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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nolan Munroe Interview isTia

That's not a Vision, That's a Powell. And Nolan Munroe is
now officially with Powell. Congrats Nolan!!!
The Orange Cup at Marseille
Between July 23rd and 25th, the Annual Orange Cup Freestyle Skateboarding Contest will be held at Marseille, France. 

This is the second year for the return of a WCS Bowl Competition at the famed Prado skatepark.

Confirmed skaters include: Sandro Dias, Zach Miller, Ben Johnson, Steven Pineiro, Milton Martinez, Mark Partain, Lester Kasai, Dave Reul, Jason Parkes, Sean Goff, Ben Schroeder, Daniel Cardone, Luca Sorgente, Guillam Mocquin, Alex Giraud, Julien Benoliel, Allan Mesquita, David Marteleur and more.

Eighteen-year-old Nolan Munroe has also been qualified for the contest. It’s gonna be an amazing trip for Nolan who got a call -just minutes before isTia interviewed!- him from the team manager at Powell-Peralta letting him know that they were putting him on the team! He has been in the flow before, so this is a big move for him. Before leaving to France tomorrow, he has a very busy schedule, but also took his time to answer a couple of questions for isTia. Nolan Munroe is a contest kid who is an X Games rookie, and was 5th overall in the World Cup Skateboarding bowl rankings in 2009 and 7th in 2007. He will be a junior at a traditional high school in the fall in New Hampshire.
Nolan Munroe. Photo Peter Ronchetti

Primarily a bowl skater, Nolan finished 5th at the prestigious ProTec Pool Party in May 2010. He was an alternate at XG in 2010 and thrown into the Park field less than an hour before Eliminations began; he easily made the Final. Nolan is a ripper from Rindge New Hampshire.

He is competing with the best these days and spends much of his time traveling between New Hampshire, Florida, Oregon, and California.

He certainly rips everything he hits: like many of the best bowl-rider in the small planet, he has an 8,000 square foot street course in his backyard. His dad finished building it when he was about 10 years old so he would not have to travel far to get Nolan practicing in a skatepark.

Because he was qualified for the Orange Bowl contest in Marseille and will be one of the few Americans over there you can read his interview for this series of the Orange Cup Freestyle Skateboarding on isTia.

Nolan Munroe Interview with isTia

Nolan Munroe at The 2010 X-Games in Los Angeles. He was an alternate at XG in 2010, and thrown into the Park field
 less than an hour before Eliminations began; however, he easily made the Final
Photo MRZ
isTia: Age or DOB? Nolan Munroe: 18

isTia: Hometown? Nolan Munroe: Rindge, New Hampshire, U.S.A.-A real small town in the southwestern part of the state.

isTia: What is the best and worst thing about your hometown? Nolan Munroe: Best thing would be hanging out with all my friends and family, worst thing would be that the towns do not support skateboarding out here and there are few skateparks. In order to get to any skate spots you would need to drive. It’s all woods out here.

isTia: Are there any skate parks in your town or close to where you live? Nolan Munroe: There are no public skate parks in my town; the closest park
Nolan Munroe at Rock The Craddle in Houston. The 2nd Annual Rock the Cradle was a HUGE success,
raising over $17,000 for the “Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation”. 2010 was the last stop on the
WCS Bowl Riders Series. This is a special event in honor of Johnny Romano.
The young 10 year old skater from Galveston who lost his life to cancer.  Photo Lee Leal
is a pretty good cement park about 30 minutes away.

isTia: If you would have to change town, where would you like to live? Nolan Munroe: I would like to live in San Diego because I been there so many times and have many friends that live there. There are so many great places to skate.

isTia: How were you introduced to skateboarding and what got you started?
Nolan Munroe: When I was four I was introduced to skateboarding by my cousin’s boyfriend Greg. He was a hardcore skateboarder. He ollied over me in the drive way and I thought that was the coolest thing so I wanted a skateboard really bad after that.

isTia: Years skating: Nolan Munroe: 13

isTia: Do you remember what your first setup was? Nolan Munroe: My first set up was a Wal-Mart board with a Star Wars graphic. When my parents saw that
The Pro-Tec gave us a glimpse of what the future holds for skateboarding. So many new guys destroyed it: Sky Siljeg of
 Bothell, Wash. (ninth), who skated fast all day, 14-year-old Steve Pineiro of Jacksonville, Fla., (seventh) and
Nolan Munroe (above) of New Hampshire (fourth), who had lines and tricks no one else had. With all these new names,
the future of bowl riding and the Pro-tec Pool Party looks to be in good hands.Photo Lee Leal
I was really serious about skateboarding they bought me my first real skateboard which was a Geoff Rowley Flip deck with Tensor trucks and Spit Fire wheels.

isTia: Were there any early influences on your skating?
Nolan Munroe: Yes, I liked watching the X-Games every summer and would watch the vert contest. That’s all I watched was vert because it was different from any skating that I have had every seen because there was never any vert ramps at the parks I skated when I was learning. My favorite skaters to watch were Bucky Lasek and Bob Burnquist.

isTia: Are your parents supportive?
Nolan Munroe: My parents are very supportive of my skating. I wouldn’t be the skater I am today without them.

isTia: Is there someone else in your family that’s skating too?

Nolan Munroe. Photo Lee Leal
Nolan Munroe: No, I’m the only one, my brother does once in a blue moon, but that’s it.

isTia: Who are some of the other local skaters who inspired you?
Nolan Munroe: The Rhode Island crew that goes to Rye Airfield skate park including East Coast Legend Chris (Crazy Horse) Higginson. He is the guy that taught me how to skate vert. I skated a lot of the time in my younger days with Dan Carreiro at the Shrewsbury park in Massachusetts. He taught me a lot of mini ramp and bowl tricks or he would say that I stole them from him.

isTia: Other skaters have their own backyard bowls (Pedro Barros, Keith Baldassare, Bucky Lasek, Sky Siljeg). Do you have some kind of backyard ramp in your backyard?
Nolan Munroe at the Bondi Beach bowl for Bowl-A-Rama. Photo Lee Leal
Nolan Munroe: Yes, I do. I have an 8,000 square foot street course in my backyard. My dad finished building it when I was around 10 years old because he would have to travel so far to get me to a park to skate. I love skating street it helps with the technical tricks that I transfer to vert and bowl.

isTia: How good are you at school?
Nolan Munroe: I’m an average student in school. I get B’s for grades.

isTia: Let’s talk about your involvement in competitive skateboarding.
- How many contests have been in? So many I can’t even remember I started competing locally at small contest since I was 9.
- Do you often go to contest? I travel to as many contest 
Nolan Munroe at Bowl-A-Rama in Bondi Beach, Australia. Photo Max O'Rourke.
as I can. I go to about 10 to 12 contest a year on average.
- Do you like contests? I love contest because I get to see all my friends and see how every one has stepped it up. It’s just a great time. And when I get home I’m motivated to learn new tricks.
- Is it important to go to contests? I think it is because it really brings out a lot of good skaters. It’s not like filming where a trick can take hours before you land it and you just edit out the falls. In contest you have to land everything right off the bat. And there is lots of recognition in contest because lots of people watch besides just the skaters.
- Your best contests ever? My best contest was
Nolan Munroe striking a pose before the Protec-Pool Party at Vans. Photo Dan Sparagna
Pro-Tec Pool Party 2011. That was the best skating I have ever done in a contest.
- Your worst contests ever? I haven’t really had a worst because every contest I go to I just have fun, no matter what the placing I get.
- Best contest memory? At least one of the funniest, it was a Halloween skate contest at the Taunton, Massachusetts skate park and you were suppose to dress up in order to enter. I had just turned 12 and I went as Dan Carreiro, who naturally resembled Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone there especially Dan got a real kick out of it.
- Worst contest memory? Nolan Munroe: 3 years ago at Pro-Tec I skated bad in the finals. When you know you didn’t skate your best it’s always a bummer for a moment, but it motivates me to make sure I do better the next year.

Time to celebrate at Vans. From left to right: 1/2 Dave Duncan (with the mike), Nolan Munroe, Sky Siljeg,
MRZ (with the camera)
isTia: You skate with legends like Cab, Hosoi, Miller, etc… Who’s the most impressive skater of all?
Nolan Munroe: All of these guys, Cab, Hosoi, Miller, and Mountain are super impressive! It’s really hard to pick just one. I ‘d have to say Chris Miller has such great style, speed and some of the best lines ever in the Combi bowl.

isTia: Tell us about the X-Games last year.
Nolan Munroe: X-Games was very exciting last year. I received a call two days before the contest asking if I was interested in being an alternate for Super Park. Of course I was interested. The day of the contest I was up in the stands when about 5 minutes before the contest started
they called me down and told me they had good news and bad news. The good news was I was in; the bad news was I was the first skater in the first heat. That was a little nerve racking. I won my heat and qualified 6th overall and made it to the finals. I ended up finishing 6th, which I was happy with.

isTia: Tell us how you were qualified for the Pro-Tec and how did you feel?
Nolan Munroe: Don Bostick invited me to the pre-qualifier for the Pro-Tec Pool Party in 2008. I made it all the way through to the finals and ended up 9th overall. Once you end up in the finals you are automatically qualified for the
Nolan Munroe. Photo Dan Sparagna
following year. I’ve made it to the finals each year. There are so many guys killing it there. You are always stoked to make it to the finals at the Pro-Tec because it is such a huge event.

isTia: When Dave Duncan announced your position at Pro-Tec, how did you feel?
Nolan Munroe: You feel pretty good about yourself, I qualified third overall and ended up finishing 4th overall in the finals. You really don’t notice because your so focused on what you need to do, landing your big tricks and completing your run.

isTia: When was the 1st time you landed 1st at a big contest?
Nolan Munroe at The X-Games
Nolan Munroe: In 2008 at the Florida Bowl Riders Cup in Oveido, Florida.

isTia: When was your first contest abroad? Nolan Munroe: It was 2 years ago and I went to Bondi, Australia for the Bowl-a-Rama.

isTia: How many contests have you done abroad?
Nolan Munroe: I’ve only done 3 so far. I’ve done Bondi twice, and Wellington, New Zealand once.

isTia: You are qualified to go to the Orange Contest at Marseille on June 23rd. Are you going?

Nolan Munroe: Yes, I am qualified to go there and I will be there. Can’t wait the park looks so fun! Just looks like a good time.
Nolan Munroe at The X-Games
isTia: Who’s paying for this trip to France? Nolan Munroe: I am, with the money that I have saved from contests.

isTia: How do you train for the Orange Cup? Nolan Munroe: I’ve never been to the Orange Cup. So it’s hard to say exactly. But for most contest I train at home and at Rye Airfield Skate Park in New Hampshire

isTia: There will be few Americans in Marseille and a lot of French. What do you think is the French level of vert-bowl skateboarding?
Nolan Munroe: I’m not totally sure because I’ve never been. I’ve heard a lot of them rip that park up. I’m excited to see the lines they have in the bowl and the tricks they do…should be fun.

Nolan Munroe Boost a Boneless in Front of Andy Mac at the
lastc X-Games in Los Angeles
isTia: Do you surf?
Nolan Munroe: I’ve tried surfing here and there; I haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet. I’ve been snowboarding for about 10 years and I snowboard often in the winter. We have harsh winters here in New Hampshire so most days after school I pack all my snowboard gear and meet my friends at Crotched Mountain, our local mountain.

isTia: Favorite Music? Nolan Munroe: Not to picky anything that’s cool and has a good beat is my jam.

isTia: Favorite band? Nolan Munroe: Metallica

isTia: What’s sick: Nolan Munroe: Waffles for breakfast!

isTia: What’s not sick: Nolan Munroe: Shake weights

isTia: Metal or Pool Coping? Nolan Munroe: Pool coping all the way!

isTia: Roundwall or flatwall? Nolan Munroe: I have to say round wall. Because lip tricks feel so good on round wall.

isTia: Loose or tight trucks? Nolan Munroe: Loose trucks. It’s easier to carve good lines and go any way you want.

isTia: Wheels size? Durometer? Nolan Munroe: 58 is the size I usually ride for bowl and vert. 54 is what I ride for street and smaller tranny.
Nolan Munroe. Photo Peter Ronchetti
isTia: Sponsors:
Nolan Munroe: RockStar Energy, Crotched Mountain, Vans, Powell-Peralta, Bones, 187 Pads, Ace Trucks, and Pioneers Skate Shop.

isTia: Let' talk more about your sponsors, what they do for you, what can they do more, are they supportive and how do they support you?
Noln Munroe: I ‘m always very appreciative of my sponsors and the support that they give me.
I was blown away to be picked up by Rock Star as a major sponsor a few days before Pro-Tec. They were super supportive and excited when I did really well. They are still working on the details of the contract but I will be getting paid, which is awesome.
Believe it or not, I got a call today from the team manager at Powell-Peralta letting me know that they were putting me on the team. I had been flow, so this is a big move for me. Last summer I got a chance to travel with the team and compete in the Downtown Showdown in Los Angeles. We had a great time together, so I think this will be a really good fit for me.
Crotched Mountain in Bennington, New Hampshire, they are our local mountain. They provide me with a season’s pass for snowboarding. They have one of the best terrain parks around.
Pioneers is my skate shop sponsor. They are primarily a surf and skate shop. Steve, the owner, and the rest of the guys that ride for the shop are all super supportive. Steve has been helping me out on some of the travel.
I’ve been riding for Vans for quite a while. I’m flow for them. I’d love to have a larger role .
Vin at 187 Pads puts a lot of time and effort into making his product for his riders. He makes custom pads for me for both vert and mega.
I met most of my sponsors at contests, mainly Pro-Tec. I’ve never wanted to send in a “sponsor me” video to anyone, that’s not my style. I just skated, had fun and did contest.

isTia: Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Nolan Munroe: I like to dirt bike, snowmobile in the wintertime, going to the beach and relaxing with all my friends. Not too much.

isTia: Who are your biggest competitors?
Nolan Munroe: Pedro, Sky, Alex Perelson, Rune, Omar, Josh Borden, Josh Stafford, Josh Rodriguez, Zack Miller, and Bucky. But they are what make the contest fun for me because I get to skate with all those great skaters and have a good time.

Florida Bowl Rider Photo Ryan McGuire
isTia: Who are your favorite old school skaters?
Nolan Munroe: Cab, Miller, and Hosoi.

isTia: What’s your favorite trick?
Nolan Munroe: A nice Madonna to tail feels really good.

isTia: What trick are you trying/ training to do?
Nolan Munroe: A big rodeo spin, and some more variations of 540’s plus technical lip tricks, those are my favorite to do.

isTia: New trick you just learned?
Nolan Munroe: Frontside nollie in-ward heelflip.

isTia: What’s the most difficult trick you have done?
Nolan Munroe: Double varial kickflip indy.

isTia: What trick can’t you do? Nolan Munroe: I wish I could do fakie to fakie 540’s

isTia: What is your favorite surface to skate? Nolan Munroe: Concrete for sure.

isTia: At what skatepark do you go most often?
Nolan Munroe: Rye Airfield skate park in Rye, New Hampshire.

isTia: What’s your favorite skatepark?
Nolan Munroe: The Vans skate park at the Block in California. Because it has the Combi Bowl. And that’s my favorite bowl in the world.

isTia: Do you wear pads and helmets in a pool/skatepark/bowl?
Nolan Munroe: I don’t wear pads or helmet for pools and skate parks, but if it’s a deep bowl then I do. I always wear pads and helmet for vert, mega ramp, and deep bowls, because they are big and I don’t really want to be running out of a 6ft Mctwist. haha.

Add caption
isTia: Have you skated backyard empty pools?
Nolan Munroe: Yes I have skated one back yard pool in California and that was the Pink Motel pool for a video shoot with Cab and the Powell-Peralta team. It was like 7 months ago, but the pool was really good. Had a fun time in it, but at the end of the session I broke my wrist in it.

isTia: Do you skate empty pools only in California?
Nolan Munroe: I’m always up for skating pools, anywhere.

isTia: Did you skate empty pools with the CD crew and Ozzie?
Nolan Munroe: I have been invited to, but I haven’t gotten the chance yet. I’m sure I will.

isTia: When was the first time you dropped?
Nolan Munroe: The first time I dropped in a bowl I was 9 and I was a little scared even though I dropped in on vert before I dropped in a bowl. The bowl was more intimidating to me.

isTia: What skate videos do you like?
Nolan Munroe: I like Extremely Sorry…just because of Bob’s mega part.

isTia: What is your typical day like?
Nolan Munroe: Get up, Shower, eat, do school work, have the homies over and skate till dark.

isTia: Where do you like to skate?
Nolan Munroe: Rye Airfield Skate Park it’s 2 hours away though, which sucks, but it’s worth the drive. They recently just finished building a new Dew Tour style vert ramp.

isTia: Who do you like to skate with?
Nolan Munroe: I skate with a lot of new and up comer kids like Max Jenson and Zac Rose. I also skate with an older crew that skates vert every Tuesday night at Rye .

isTia: Are there skaters that are so impressive that you just stop and watch them?
Nolan Munroe: Zac Rose an up -coming amateur skater, he kills the vert!

isTia: What magazines do you read? Nolan Munroe: I mostly read skateboarder magazines. SkateBoarder, Thrasher, Low Card, and Juice.

isTia: How long do you spend skating every day? Nolan Munroe: At Least 3-4 hours.

isTia: How long do you train in vert/bowl/park?
Nolan Munroe: I usually skate vert and bowls first for 2-3 hours. Then I like to skate street the rest of the time. About 2 hours some days depending where I am.

isTia: Why do you like so much vert and less street?
Nolan Munroe: Vert is more exciting to me and it takes a lot of dedication, but I have just as much fun riding street.

isTia: What’s better riding bowls than vert?
Nolan Munroe: I like riding bowls. Bowl riding is not just about the tricks and every wall isn’t the same. It’s about the lines you do with the tricks and, the lines and the walls change everywhere you go.

isTia: Do you prefer lines or tricks?
Nolan Munroe: I prefer lines, because lines are really fun when you figure them out. Then you can add your tricks to them.

isTia: Do you prefer doing more tricks or having more style?
Nolan Munroe: I prefer to have more style and it always helps to have a good style in any trick you do.

isTia: Have you suffer any injuries in skate? What was the worst injury?
Nolan Munroe: I’ve broken my ankle and wrist, but they weren’t too bad.

isTia: Give me a list of your injuries:
Nolan Munroe: Broken wrist, Broken ankle, Staples in my knee

Nolan Munroe
isTia: How did you feel when Vans told you that you were qualified for Pro-Tec 2011?
Nolan Munroe: I was excited to go back and skate in the contest with all my friends and have a good time.

isTia: So far, what have been some of the highlights of your skateboarding career?
Nolan Munroe: Being in the X-Games, doing well in the Pro-Tec Pool Party. Traveling the world for contest is awesome because I love seeing new places and meeting new people.

isTia: Do you have a special diet? Nolan Munroe: I try to eat healthy food.

isTia: What do you have planned for this year?
Nolan Munroe: Well right now, I’m heading to France next week for the Orange Cup and then in July I’m pre-qualified for the Dew Tour in bowl and I’ll be trying to qualify for vert as well. If that goes well then I will be going to Portland , Oregon for the second stop of the Dew Tour. I’m waiting to hear if I get an alternate position in Super Park at X-Games this year. Sounds like a will be doing some traveling with Powell-Peralta throughout the end of the summer.

isTia: Shout outs and thanks? Nolan Munroe: To all my sponsors, friends family, and skateboarding.
Thanks a lot Nolan and good luck at Marseilles for the Orange Sskateboarding Cup

Thanks to Lee Leal, MRZ, Peter Ronchetti, Max O'Rourke, Dan Sparagna for the pictures.

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