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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steven Pineiro Interview with isTia

No, it's not dad Pineiro with Juan and Steven, it's Dave Duncan. Photo Unknown
Steven Pineiro Interview with isTia

From afar, Juan and Steven Pineiro look like they are the same guy. They totally look alike and their skating is very similar… Actually, since they live in Florida and I don’t see them often (only in pictures…) I really thought it was the same guy with, you know first name Juan, middle name Steven and last name Pineiro… I’ll be dammed! Not only Juan and Steven are two different guys, but they are not even twins. They are 11 months apart! It’s not an excuse, but the fast rising Pineiro Brothers (that’s how they spell the only email they share …) are similar in height, in look, and equally shred in pools, parks and vert. And occasionally street. I’m sure mom Pineiro is adding something secret in their Puerto Rican diet (some kind of islander root, secret bean or spicy chile???) to keep them sturdy and gnarly…

Steven Piñeiro. Photo Kyle Ohlson
After they were “discovered” by Lee Leal from Embassy skateboards, they started ripping contests across the country: Steven Piñeiro has competed at a lot of contests: at the Maloof Money Cup, the X-Games, the Cocoa Beach Skate Park, Grind For Life Benefit, Corn Cup Stop, the Oregon Trifecta, the annual Tim Brauch Memorial, Rock The Craddle, and finally at The Pro-Tec Pool Party last May. Let’s not forget his new PRO model from Embassy Skateboards… Coming from a long legacy of pool riding (and shredding music), Lee Leal has always the right vision for his company and he always talks about Steven with Texas Pride (even if he had to hire two Floridians in his team…) Ahahah, just joking…

Juan and Steven skate about thirty hours per week and this time, isTia only interviewed Steven, but Juan is the next in the list…

isTia: Age or DOB? Steven Pineiro: I’m 14 years old & was born on November 17, 1996.

isTia: Hometown? Steven Pineiro: I was born in New London, Connecticut but I’ve been living in Jacksonville, Florida for the last 10 years of my life.

isTia: What is the best and worst thing about your hometown? Steven Pineiro: The best thing about the place that I live now is really the beaches and the few little skate parks that we go to. The worst is that is really nothing else to do so, we have to travel to different parts of Florida or other States to find fun.

isTia: If you would have to switch, where would you like to live? Steven Pineiro: I would love to move to California. They have a good skating scene & vibe around there.

isTia: How were you introduced to skateboarding? Steven Pineiro: Ok, skateboarding was not exactly something that someone got me into. About 4 ½ years ago when I was 10, my family and I were at the beach and got lost looking at houses around the area. Somehow we ran into the OCEANSIDE ROTARY SKATE PARK in Atlantic Beach, Florida,

Steven Piñeiro at X-Games Los Angeles. Steven is using rails, an oddity today. Photo Lee Leal.
where we saw a little kid name Noah dropping in. All of us were amazed by it and in my mind I said “I could do that”. Then the very next day my brother Juan & I started to skate and loved it so we did every day possible.

isTia: Years skating: Steven Pineiro: 4 years & 9 month, to be exact.

isTia: Do you remember what your first setup was? Steven Pineiro: It was a Blind skateboard with thunder trucks, bones reds bearings, Blind wheels, and Griptic hardware.

isTia: Were there any early influences on your skating? Steven Pineiro: Keep in mind skateboarding was not something that someone got me into; therefore, I really did not have any early influences. However, my father was always trying to find us a sport that we like to do. He always said “Sports will keep you out of trouble”.

isTia: Are your parents supportive?
Steven Piñeiro
Steven Pineiro: 100% of the time. I definitely wouldn’t be where at the level I’m now without my parents.

isTia: Tell me about your brother Juan… Steven Pineiro: Juan and I started to skate at the same time. He is and will always be my best friend. Even though I believe or feel that we both are at the same level but with very different styles, I feel that Juan has always been unfairly under-shadowed by me. My brother is just AMAZING at everything he does. He has me on a lot of lip tricks and style; I got him in spins and amplitude. He is the skater that has always been my true competition, my inspiration, my motivator everywhere I go. I really look up to him in many ways.
Steven Piñeiro at Maloof Money Cup in Costa Mesa, 2010. Photo Lee Leal/Embassy Skateboards
isTia: Is there someone else in your family that’s skating too? Steven Pineiro: My sister Killiam sometimes skates with us but she is more into gymnastics.

isTia: Who were/are some of the other local skaters who inspired you? Steven Pineiro: Where I live there are not many concrete/Bowl/tranny skaters. In the beginning maybe Buck Smith, Mike Peterson, & Tim Johnson were my inspirations. Nowadays, our friend Donny Griffin and my brother Juan are the skaters that really encourage, inspire & motivate me the most.

isTia: Other skaters have their own backyard bowls (Pedro Barros, Keith Baldassare, Bucky Lasek, Sky Siljeg). 13. Do you plan to make some kind of backyard ramp in your backyard?
Steven Pineiro: My parents don’t own the house/property where we live but one day I would like one in the back yard of my house.
Steven Piñeiro X-Games Los Angeles 2010. Photo Lee Leal/Embassy Skateboards
isTia: How good are you at school? Steven Pineiro: All my school life I have had A B honor Roll.

isTia: How do you do when you are on the road? Are you homeschooling? Steven Pineiro: No!! I’m not homeschooling. My father always kept a good relationship with my teachers and always finds ways to negotiate the time that my brother and I will miss school because of traveling. We either recover and makeup work or get work done ahead of time. I really don’t think I will like homeschooling because we believe in keeping a normal life as much as possible. For example we don’t even talk about skateboarding in school to our friends. I have friends that don’t even know I skate unless somebody tells them. We like to have a normal social life where being a skater is not a factor.

Steven Piñeiro, Maloof Money Cup Practice on the mini-mega. Costa Mesa 2010 Photo Lee Leal/Embassy Skateboards
isTia: Do you have plans to go to college? Steven Pineiro: YEP, TOTALLY!!! College is THE PLAN. I really would like to be a paramedic because it would be cool to save peoples’ lives. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, sport, and hobby; it’s my passion. I’ll always be a skateboarder!!! But I’ll make sure I secure my future with a college degree.

isTia: Let’s talk about your involvement in competitive skateboarding, how many contests have you been in ? Steven Pineiro: Lost the count I could say More than 100.

isTia: Do you often go to contest? Steven Pineiro: Yes as much I can.

isTia: Do you like contests? Steven Pineiro: YES!! I enjoy them!

isTia: Is it important to go to contests? Steven Pineiro: It all depends what you are looking for. As a competitive skateboarder
Steven Piñeiro at Venice Skatepark. Photo Lee Leal/Embassy Skateboards after Maloof Money Cup
I enjoy competitions. I get to travel, skate different parks, meet and make friends all over the world and that is awesome!!!!

isTia: Your best contests ever? Steven Pineiro: I wish I could answer that but there have been so many special ones that they all match up in importance.

isTia: Your worst contests ever? Steven Pineiro: The Concrete Rodeo tour/series. They are the worst but still I managed to have a ton of fun with my friends.

isTia: Best contest memory? Steven Pineiro: My first 720 in a live WCS bowl contest At Rock The Cradle in Houston, Texas.

isTia: Worst contest memory? Steven Pineiro: When I broke my wrist at Bondi Beach, Australia; however, I had so much fun afterwards that I didn’t feel so bad.

Steven Piñeiro Proudly Rides for Embassy Skateboard
isTia: When was the 1st time you landed 1st at a big contest? Was it at Florida Bowl Riders Cup 2010? Steven Pineiro: It all depends what you consider as a big contest. Let me explain; in 2008 I won the King of The Groms finals in Golden Valley, Minnesota. In the groms world that is big. I also placed 1st. for 3 years in a row in The Florida Bowl Rider Cup. The first year as a grom in 08, then in 09 & 10 in the Open AM division. This year Even though I am officially a Professional skateboarder I was not allowed to compete in the Pro Division.

isTia: When was your first contest abroad? Steven Pineiro: The Bowl-O-Rama on Bondi Beach, Australia.

isTia: How many contests have you done abroad? Steven Pineiro: Bondi was my first one.

isTia: Tell me what happened when you broke your wrist at Bondi? Steven Pineiro: I was at a practice session and decided to spin a few 5’s unfortunately for me the bowl is right next to the beach so it gets very slippery; consequently, I slipped on my landing and I broke my wrist.
Steve Caballero wrote: "wow... heard about Steven last night, sorry to hear about his injury:( Hope he heals up quick
and bounces back soon! He's in my prayers for a healthy recovery and hope he's not in too much pain.
Blessings and thanks for being there to take care of him:) cheers, Cab". Photo Max O’Rourke.

Steven Piñeiro broke his wrist yesterday in the Bondi bowl while attempting doing a 7 foot 540. Good luck Steven.
Photo Max O'Rourke for isTia.
isTia: Was this broken wrist your 1st injury in skate? Steven Pineiro: NO! But it was the first time I break something.

isTia: How long weren’t you able to skate? (after you broke your wrist) Steven Pineiro: I never stopped skating! Even with my cast on I was able to continue to skate. Actually on my way back from Australia I stopped in Cali to skate the Combi for a bit.

isTia: If not, what other injuries did you suffer? Steven Pineiro: Besides the broken wrist just bruises all over my body, swellbows, my tail bone etc. etc….nothing major.

isTia: How did you feel when Vans told you that you were qualified for Pro-Tec 2011? Steven Pineiro: I was so fortunate to have been invited for the pre-qualifiers on the Thursday before the event and luckier to have made the cut to be at Pro-Tec against all those good skaters it was like a dream. Fast-forward to Saturday The Day of The PRO TEC Pool Party I was so anxious through the hole day because I really did not think I made the cut against those guys!! But when I found out I did, it was the happiest moment of my life!!! I still can’t believe it!!!!

isTia: You are qualified to go to the Orange Contest at Marseille on June 23rd. Are you going? Steven Pineiro: It’s really on my plans to go Marseille, France and also try to do the rest of the
Steven Piñeiro
European WCS tour but traveling overseas is very expensive and money is very tight.

isTia: Tell me about the Maloof at Costa Mesa last year. Was it the 1st time you ride a mini-mega-ramp? Steven Pineiro: That was the 1st and only time because there is no Mimi Mega or Mega Ramp in the State of Florida.

isTia: You skate with legends like Cab, Hosoi, etc… Who’s the most impressive skater of all? Steven Pineiro: They all are inspiring in their own way, but Cab is special to me.

isTia: Do you surf? Snowboard? Other sports? Steven Pineiro: I been out surfing a few times but
Steven Piñeiro
I don’t own a board.

isTia: Favorite Music? Steven Pineiro: I like everything except deep country music, jazz or opera.

isTia: Favorite band? Steven Pineiro: Iron Maiden

isTia: What’s sick: Steven Pineiro: GNARLY skateboarding!!!

isTia: What’s not sick: Steven Pineiro: DRUGS & HATERS!

isTia: Metal or Pool coping? Steven Pineiro: Pool Coping!!!

isTia: Roundwall or flatwall? Steven Pineiro: Roundwall.

isTia: Loose or tight trucks?
Steven Piñeiroat Maloof Money Cup, Photo Lee Leal/Embassy Skateboards
Steven Pineiro: Kind of in between.

isTia: Goofy or regular? Steven Pineiro:

isTia: Wheels size? Durometer? Steven Pineiro: 60mm 96A

isTia: Sponsors: Steven Pineiro: Embassy Skateboards, 187 Killer Pads, Type-S Wheels, Boardz Skatepark….

isTia: Favorite trick? Steven Pineiro: Back Tail & front blunt slide.

isTia: What trick are you trying/ training to do? Steven Pineiro: More lip tricks .

isTia: New trick you just learned? Steven Pineiro: Front tail slide back side reverts in the deep end of a bowl.

isTia: Most difficult trick you have done? Steven Pineiro: I have to say 720 in pools.

isTia: What trick can’t you do? Steven Pineiro: Even though at many times a have been close, I can’t land McEggs.

isTia: Favorite surface to skate? Steven Pineiro: Concrete with pool coping.

isTia: Magazines that you read. Skate magazines I read Transworld, Thrasher, and Skateboarder magazine. Other magazines The Game informer.
Steven Piñeiro Vans Combi Pool
isTia: Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time? Steven Pineiro: I like to do normal teenager stuff like Video games, watch T.V. chat/surf on my Computer Movies, go to the Beach…

isTia: Who are your toughest competitors? Steven Pineiro: I really go to contest to participate and have fun but at the same time I get the chance to meet with old friends and make new friends for that reason, I can’t call them competitors but more like contest buddies and there are so many: Juan Pineiro, Bucky Lasek, Alex Perlson, Pedro Barros, Rune Glifberg, Kevin Kowalski etc, etc…

isTia: Who are your favorite old school skaters? Steven Pineiro: Pretty much all the legends like Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Duane Peters, Jay Adams, Chris Miller, Lance Mountain etc, etc…

isTia: At which skatepark do you go most often? Steven Pineiro: Kona Skatepark & Boardz skate park.

isTia: What’s your favorite skatepark? Steven Pineiro: Lake Cunningham in San Jose, California .

isTia: Do you wear pads and helmets in a pool/skatepark/bowl? Steven Pineiro: Yes!! Most of the time!!! Like I stated earlier, skateboarding is more of a lifestyle, a sport, a hobby of mine, something that I really enjoy and have lots of fun with. I would like to keep skating for the rest of my life with a healthy body. Skateboarding is a very dangerous sport and at the level I’m at, wearing pads will keep me in the game a little longer with a lower chance of injury. Wearing pads makes a difference in your progression. It is not that I’m afraid of getting hurt is more like I don’t want to get hurt because there’s NO GLORY in that at all. Sometimes I go to back yard pools or bowls without pads or a helmet and
Steven Piñeiro
still have fun nothing serious but always keep in my mind that it takes only one time to be out game.

isTia: Have you skated backyard empty pools? Steven Pineiro: Yes I have!!!The first time was last summer at the infamous Ben Butler’s back yard real pool with my friend Gage Boan & his mom Savannah. I have never skated a real pool before, I was pad-less and intimidated because I did not know what to expect. Ben’s pool is freaking gnarly!! After I drop in and did a few rolls I was hook … Now every time I come and visit Cali it’s a must to do back yard pools it’s an awesome experience.

isTia: Do you skate empty pools only in California or are there good empty pool in Florida too? Steven Pineiro: I have only been in empty pools in California I have never heard of any pools in Florida.

isTia: When was the first time you dropped? Steven Pineiro: I was 10 years old the first time I dropped in to a bowl. It was in Atlantic Beach, Florida in a skatepark that is now closed named SKATELAB. They had a 6 foot wooden bowl where my brother and I learn everything we know about bowl riding. I was never really scared to drop in I just didn’t want to get hurt.

isTia: What skate videos do you like? Steven Pineiro: Public Domain, Animal Chin, and Extremely Sorry pretty much every video I can get my hands on.

isTia: What is your typical day like? Steven Pineiro: It goes kind of like this: wake up, school, skate, video games/facebook, eat, shower, then sleep.

isTia: Where do you like to skate of town ? Steven Pineiro: Kona & Boardz skatepark.

Steven Piñeiro at Rock The Craddle, Houston. Photo Lee Leal/Embassy
isTia: Who do you like to skate with? Steven Pineiro: With my brother Juan

isTia: Are there skaters that are so impressive that you just stop and watch them? Steven Pineiro: Sure there are, skaters like Bucky Lasek, Shawn White, The Bird Man Tony Hawk…but where I live there are not any skaters at that level that will make me stop and watch them.

isTia: How long do you spend skating every day? Steven Pineiro: On weekends maybe 5-6 hours but on school days 2-3 hours.

isTia: Why do you like so much vert and less street? Steven Pineiro: In my opinion, I think vert is more exciting. I also like the feeling of weightlessness while I’m in the air.

isTia: Who said that: “Never Compromise the level of your skating, because somebody’s feeling might get hurt” Steven Pineiro: Lee Leal Embassy Skateboards.

isTia: Ahahaha, I did not trick you, damit!!! So, how did you feel when Embassy brought you and Juan into their team? Was it both of you at the same time? Who broke the news? When was it? Steven Pineiro: STOKED!!! Embassy had known us since we started doing mayor events like The Oregon Trifecta in 2009. After a few more contests in the west coast Lee Leal approach my dad during the contest Rock The Cradle in Houston,Texas on October 2009. Later that day my father asked us “How do we feel about riding for Embassy and Why?”We answered “yes” because Embassy is more of a company that recognizes bowl skaters and their boards fit our style of skating. After trying Embassy boards for a couple of months, on January 2010 we officially became part of the Embassy Team.

isTia: When was the 1st time you had your own board? Steven Pineiro: I got my first PRO model board By Embassy Skateboards on March 2011.

isTia: What’s better riding bowls than vert?
Steven Piñeiro during his run at Pro-Tec Pool Party 2011. Photo Vans/MRZ
Steven Pineiro: I prefer bowl riding because you can do much more tricks and lines on a bowl than on a vert ramp without getting bored.

isTia: Do you prefer lines or tricks? Steven Pineiro: I prefer both, in order to do good lines you need tricks and for those trick to look good you need good lines.

isTia: Do you prefer doing more tricks or having more style? Steven Pineiro: I prefer tricks because style will come along as I get my tricks better.

isTia: When and how and where did you landed your 1st 540? Steven Pineiro: That all depends…the 1st time I landed a 540 rotation was on a mini-ramp over the spine and it was a fakie one. Later I learned a Rodeo 5 on Florida’s SkateLab vert ramp. But the 1st 540 on a vert ramp was a melon 5 on Jordan Price’s back yard vert ramp in Port Orange, Florida in September of 2008.

isTia: When and how and where did you landed your 1st 720? Steven Pineiro: Again that also depends… The 1st time I landed a 720 rotation was on a mini-ramp over the spine around the same time I had landed my 5’s at SkateLab’s but, I landed my 1st 720 in a vert ramp right after The Maloof Money Cup in August 2010 on Kona’s vert ramp.

isTia: They say the 720 you landed at Rock The Craddle last year was the first 720 in the bowl rider comp? Steven Pineiro: I understand it was the first ever in a WCS event during a live competition run. I believe PLG landed one in Bucky’s BowlB.Q. the year before but it wasn’t a live bowl contest it was just a session.

Steven Piñeiro
isTia: So far, what have been some of the highlights of your skateboarding career? Steven Pineiro: I think Placing 2nd at the Oregon Trifecta at the age of 12 in 2009, also landing the first 720 in a live Pro contest the same day I turned Pro at Rock The Cradle in Texas in 2010 and last but not least making the finals and placing 7th at The 2011 Pro-Tec Pool Party being the first time I was invited and just being 14 years old.

isTia: Do you have a special diet? Steven Pineiro: YEAP!! Puerto Rican Food!!!

isTia: What do you have planned for this year? Steven Pineiro: My plans are to try to be in the remaining WCS bowl/concrete tour.

isTia: Something else that we are missing? Steven Pineiro: After all those question I don’t think a left anything.

isTia: Shout outs and thanks? Steven Pineiro: I would like to thank GOD, My parents & family specially my dad Steven Sr. for being there at all time, believing and helping me. My mother Lisa for the love & Puerto Rican Food, my brother Juan for all the support and for being my best friend, my big sisters Killiam & Stephanie for all the help and support . Shout outs go to Lee Leal & Embassy Skateboards, The WCS guys Don Bostick, Dave Duncan, Sergie Ventura, Sasha Steinhorst ,to my friend James Reed owner of Boardz Skatepark and all the sponsor in past, present & future. Also to all my true friends and fans you know who you are and to IsTia for inviting me to do this interview.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, June 05, 2011 

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Future is here already with The Pineiro Bros!!

June 6, 2011 at 12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omggg i love you so much steven!! Yourr so goood at skating and guessswhat???? Since yhuu apparently dont have a girlfriend were gonna go out and ill treat you so right and omgg im excited!!! Who knows we mite even get married::::)))) your so hot and I love you biiii

June 6, 2011 at 4:34 PM  
Anonymous James Reed said...

If you have ever met Steven or Juan, you will know what the meaning of Love Truth and Humbleness is! These boys have been more than a gift that my Wife and I have ever had an oppertunity of coming across. As the owner of Boardz Skatepark and Coach of Team Boardz, I have been Blessed with some of the best new tallent out there. Steven, Juan, Archer Braun, Anson Braun, Dominic Borrero, Hal Scarborogh, Macie Mcgrane, Kevin Reed, and Chris Kozma. I have more but I would be here naming a bunch of what all the rest of the parks would be calling Groms. Well Steven Sr, Aaron Levens, Mike Richie and I have been working on the future,and I cant wait to see what is next!!!

Thanks and God Bless!

PS Steven Sr. loves his boys, and if people think he is mean to them, maybe you should ask the boys yourself. They wont lie to you I promise!

June 7, 2011 at 9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacksonville can hate all they want!!! the fact is The Pineiro Brothers are putting Florida on the skateboarding map!!!! vert-bowl is the future of skateboarding...say hi to Papa P when you see him!!!

June 24, 2011 at 1:23 PM  

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