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Thursday, June 30, 2011

R.I.P Chris Cahill, Dogtown Underground hero

By respect, this picture is not on isTia, but stored on Chris Cahill's website:
On a story that broke up on Yo-Venice website, Dogtown’s “lost” Z-Boy Chris Cahill is said to have died last week after what was described as a “lengthy” battle with cancer.
Chris Cahill was one of the 12 original Z Boys with Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Jim Muir, Nathan Pratt, Alan Sarlo, Wentzle Ruml, Peggy Oki, Paul Constantineau, Bob Biniak, Shogo Kubo and Stacy Peralta. They all grew up surfing together at the POP, Dogtown’s destroyed pier.

Chris Cahill was also part of the original Zephyr skate team that competed at the infamous Del Mar contest in 1975, bringing Dogtown style to life. Cahill, an airbrush artist and surfboard shaper, did not appear in any of the the Dogtown movies as his spent most of his life surfing in Mexico. According to his website The Undergroundwas one of the first and most innovative in the Dogtown area and of the era..” For more on Chris Cahill and his art visit Cahill Underground, read ESPN’s website or read this interview by Steve Olson in Juice Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt of the Juice Magazine interview

Chris, where is DogTown?
To me, DogTown is south side Santa Monica. But I've never been someone who walked around claiming I was from DogTown. That's not my style. It's all the same area really. DogTown went all the way up to Jeff Ho's shop. That was the ending point.

What were the boundaries?I always considered the epicenter to be Ocean Park to Rose and the beach to Lincoln. It spun off from there and went up to Jeff's shop. That's where it started. We had the best banks and hills in Santa Monica. We had Marine and Highland. My house was right there, and Biniak lived four blocks away. Wentzle lived 2 blocks away. The Valentine brothers lived right up the hill. Muir lived on the other side of Lincoln.

Everyone grew up in that little neighborhood?
Well, I lived all over the place when I was a little kid. My mom was running from my dad, so we were hiding all the time. I've lived in south side Santa Monica and Ocean Park since I was in the third grade. I was a full-on surf dude. Skateboarding wasn't my thing. That's how everyone on the Zephyr team was too.

Skateboarding was a pastime.?
Yeah, when the waves were blown out we'd go skate the schools.
Read the rest of the interview on Juice magazine website.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 


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