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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orange Freestyle Cup 2011. Skate Park, Le Prado, plage Borély, at Marseille.

Aerial capture of the colorful Bowl Le Prado at the Plage Borély, Marseille
Photo Orange Freestyle Cup
The Orange Cup at Marseille
Orange Freestyle Cup 2011. Skate Park, Le Prado, plage Borély, at Marseille.

Long a place for skateboarding, the Prado Bowl will host again this year the Ex-Massillia New-Orange Frestyle Skateboard Cup for in 2011, thanks to Wade Speyer, John Cardiel, Omar Hassan, Tony Trujillo, Rune Glifberg and all of the other legendary skaters who came through Marseille in years past to light the spirit of bowlriding here and blaze the trail. And this year other skateboard legends, Sandro Dias, Zach Miller, Nolan Monroe, Ben Johnson, Steven Pineiro, Milton Martinez, Mark Partain, Lester Kasai, Dave Reul, Jason Parkes, Sean Goff, Jim the Skin, Ben Schroeder, Daniel Cardone, Luca Sorgente, Guillam Mocquin, Alex Giraud, Julien Benoliel, Allan Mesquita, David Marteleur, Max Verohanitra and more are participating.

isTia is covering the contest before, during and after the event with a series of reports and interviews…

Max Verohanitra showing what he can do at Le Prado
Photo Unnknown
Interview with Max Verohanitra
Toussaint is not from Haiti, although he bears the same name as the savior of the country. He is coming from Madagascar, a place not only populated with cartoons or carnivorous fossas but with skateboarders. And like the hero of the movie, he decided one day to leave his paradise, take a big boat and venture in the big city, landed in Marseille where he found refuge close to the Bowl du Prado where the Orange Skateboarding Cup will be held on June 23rd to 26th… When isTia decided to interview Toussaint that was not pure chance. That Bob Marley lover is one of the best French vert rider of like, right now… There is a huge difference between the pristine bowls and skate parks of California and the colored European bowls. Call this free speech. Accordingly, it is a tradition to tag the Prado bowl before the contest. A tradition not done after midnight, when everybody is sleeping, but at 12 noon before a parterre of officials, including the sheriff and the mayor who seem to enjoy the disturbing spectacle. Yes, in Marseille, reggae, rai, graffiti and skateboarding are on a par under the banner of liberty, equality and fraternity… Read the full interview of Max Verohanitra

Nolan Monroe at Bondi Beach during Bowl-A-Rama. Photo Max O'Rourke
Interview with Nolan Monroe
Now officially with Powell, 18 year-old Nolan Munroe has also been qualified for the WCS Orange Cup in France. It’s gonna be an amazing trip for Nolan who got a call from the team manager at Powell-Peralta just before isTia interviewed him letting him know that they were putting him on the team. Before leaving for France tomorrow, he took his time to answer a couple of questions for isTia. Nolan Munroe is primarily a bowl skater and a great contest kid who is an X Games rookie, and was 5th overall in the World Cup Skateboarding bowl rankings in 2009 and 7th in 2007. Nolan finished 5th at the prestigious ProTec Pool Party in May 2010. He was an alternate at XG in 2010 and thrown into the Park field less than an hour before Eliminations began; he easily made the Final. Nolan is a ripper from Rindge New Hampshire.
Because he was qualified for the Orange Bowl contest in Marseille and will be one of the few Americans over there you can read his interview for this series of the Orange Cup Freestyle Skateboarding on isTia. Read the full interview with Nolan Monroe

Steven Pineiro on his 1st day at Le Prado bowl at Marseille.
Photo. Lee Leal/Embassy Skateboards
Interview with Steven Pineiro
From afar, Juan and Steven Pineiro are the same guy. They totally look alike and their skating is very similar… Actually, since they live in Florida and I don’t see them often, I really thought it was the same guy with, you know first name Juan, middle name Steven and last name Pineiro… I’ll be dammed! Not only Juan and Steven are two different guys, but they are not even twins. They are 11 months apart! It’s not an excuse, but the fast rising Pineiro Brothers are similar in height, in look, and equally shred in pools, parks and vert, and occasionally street. I’m sure mom Pineiro is adding something secret in their Puerto Rican diet (some kind of islander root, secret bean or spicy chile???) to keep them sturdy and gnarly… After they were “discovered” by Lee Leal from Embassy skateboards, they started ripping contests across the country: Steven Pineiro has competed both at the Maloof Money Cup and in the X-Games, at the Cocoa Beach Skate Park, Grind For Life Benefit, Corn Cup stop at the Oregon Trifecta, the annual Tim Brauch Memorial, Rock The Craddle, and finally at The Pro-Tec Pool Party last May, not to mention his new PRO model from Embassy Skateboards… Coming from a long legacy of pool riding (and shredding music), Lee Leal has always the right vision for his company and he always talks about Steven with Texas Pride (even if he had to hire two Floridians in his team…) Ahahah, just joking… Read the full interview with Steven Pineiro

It is a tradition to tag the Prado bowl before the contest. A tradition not done
after midnight, but at 12 noon before a parterre of officials, including the sheriff
and the mayor who seem to enjoy the disturbing spectacle
The history of the bowl Le Prado, at Marseille
Located right on the beach in the Prado seaside area, Marseille Skatepark is considered as a "must skate" and have been rated 9/10 by Trasher Skateboard Magazine. It has also been rated the best bowl by the beach by together with Bondi Bowl and Venice Skatepark. For the Prado bowl, everything started right before the 90’s during the second wave of "skate". In Marseille there was no ramp just good skaters in search of good of curves. The mayor of Marseilles offered them a rectangular park, plus a wooden mini ramp. Unfortunately, most of the skaters from Marseilles preferred to skate a legendary ditch called “la ditch du Roy d'Espagne” but that was not sufficient. Jean Pierre Collinet, a skater and an architecture student in Marseille, decided with his buddies, members of the local skate club les "Street Bombs", to strike a major blow by having the Town Hall realize a Bowl.
On many accounts, the Bowl du Prado is an amazing feat thanks to visionary people like: JP. Collinet, S. Andre, P. Lozano and others. It has been a example for many skateparks even in the motherland of skateboarding: the USA. On a recent interview with Jim Fitzpatrick published on isTia last January, Jim told us that “I can remember being at the Marseille skatepark with Cab and Guerrero on that 1989 trip. The day was stormy and we only spent a short while there, but Cab said, “This is rad, why don’t we have this in the states? Why don’t we have this in San Francisco?”. Read the full story of the bowl Le Prado

Guillaume Mocquin at Le Prado. Stalefish. Photo Element Europe
Orange Fresstyle Cup Skateboarding Results 2010
In 2010, Guillaume Mocquin was crowned the King of the weekend, but not without a tough battle with Spain’s Ivan Rivado who finished a very strong 2nd, bumping Alex Giraud down to 3rd. Alex was in 2nd behind Guilliaume all week. It seems that Alex has been on the podium at most of the Marseille comps. Italy’s Daniel Cardone skated hard all week and finished in a very respectable 4th. The 15 year old local ripper Stephan Boussac was the winner of the 15 and under groms on Wednesday, 9th on Friday, 5th on Saturday, and finished a strong 5th on Sunday as well. He put his name in the history books alongside of Wade Speyer and Alex Chalmers by jumping from the snake run into the bowl, conquering the biggest gap in the whole park! He did it 1st try in the finals!
Top 5 results
1. Guillaume Mocquin 3000 Euro
2. Ivan Rivado 2000 Euro
3. Alex Giraud 1000 Euro
4. Daniel Cardone 600 Euro
5. Stephan Boussac 600 Euro


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, June 22, 2011 


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