendar, November 1st is called “Toussaint”. November 1st is always a public holiday, the day the French honor their dearly
Max Verohanitra, training for the Orange Freestyle Skateboarding cup at Le Prado, Marseille. Photo Unknown
departed by leaving chrysanthemums at the cemetery. -By the way, never give these flowers to someone in France as they are symbolic of death for them-.)

isTia: DOB? Max Verohanitra: 01.11.1990

isTia: Where were you born? Max Verohanitra: I was born in Tananarive (Madagascar). But now, I live in France in Marseille.

isTia: What is the best and the worst thing about your hometown? Max Verohanitra: I just can’t remember how my hometown is…

Max Verohanitra: "I would like to live in the States, because there are plenty of skateparks everywhere". Ph. Unknown
isTia: When did you come to France? Max Verohanitra: I came to France when I was 6 years old.

isTia: What is the best and the worst thing about the city or you live now? Max Verohanitra: The best thing is that it is hot and the worst thing is that there are too many hoodlums..
isTia: Are there skate parks in your city? Max Verohanitra: Yes there is the Bowl de Marseille at Le Prado...

isTia: If you had to change a city, where would you live? Max Verohanitra: I would love to live in the States because there are plenty of SkateParks everywhere.
Max Verohanitra: Bob Marley is my father
isTia: How did you come to skate and what brought you there?
Max Verohanitra: That's my big brother! He put me on a skate the first time and since then, I loved skate more than anything else

isTia: How many years of skating: Max Verohanitra: 7 years

isTia: Do you remember your first set? Max Verohanitra: Yes my very first board was the one my big brother offered me was and it was a Hosoi Board!

isTia: Who are your early influences in skateboarding?
Max Verohanitra: Ben Hatchell the pro rider! He has too much class!
Photo Unknown
isTia: Is there someone else in your family who skates? Max Verohanitra: My big brother, but he stopped because he fractured his tibia.

isTia: Who are the other local skaters who inspired you? Max Verohanitra: Julien Benoliel. He is from Marseille and he is a super good skater.

isTia: Let's talk about your participation in skateboarding competitions.
 - How many compete skate did you participate? Full! I can say about nine contests. I think
 - Do you often compete? Yes
 - Is it important to go to compete? The importance is to compete in a take of a good time with another rider
 - What was your best compete? My best compete was in 2010 I won an
amateur contest in and I was going to qualify for pro
 - What was your worst compete? In 2010 I got ripped off I was misclassified
 - Did you compete abroad? 1 to stage the World Cup skate in Rome (Italy)

isTia: You are qualified to go to the Orange Skateboarding contest in Marseille on June 23. How were you called?
Max Verohanitra: Yes this year I'm directly in the pros because two years ago I landed first even if I was only an amateur. And this time, they put in my pro division. I am very happy to be in pro this year…
isTia: When did you know that you were qualified for the Orange Skateboarding Cup?
Max Verohanitra:" the Americans were born into the pools"
Max Verohanitra: When you are in the pro division you are already prequalified. I think I will skate the contest on the 24th because on the 23rd that’s for the AMs.
isTia: How do you train for the Cup of Orange? I train in the Marseille skatepark with friends
isTia: This cup of Orange has a long history, the name was different before ... (Massilia Cup, etc ...) What were your results in the past?
Max Verohanitra: The Massalia cup began in 2008, I arrived the same year, in 2008 as a pro Amateur and landed 14th. Then, in 2009 I was in the amateurs again and was ranked 8th and this year I do not know yet. I love this contest. I remember in 2005 or 2006 for bowlrider there were all the big stars of the bowl as Omar Hasan,
Photo Victoria Photography
Tony Trujillo. Those guys were really cool. I loved this time

isTia: Is it different now that the cup is part of the WCS?
Max Verohanitra: Well what the WCS bring are people like Dave Duncan. He is a skate legend skate and they also bring many other great riders.

isTia: There will be few Americans in Marseille and a lot of French. What do you think the level of the French will be in the bowl-vert-park? Max Verohanitra: The French, they start small because there are not enough bowls. Little by little they are getting better, that’s the evolution. But, you know, the Americans were born into the pools. They have skateparks everywhere!

isTia: What do you think the level of European skaters in green-bowl-ramp-park?

Max Verohanitra: Its changing now! It’s becoming bigger and bigger. There is a big level in Europe. Same thing for France. We are getting better in bowls all the time, we are all at the same levels, French and Europeans too.

isTia: Is the vert-bowl-ramp-park seen only as an American specialty? Max Verohanitra: The bowl and the park and much insight into the green in France but that's a start

Max Verohanitra OMFC Contest 2008. Photo Unknown
isTia: Is there a difference between the street and vert skaters? Max Verohanitra: No. I don’t think so.

isTia: In the U.S., the level is so high that a skater can’t be at the top both in cert and street Is this the same thing in France? Max Verohanitra: Yes it is the same in France. You have to do vert or street. You can’t do both.

isTia: Is there a vert scene in France (of Compete, an organization, etc ...)? Max Verohanitra: It's really rare

isTia: Apart from Marseille is vert skateboarding a reality in France?
Max Verohanitra: There is a nice vert scene in Montpellier and Strasbourg.

isTia: Is there in France a distinction between all the different groups of skaters (vert, street, longboard)? Max Verohanitra: I don’t know. I think anybody that skates, even on a longboard, for me, it's a skater. Right now the market for longboard in France is bigger than the street market

isTia: Do you skate in empty backyard pools? Max Verohanitra: No. I have not skated in a pool

isTia: There are no empty swimming pools in France, as there are in California. The empty swimming pools, it makes you dream? Max Verohanitra: Yes, my dream is to skate a real backyard empty pool!

isTia: What are your preferred websites? Max Verohanitra: Facebook and twitter ^ ^

isTia: Skateboard websites? Max Verohanitra: Trhasher, Désillusions , Soma. The French prefer to read their website in French but I prefer to read them in English to learn English..

Max Verohanitra
isTia: Do you regularly watch Fuel.TV? Max Verohanitra: In France there is no such TV channel, Fuel.TV

isTia: Do you surf? Max Verohanitra: I surf but rarely, I do capoeira

isTia: Favorite music? Max Verohanitra: I like all music

isTia: Favorite band? Max Verohanitra: Ciddy bang, Crystal Castle, Block Party, Cherlift, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman etc,,

isTia: Who is Bob Marley for you? Max Verohanitra: This is my father!

isTia: Metal OR Pool coping? Max Verohanitra: Both suits me ^ ^

isTia: Roundwall or Flatwall? Max Verohanitra: Roundwall

isTia: Loose or tight trucks? Max Verohanitra: Loose

isTia: Wheel size? Durometer? Max Verohanitra: 59mm

isTia: Sponsors: Max Verohanitra: sector9 skateboard, pull-in underwear, Watafak, Turquoise surf travel, Dakine, Tag Heuer. Sector9 it helps me to travel and stuff and like the rest. Sector9 and I met when he was on tour in Marseille and I skated with them and the team manager of S9 my request for them to roll and pull-in underwear for the contest is the same for another sponsor

isTia: Besides skateboarding, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Max Verohanitra: I play guitar, I go out with friends, I read books

isTia: How good are you at playing guitar? Max Verohanitra: I learned to play with my brother. I can play The Cranberries, Tracy Chapman etc,,

isTia: If I put in front of a ghost, right now, what are you doing? Max Verohanitra: Hahahaha! I fled I'm too scared of something like that!

isTia: Who are your main competitors? Max Verohanitra: My
Max Verohanitra. Photo Sector 9
competitors are myself ^ ^ I want to become even stronger than me

isTia: Who are your favorite skaters? Max Verohanitra: Ben Hatchell, Curren Caples, Tyler Martin, Nyjah Houston…

isTia: What is your favorite trick? Max Verohanitra: Invert, flip front, 540, 540 mac twist, rodeo

isTia: New Trick you just learned? Max Verohanitra: 540 back

isTia: What is the hardest trick you've done? Max Verohanitra: 540 mac twist and rodeo

isTia: What is your favorite surface? Max Verohanitra: I prefer the concrete

isTia: A skatepark where you are the most? Max Verohanitra: In the bowl of Marseille

isTia: What is your favorite skatepark? Max Verohanitra: Marseille Bowl forever

isTia: Do you use pads in the bowl? Max Verohanitra : Heu non (oops no!). When you skate in a bowl, the pads give you a bad style.

isTia: What are your favorite skate videos? Max Verohanitra: Creature, bones,

isTia: Where do you like skateboarding? Max Verohanitra: In the bowl of Marseille

isTia: Who do you love skateboarding with ? Max Verohanitra: With the team that has been invented called the N. D. W (dead never wish)

Max-Verohanitra. Photo unknown
isTia: What magazines do you read? Max Verohanitra: Trasher, Doma, Disillusionment, Kinping, People, Closer, vice

isTia: How much time do you spend each day a skater? Max Verohanitra: From 1pm to 3am^ ^

isTia: How long do you train in bowl? Max Verohanitra: 12 Training

isTia: How long in street? Max Verohanitra: Just 3hours

isTia: There is a kind of skate Federation in France which manages the skate ... Can you tell me more about that? Max Verohanitra: There are as powerslide and asgum bsm and c is the federation that helps skater and he also teaches

isTia: Should there be a federation skate in France or is it the skating is impossible to manage? Max Verohanitra: It is possible to manage the skate in France

isTia: Can one be pro in France and make a living with the skate? Max Verohanitra: I do not know but I think so, yes, maybe it’s possible…

isTia: Besides skateboarding, what do you do for a living? Max Verohanitra: Nothing like I'm lucky to have a wonderful family and I do not need more big things

isTia: Do you earn enough with the skate or do you have to have another job by side? If so, which? Max Verohanitra: I do not pay skate but when I win the contest so but I still work my dream is to skate my metier

isTia: Have you ever been hurt while skateboarding? What was the worst injury? Max Verohanitra: I did not really made a big injury. I just sprained my ankle that’s all ^ ^

isTia: Until now, what were some of the highlights of your career as a skater? Max Verohanitra: When your ride with the pros that your view in video games

isTia: You don’t drink, you don’t smoke ... Do you have a special veggie diet on top of this?
Max Verohanitra: I am not a vegetarian ^ ^ vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat!!

isTia: What do you have planned for this year? Max Verohanitra: Compete and I go on tour

isTia: Can you tell about La Caverne? Max Verohanitra: No. La Caverne is a secret spot!

isTia: Another thing we forget to talk and we're missing? Max Verohanitra: In Marseille we have 3 bowls: bowl of Marseille Bowl Valemante, and a large park fee

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