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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vans Concrete Week End vs WCS Orange Cup or conflicting dates schedule

Looks like next week-end, everybody will be heading to France for two of the most prestigious contests of the season on June 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th

On the one hand, there will be the Vans Concrete Weekend 2011 at the Skatepark of Marquisats, at Annecy.

The Vans Concrete Weekend is back for a second edition that will be even more devastating than last year. All will be played at the skatepark Marquisats Annecy, located in the heart of the Alps and close to the lake. This year a big surprise awaits participants as for the first time, the Vans Concrete Weekend will take place on the new Bowl / Pool. Registration is open to all, with the € 5000 prize money!

Brand new bowl for the Vans Concrete Weekend at Annecy
On the other hand, there will be the same week-end the The Massilia Freestyle Cup (also called the Orange Freestyle Cup) which is a unique event in France, combining a high-level competition and the promotion of winter sports and extreme sports to the uninitiated, with a festival of contemporary music and graphic arts which will round off each day. This concept was developed and organized by professional sportsmen Benoit and Sylvain Moussilmani. Purse: Pro - 15,000Euro; Masters - 5,000Euro
The Bowl du Prado at Marseilles: already 20 years old... Picture from the website
In both event, we are still not sure who’s going and who’s not going but we received a few cables from our sources. The list of the confirmed riders at the Orange cup is Sandro Dias, Zach Miller, Nolan Monroe, Ben Johnson, Milton Martinez, Mark Partain, Lester Kasai, Dave Reul, Jason Parkes, Sean Goff, Jim the Skin, Ben Schroeder, Daniel Cardone, Luca Sorgente, Guillaume Mocquin, Alex Giraud, Julien Benoliel, Allan Mesquita, David Marteleur, Mehdi Salah, Max Verohanitra and more.

Andy Macdonald and Rune Glifberg will not be there (as wrongly stated in a previous post). Steven Pineiro will probably not go because he is still looking to gather enough cash to pay for the stay. Alain Goikoetxea just strained his ankle and will not go either.

Regarding the Vans Concrete Weekend, we are still waiting for the list…

Regardless of who’s going or not, all skateboard eyes will be directyed tp France next week-end.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, June 16, 2011 


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